Production 2010

Production 2013
Rules/Regulations and Suggestions
Please be on time! We have a limited time in the High School and lots
to accomplish.
Attendance for all three nights (black rehearsal, dress rehearsal and
the production) is mandatory.
No costume is to be worn to the rehearsal. Dressing rooms will be
assigned for you to change.
Please keep the costumes covered with a trash bag over the hanger or
garment bag – make sure you have all your accessories! (hang
costume before black rehearsal so that all wrinkles are out) This
keeps the costumes clean and everything organized and together.

No drinking or eating while in costume – you must cover up or change
completely. Remember, if anything happens to the costume, you will
not go onstage.

Please have only water in the dressing rooms and theatre. Snacks and
other types of drink must be taken outside or in the hallway (as long
as no props or costumes are around).

No nail polish on toes or fingers. No jewelry unless part of the
costume. No glasses, unless absolutely needed.
Do not wear underwear under costume. Just the tights.
It is a good idea to have an extra pair of tights in each color you need
with you in case of an emergency.
Please label all of your belongings and costumes (if possible). Take
care not to ruin costumes in the process, and be sure to write in
inconspicuous places.

Please pick up after yourselves. Go through the dressing rooms and
auditorium every night before you leave. If you help keep my janitorial
costs down, then I can keep your ticket prices down.

For Safety reasons there is absolutely no going back and forth from
audience to dressing rooms. We have room parents assigned to take
care of the children. Please be respectful of their directions.

There are stage managers on both sides of the stage to help keep
room parents aware of what dancers need to be ready. Please be
respectful of their directions as well.

Please be respectful of dancers onstage and keep the noise level
down while in the audience (black & dress rehearsal) and while
waiting backstage.

No running through hallways or in the auditorium. This is not only
dangerous but also distracting to the dancers.
There is not much room backstage between what the school has and
what props and helpers we have. If you don’t need to be backstage-
don’t be. Parents please be aware of this also.

Feel free to bring along items to occupy the children – coloring books,
electronic games, DVD player (keep volume down), pillow and blanket
etc. Avoid markers, glitter and glue that can ruin a costume.

Dress for Black rehearsal is black leotard, pink tights and the
production shirt is optional. Hair parted on left and low bun- no make
up required. Make sure you have all shoes you will need for your
dances. Please be ready and sitting in the auditorium by 5:45. You
will receive further instructions and room assignment before we start
the rehearsal.

Dress rehearsal – arrive by 5:30 and go to assigned dressing room, put
on costume, make up and hair and report to the auditorium for further

Production Night- arrive by 4:00(jr/sr class) & 4:30(everyone) and
prepare for the SHOW! The show will begin at 5:30 this year.


Accessories – Use a Zip-Loc bag to hold any accessories (hairpiece, gloves, etc) for each
dance. If you have four dances, use four different bags. Use a Sharpie to write the name of
the dance on the bag, plus a list of each accessory item. The list serves as a checklist
before you leave home for the production, when getting dressed, and when repacking items
after each dance is complete.
Clothing Racks – Reasonably durable clothing racks with wheels can be purchased at
stores such as Wal*Mart. If you child is in several dances it’s a smart investment that
keeps you organized, prevents wrinkles, and provides a little dressing privacy. Hang
costumes on the rack in the order they will be needed in the show.
Extra everything – It is a good idea to have an extra of everything (as tights mentioned
above) this includes things like hair gel, hair nets, bobby pins and hair spray. A few less
obvious items that may come in handy include:
>Baby wipes/Shout wipes (to fix makeup or dirty hands)
>Baby powder for itchy costumes
>Safety pins for emergency costume repairs
>Clear nail polish to repair minor holes/runs in tights if there is no time to change them.
>Tylenol, Advil, Motrin or your pain reliever of choice
>Extra contact lenses
>Band-Aids – invisible ones as the stage isn’t the place for Sponge Bob band-aids
Makeup – Is as important to the look as the costume and studio preference are Browns and

Family & Friends – Family members and friends don’t belong backstage or in the dressing
rooms during rehearsals or the production. The same applies during intermission and after
the show. There is a lot of backstage activity in a limited space, and dressing rooms are a
private area. Remind your family and guests to be respectful of these areas. If they wish
to greet a performer after the show or present flowers, they should do so in the lobby areas.
Snacks – The best snacks during rehearsal week are neat snacks such as fruit rollups,
goldfish crackers, grapes and lunchables. Don’t pack anything messy.
Planning – Pull together all of your costumes, accessories, shoes and makeup several days
in advance to give you a little cushion in case something isn’t exactly right. Make a
checklist of your child’s routines, listing their costume, color tights, shoes, and any
accessories. If your child has a quick change that includes tights it’s a good idea to wear
one pair over the other so to get to the second pair all you have to do is remove the top pair
and you aren’t fitting sweaty legs to pull another pair on.


Microsoft word - wildlife fact sheet 11 - hantavirus.htm

Occupational Health - Zoonotic Disease Fact Sheet #11 **HANTAVIRUS** Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS), Hantaan virus, Puumala virus, Seoul virus, nephropathia epidemica; Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), Sin Nombre virus, Four Corners virus, Bayou virus, Black Creek Canal virus SPECIES: Wild rodents, deer mice. ***potential hazard in field studies*** AGENT: Spherical, env

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