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The Heart of Health: Prevent Heart Problems with TFT and Heart Rate Variability
By Roger Callahan, PhD.
Those who are familiar with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) know it as the best predictor of illness and death available.
The reason HRV is not known for predicting life and health is due to the fact that HRV, until recently, could not bedramatically improved (see chart) and therefore there was little interest in this important instrument.
HRV as a Standard Objective MeasurementA number of experts, writing on HRV in the research literature, suggest that HRV can be used to test theeffectiveness of treatments. Using the objective HRV as a standard, TFT stands as the most powerful treatment inhistory . One highly specific comparison is possible since relevant results have appeared in the literature. Depressedpatients show no improvement in SDNN when treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
CBT is the standard conventional psychotherapy but it is ineffective in improving the vital HRV scores in depressedpatients. The distinguished researchers, after being unable to improve HRV with CBT, speculated that depressionmight do something permanently detrimental to the vital biologic capacity to vary the intervals between heartbeats. If correct, this would be terrible news to patients who are depressed. When TFT is administered to depressedpatients, however, their depression is not only eliminated but their objective health-measuring HRV’s (intervalsbetween heart beats) improve dramatically in minutes, thus contradicting the researchers’ hopeless conclusion. very important piece of research came out in 2002. A retrospective study by Bilchick et al showed, in the groupstudied, “that each increase of 10ms (milliseconds) in SDNN conferred a 20% decrease in risk of mortality(P=.0001). Furthermore, patients with SDNN less than 65.3 ms had a significantly increased risk of sudden death(P=.016). Thus, HRV was the sole independent predictor of overall mortality and was significantly associated withsudden death in this population.” The Most Important InstrumentImagine having a device that could tell you, within five minutes, how relatively healthy or unhealthy you are. Thissame device can also tell you how certain foods may be hurting you, how certain drugs may hurt or benefit you, thedegree to which current stress or past traumas have an effect upon you, and best of all, a device that will tell you ifthe treatment you are receiving or giving is beneficial or not.
Since my first contact with the makers of our HRV equipment, I have been urging them to make a model that is lowpriced and can be used in the home for health conscious prevention-oriented individuals. At last they now havesuch a model and it is called “Inner-Balance Scan.” We here at Callahan Techniques™ are pleased about this andrecommend this version of HRV for anyone who is concerned about detecting and preventing serious problemsbefore they have advanced.
New Discoveries Made Possible by HRVEach specific treatment used in the development of what is now called TFT was accepted based on the ability of thetreatment to contribute to definite improvement according to clients’ report. Sometimes people have a problem andare not aware of it. HRV has allowed TFT to discover three recent treatments that have a profound effect on aperson even though the person has no awareness of a problem.
For example, what I call the “Seven Second Treatment” helps increase a reduced HRV due to an Individual EnergyToxin (IET). A food, drink, supplements, or medications (see David Hanson’s article in this issue) can be insidiouslyinjurious in some people. A dramatic and robust improvement in HRV after this brief treatment directed toward thetoxin, shows that the toxin’s bad effect was profoundly reduced with this very brief treatment. The “Seven SecondTreatment” has now become a standard addition to the TFT treatment armamentarium thanks to HRV.
Treating a repressed person can be done with ease with TFT. However, a difficulty is that the person is unaware ofany improvement. It is now possible to show the repressed person an objective gain through treatment with the aidof HRV. This was first demonstrated by Monica Pignotti who showed that a person’s HRV could reveal a traumawhich no longer caused any conscious pain could have an effect on HRV. When the trauma is treated with TFT, theperson felt no relief since no pain was perceived. However, an HRV taken before and after trauma treatmentshowed the treatment improved HRV significantly.
Monica also introduced an effective new treatment based upon a method of treating the chakras which is now astandard treatment in TFT when treating recalcitrant cases. The treatment was proven effective through the use ofHRV.
Most people have never heard of HRV and that is due to the dismal fact that until recently nothing could improveHRV dramatically. However, TFT has changed all that. My colleagues and I regularly demonstrate that quite dismalHRV’s can now be profoundly and robustly improved. As this important information becomes more known, I expecta growing demand for HRV and TFT.
HRV is like blood pressure or X-Rays in the sense that one is unable to know where one stands solely byassessment of one’s feelings or sensations. An objective instrument such as HRV is needed to tell us where westand. The Inner Balance Scan makes this vital information more available to all.
Bilchick KC, Fetics B,Djoukeng R, Gross-Fisher S, Fletcher RD, Singh SN, Nevo E, Berger RD. (2002) Prognosticvalue of heart rate variability in chronic congestive heart failure. Amer J Cardiol. 90(1)24-28.
Time Scale: Exercise and smoking cessation are after one year. Biofeedback is after two months of training.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for depression was carried out for 16 sessions. Sertraline was administered fordepression for 22 weeks in this study. Common side effects with Sertraline include nausea, diarrhea, tremor,insomnia, somnolence, and dry mouth. TFT for depression was done in one session within minutes. Typically withTFT, there is immediate elimination of depression and immediate increase in HRV averaging 80% in this sample. Noharmful side effects with TFT.
I argue that HRV is an index of health - please see: Stress, Health, and the Heart: A Report on Heart RateVariability and Thought Field Therapy, Including a Theory of the Meaning of HRV.


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