Aquawood-imprägniergrund 51320ff

Pullex Aqua-Imprägnierung 51320 ff

Product description
Water-thinnable wood protection impregnation for DIY and professional use, on a special alkyd/acrylic dispersion base for external areas. Special properties
The substances used provide protection according to the
Austrian standard ÖNORM B 3802-2 and/or DIN 68800-3
against blue stain (inspection according to EN 152-1), ligini-
vorous fungi (inspection according to EN 113) and acts as a
precaution against insects (inspection according to EN 46).
Application rate during standard inspection 200g/m² (Certifi-
cate of approval No. 10/91).
Active substances: (B, P, Iv)
0.81 % 3-iodine-2-propinylbutylcarbamate
0.05 % permethrin
Fields of application
Windows, doors, wood cladding, canopies, balconies, roof trusses etc. in Danger Class 3 Method of application
Brush (with an acrylate brush), dip briefly or flow-coating;
do not spray!

Substrate pretreatment
Sharp edges are weak points for all coatings and, therefore, they should always be rounded off beforehand. 1 x coloured Pullex Aqua-Imprägnierung (impregnation
After a drying time of approx. 4 hours, sand with 280 grain
(essential for windows, advantageous for wood cladding etc.)
This product is not weather-resistant without a topcoat!

Wooden components with stable dimensions (windows/
2 – 3 x coloured Pullex Aqua-DSL 53501 (thick-film glaze),
brushing quality (see Technical Data Sheet)
Wooden components with unstable dimensions (wood
cladding, balconies)
2 x coloured Pullex Aqua-Plus 53101 (see Technical Data
Maintenance and renovation
Compare the technical data sheets “Wooden window mainte- Fon: 0043/5242/6922/190, Fax: 0043/5242/6922-309, Mail: [email protected] Our instructions are based on the current state of knowledge and should inform the buyer/user to the best of our knowledge. They are, however, not binding and are to be suited to the field of application and the working conditions. The buyer/user decides on his own responsibility about the suitability and employment of the delivered product. In addition there apply our General Terms of Sale. With this issue, all previous information sheets are no longer applicable.Changes are reserved for packaging sizes, colour shades and available glosses. Continuation Pullex Aqua-Imprägnierung 51320 ff nance and renovation” and Pullex Aqua-Plus 53101 ff Water. The supplied product is thinned ready for application. Thinning
Application and object tempera- Not under + 10° C
High air humidity and/or low temperatures delay drying. Spreading rate (per application)
Drying time (Room temperature 20 °C)
Can be over-painted after approx. 4 hours Work equipment
Clean with water immediately after use. Remove remains of dried-on paint with ADLER Abbeizer Rote Krähe 95125 (stain remover). Sizes supplied
750 ml, 2.5 l Additional for 51320: 10 l, 18 l, 120 l Additional for 51373: 10 l Storage life
At least 3 years in original, sealed drums Use Pullex Aqua-Imprägnierung W30 51373 for tinting with ADLER colour mixing system. All shades can be mixed together. Safety information
Please refer to Guidelines for the Use of Wood Preservatives and Safety Data Sheet! Wood preservatives contain biocidal additives for protection against attacks by fungi and/or insects. Therefore, they only should be used if wood protection is obligatory or is neces-sary in individual cases. Do not use on large surfaces in inte-rior areas and, under no circumstances, in living rooms or bedrooms. Wood preservatives are not to be applied in areas in which foodstuffs or feedstuffs are extracted, produced, stored or sold. Not for wood which is used for building bee hives or sauna systems, and it is not to be used for wood which is in continu-ous contact with earth and/or water.


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