Grading system


As we know grading is an essential and sensitive part of the learning process. The European Credit transfer and
accumulation System (ECTS) is recently adopted in Tbilisi State Medical University. The ECTS is a student
centered system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a program of study. The
ECTS is based on the principle that 60 credits corresponds to workload of a full-time student during one academic
year. The student workload of a full-time study program amounts to around 1500-1800 hours per year and one
credit stands on 30 working hours.

Excellent. All components of study program are
performed thoroughly and meticulously. A student
expresses deep understanding of the subject, detailed
knowledge and outstanding ability of independent
judgment and conclusion making.
Very good. All demands of study program are
performed appropriately but with little deficiencies.
The student expresses good knowledge and ability of
independent judgment and conclusion making.
Good. Basic components of study program are
performed. The student expresses good knowledge of
the subject intended but makes slight deficiencies in
independent judgment.
Medium. Performance of all the basic components of
study program is satisfactory. Student expresses
medium knowledge of the subject intended, quite
confined in independent judgment (with substantial
Satisfactory. Performance of all the basic components
of study program is on minimum level. Student
expresses confined knowledge of the subject intended
but with substantial misunderstandings and
Unsatisfactory. Performance of all the basic
components of study program is on minimum level.
Student can not express theoretical knowledge and
unavailable for independent judgment.
Completely unsatisfactory. In spite of permission on
the exam (11 points gained) student must cover all the
program intended. Considerable further work required.
The following scheme should be used for conversion of old grades into new ones for the students of II-VI years. OLD 5 POINT GRADING SCALE
Quality points are assigned for each semester hour as listed above. In computation of the required grade point average (GPA) for retention and conferral of a degree, the total number of quality points is divided by the total number of semester hours for which letter grades are received. GPA = ΣGPxCR/ΣCR where
GPA is a grade point average;
GP – grade point for each study course
CR – credit for each study course.
A graduate student whose cumulative grade point average for courses taken at Tbilisi State Medical University falls below a 2.0 at the end of a term must cover due study program again. STUDY COURSE COMPONENTS
Each study course is based upon appropriate syllabus. 100 points is a maximal rank and final grade of evaluation. The mentioned 100 points is allocated into the following fashion: 60 points prior to exams and the remaining 40 points on exams. There are several components of evaluation and each of them has its own value (see tables below). Components of evaluation for clinical subjects.
Components of evaluation for basic subjects.

For obtaining permission to exams gaining 11 points as minimum is necessary (from 60)
There are two types of failure on exams;
FX-means that a student has gained 41-50% (from maximum exam 40 points=100%) and he/she has chance to
pass it on secondary exam (just one);


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