B.Sc. 1965-1967, Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture
High School Teaching Certificate - Hebrew University, 1969.
MBA 1971-1972, Tel Aviv University,
Title of thesis - "An Experiment to Estimate the Social Results in the Kibbutz through Demographic Index." DBA 1975-1979, Harvard University - School of Business Administration
Name of advisors - Gordon Rausser (Chair), Howard Raiffa, Elon Kohlberg Title of thesis - "Decision Support Systems: The Case of Price Policy for Rice in Group Dynamics Facilitator Certificate - Department of Psychology and School of Social
Work, Tel Aviv University, 1991.
Employment History
Ruppin Academic Center:
2007 - today Associate Professor 1979 - 2007 Senior Lecturer 1987 - 1991 Academic Director 1980 - 1984 Chairman, Department of Economics and Management 2002 - 2009 Academic Director of the Arava International Center for Agricultural 2005 - 2006 Polycad, Shefayim - Member of the Board of Directors 1991 - 1995 Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu - Chairman of the Board of Directors
1987 - 1993 National Bank for Agricultural Development - Member of the
Board of Directors
1985 - 1986 and 1992, 1995 San Diego State University - Visiting Professor,
Department of Information and Decision Systems
1979, and 1980 University of California at Berkeley, Post Doctorate
Scholar, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics 1973 - 1974 Kibbutz Manara, Israel - Secretary General 1968 - 1970 Upper Galilee Regional High School - Teacher of Agriculture, Biology, Joseph Yassour
Membership in professional/scientific societies
1990 - today Member of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM) 1990 - today Member of the European Association for Decision Making (EADM) 2008 - today Member of the International Positive Psychology Association  Educational activities
Introduction to Decision Theory (BA and MBA) Quantitative Methods in Management (A-Deterministic and B-Stochastic) Rationality and Affect in Decision Making Computer Simulated Business Game (BA and MBA) As a visiting professor I taught graduate Courses at U. C. Berkeley, San Diego State University, Baruch College (Israel), Netanya College and The Hebrew University.  Public Professional Activities
1980 - 2007 Israeli Prison Authority - Rehabilitation Volunteer 1986 - 1990 Moshav Kfar Vitkin - Member of the Council 1973 - 1974 Kibbutz Manara - Secretary General and Member of the Council  Awards, Citations, Honors, Fellowships
1972 - Best Student of the Class - The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business 1975 - 1979 Fullbright Fellowship for Doctoral studies at Harvard University. Publications (H) = In Hebrew
(a) Authored books
1) The Moshav Reservation, a book on decision-making processes in the Israeli Moshav,
Ramot Publishing Co., Tel Aviv University, 1990. (H)
2) Decision to Kill, a book on decision-making processes of murderers, Ramot Publishing
Co., Tel Aviv University, 1995. (H)
3) The Zero Illusion, a novel on crime and decisions, Zmora-Bitan, 2000. (H)
4) Rationality and Affect in Decision Making and in Risk Taking, Ramot Publishing Co.,
Tel Aviv University, 2005. (H)
5) How to Prevent Fallacies in Decision Making, Matar Publishing House, 2010. (H)
Joseph Yassour
(b) Refereed Articles in Scientific Journal (H) = Hebrew
13) Yassour, J. (1997) "Rationality and Emotionality in the Decision to Kill," Galileo, 22,
40-46. (H)
12) Kroll, Y., Davidovitz, L. and Yassour, J. (1996) "Risk Taking and Altruism," Kibbutz
21, 51-55.
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Familial Situations," Journal of Economic Psychology, 13, 499-507.

10) Yassour, J. (1992) "Economic and Managerial Aspects of the Status Quo Effect," The
Economic Quarterly, 38
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9) Yassour, J. (1988) "Practical Methods for Estimating the Real Interest Rate under
Uncertain Inflation," The Economic Quarterly, 34, 112-115. (H)
8) Yassour, J. (1987) "The Moshav - End of Ideological Era," The Economic Quarterly,
33, 159-162. (H)
7) Yassour, J. (1986) "The Cost of Status Quo," The Economic Quarterly, 33, 700-702. (H)

6) Sarel, D. and Yassour, J. (1984) "Choosing between Discrete Marketing Policy
Alternatives under Uncertain Market Response Conditions," Journal of the Academy of
Marketing Science, 12,
5) Yassour, J. (1984) "Risk, Information, and the Behavior of Stockholders," The
Economic Quarterly, 31,
97-99. (H)

4) Yassour, J. (1982) "Simulating the Impacts of Credit Policy and Fertilizer Subsidy on
Central Luzon Rice Farms, the Philippines: Comment," American Journal of Agricultural
Economics, 64,

3) Yassour, J. (1981) "Loans under Uncertain Conditions," The Economic Quarterly, 28,
302-304. (H)

2) Yassour, J., Zilberman, D. and G. C. Rausser (1981) "Optimal Choices among
Alternative Technologies with Stochastic Yield," American Journal of Agricultural
Economics, 63,

1) Rausser, G.C. and Yassour, J. (1981) "Multiattribute Utility Analysis: The Case of the
Filipino Rice Policy," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 63, 484-494.
(c) Unrefereed professional articles and publications
Yassour, J. (2003) "Mental Accounting," Management, p.34. (H)
Yassour, J. (2001) "Anchoring and Managerial Decisions," Management, 28-30. (H)
Yassour, J. (2001) "Disappointment and Regret in Managerial Decisions," Management,
17-19. (H)
Joseph Yassour
Yassour, J. (2001) "East and West in Managerial Decisions," Management, 6-9. (H)

Yassour, J. (1999) "Thinking while Waiting in Lines," Management, (H)
Yassour, J. (1998) "Rationality and Emotionality in Managerial Decisions," Management,
6-11. (H)
Yassour, J. (1998) "The Moshav," in The Kibbutz’s Lexicon, E. Avrahami (Ed.), Yad-
Tabenkin, (H)
Yassour, J. (1996) "Verbal Interpretation of Frequencies and Emotional Decision Making,"
Working Paper 1/96, Ruppin Institute.

Yassour, J. (1994) "Optimal Bidding Policy," Management, 44-46. (H)
Yassour, J. (1993) "The Israeli Moshav - A Period of Transition: Analysis and Views,"
Presented at the International Conference on New Trends in Organizations, Israel.
Yassour, J. (1993) "The Death and the Maiden: Post-Mortem Decision Making," Working
Paper 1/93, Ruppin Institute. (H)
Yassour, J. (1992) "Risk Taking Propensity and Personal Characteristics," Working Paper
3/92, Ruppin Institute.
Yassour, J. (1990) "The Future of Cooperation in the Moshav," Yad Tabenkin. (H)
Yassour, J. (1989) "A Proposal for Organizational and Ideological Changes in the Israeli
Moshav," The Monthly Review of Settlement and Agriculture. (H)
Yassour, J. (1984) "Estimating Uncertain Demand," Management, 15-16. (H)
Yassour, J. (1983) "Information Weighted Utility," Working Paper 5/83, Ruppin Institute.
Yassour, J. (1982) "Expected Utility and Land Allocation under Risk," Working Paper
11/82, Ruppin Institute.
Yassour, J. (1982) "Uncertain Inflation and the Fisher Equation: The Case of Compounded
Interest and Inflation," Working Paper 3/82, Ruppin Institute.

Rausser, G. C. and Yassour, J. (1980) "An Evaluative Framework for Research and
Development Strategies," Working Paper, University of California at Berkeley,
Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics.
Rausser, G. C. and Yassour, J. (1978) "Construction of Decision Support Systems for
Agricultural Marketing Boards and Other Public Agencies in Less Developed Countries,"
Working Paper No. 108, University of California at Berkeley, Department of
Agricultural & Resource Economics.
Yassour, J. (1978) "Optimization Using Exponential Utility with Agricultural
Applications," Working Paper No. HBS 78-3, Harvard Business School.
Joseph Yassour
(d) Lectures and Presentations at Meetings and Invited Seminars
Davidovich, L. and Yassour, J. (2009) " Ambiguity Preference in the Negative Domain", Conference on Behavioral Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam. The Netherlands, Davidovich, L. and Yassour, J. (2008) " Ambiguity Preference", 30th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Washington, DC, USA. Yassour, J. (1997) "The Decision to Kill", The Center for the Study of Rationality, The Schlesinger, R. and Yassour, J. (1993) "Span of Control in the Age of Downsizing," CSU- P/OM Development Conference, Sonoma, CA, February. Yassour, J. (1989) "A Comparison of Risk Taking Propensity between City Dwellers and
Kibbutz and Moshav members," Conference on the Kibbutz Research, Israel.
Consulting and Lectures
The Government of Israel, Ministries of: Agriculture, Defense, Foreign Affairs,
USSR Government, Mendoza (Argentina) Local Government Bio-Apply - Peru, Skilla – USA, Netafim International Banks, credit and Insurance: The Bank of Israel, Israel Securities Authority,
Hapoalim, Leumi, Igud, Mizrahi-Tfachot, Leumi Card, Visa Cal, Migdal Insurance Health: Asaf Harofe Hospital, Ichilov Medical Center, Rambam Medical Center,
Clalit Health Services, Meuchedet Health Services, Israeli Association of Nursing Homes, Biosense, Heal Or, Johnson Medical Defense and Security: The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations
(Mossad), Internal General Security Service of Israel (Shabak), Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel’s Armament Development Authority, Israel Military Industries, Israeli Police, The National Security College, Israeli Defense Forces, The Israeli Prison Authority, The Israeli Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority. Israel Electric Company, Israel National Water Company (Mekorot), Israel Chemicals Ltd., Israel Industry Association. APC, Applied Materials, Avis, Caesar Stone, cVidya, Coca cola, Dead Sea Industries, ELCA, Electra, Elscint, Eurocom, Gadot-Agro, Home Center, HP, Indigo, Intel, Laufer Aviation, Matrix, Orbotech, Osem, Pelephone, Partner, Paz, Pfizer, Sandisk, Superfarm, Supergas, Tahal, Telrad, Tower semiconductor. MASHAV, Israel's National Agency for International Cooperation, conducting
courses in agricultural economics and risk management in: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Swaziland, China



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