LEG Workshop April 23/24
How do you get multiple groups
to attend. There has to be sufficiently senior Leadership in the process needs to come from of the 28 March 2011 – 31 March 2012 MECA Safety: RMOs need to feel that the LEG
was the set-up of LEGs or Local Engagement communication and constructive discussion to take place. There may be times when the arisen. As we are in the midst of bargaining example is not ideal given the topic of the for the next MECA, now is the best time to discussion and this needs to be addressed review the LEGs. What works, what doesn’t, why are some more successful than others Right people: There has to be a level
perhaps most importantly, what can we do to decisions can be made. There is no point in voicing a concern if the right person is not The LEGs can be divided into three broad scheduled at the right time and well enough in “Our LEGs are up and running”
advance to enable sufficient turn out. Those LEGs that scheduled meetings for the next The LEGs that are the most successful are 12 months and then adhered to the schedule in the smaller provincial DHBs. This may be because with a smaller number of participants Validation: Progress and accountability needs
setting up and maintaining a LEG is more to be apparent and transparent. If the LEG is manageable. When the interaction between going nowhere fast then why keep going? This also means minute taking must be objective and face-to-face it is easier to organise meetings. Obviously the LEGs are also more Topics of discussion: Some DHBs are
efficacious when all the parties involved are under the impression that only those items enthusiastic and driven towards achieving (physical facilities, orientation, engagement “Our LEGs are running in circles and
in local initiatives, NEG activities including getting nowhere”
best rostering practices and RMO support services); however this was an indicative list only. However all agendas need to be meetings but have then lost impetus or have forwarded to the NZRDA at least a week in had sufficient meetings but are not achieving advance and need to be of sufficient detail so anything. Again the LEGs will only be as it is clear what is going to be discussed and effective as those involved make them. If who will be attending. This means no-one’s it becomes apparent that actions that were time is wasted and all groups are prepared meetings were not carried out, then “buy in” have expressed the view that only “trivial” concerns are being raised however if these “We don’t have a LEG to stand on”
concerns have been dealt with then the LEG started LEGs at all. For some of the larger DHBs this was as a result of sheer size, for others lack of trust or faith in the DHBs on the part of RMOs meant they were not willing to delegate to find out why not. If a meeting has not been scheduled for a while likewise Attendance: this applies to both parties.
next meeting is, then turn up and take your There have to be RMOs prepared to attend colleagues with you. Ask to have the agenda and DHBs doing all they can to enable them well in advance and make sure your concerns communicate effectively in the future.
We would welcome your feedback via email ([email protected]) or post (P.O. Box 56431, Dominion Rd, Auckland).
are included in the agenda or if you have on the salary scale. Thanks to all those challenging perceptions that productivity for further information or resources prior Parental Leave: A subject that ignited
Remember this is your opportunity to get consider the matter trivial it may not be people treated as inpatients, outpatients dollar of expenditure incurred by district minutes during the meeting but also take Keeping the value of our pay: An on-
He says researchers looked at three different measures of efficiency, covering Better Rostering Practices: especially
concerns the NZRDA is here to help you.
are still 7 days long. It would be fair to say that the DHBs lack of commitment to this health and safety issue is deeply The team was surprised by the findings, says Dr Desai, and checked the analysis Rights: Annual Training: Why should first years not get using three different methods, all of
protected training time – when will it be protected and for our training? He says there is already international interest in the findings because they run counter to widely held views that hospital For a full recap on where we are at, check out our MECA newsletter on the website.
“Hospitals clearly are trying to shift responsibility will remain with the original towards lower cost treatments,” says Dr DHB. This is optional, so if you’d prefer to Productivity in is impacting on patient outcomes….” What have we been up to?
During March we have asked some or all
of you for input into the following issues: Treasury have asserted that productivity March and is continuing on 15 and 16 May. Valuing Senior Registrars: Whilst the
improving productivity! You just have to definition of a senior registrar may vary mean – the go-to guys when all else fails. (reprinted in part only – for the full arisen including additional duties rates, say hospital productivity in New Zealand conference leave and expenses, and steps This newsletter is sponsored by NZRDA, but the views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of NZRDA or its National Executive. Its contents are provided for general information purposes only. This information is not advice and members needing advice should contact their local delegate or the union office. NZRDA and CNS work to maintain up-to-date information from reliable sources; however, no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions or results of any actions based upon this information.


Il cardiopatico dal dentista

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Linuron 48% SC 3-(3,4-diclorofenil)-1-metoxi-1-metil-urea Información General: Linurón es un herbicida selectivo de preemergencia y de postemergencia temprana. Puede aplicarse al suelo previo a la emergencia de las malezas, para controlar plántulas de especies susceptibles durante un período de tiempo prolongado. El grado de control y duración del efecto podrán variar con la ca

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