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Uva ursi also contains allantoin, an ingredient shown to soothe and speed the healing of irritated tissues.
Uva Ursi, also known as Bearberry, is an herb which
Research shows uva ursi extracts possess an focuses its many actions on the urinary system. Uva ursi antibacterial property, stimulating cytotoxic activity - soothes and tightens inflamed tissues, helps neutralise having a toxic effect on certain cells - that is believed to urine acidity, promotes urine flow, and acts as an be stronger in alkaline urine. Thus, a combination of uva antiseptic and muscle relaxant specific to the urinary ursi taken in conjunction with a vegetarian diet may tract, thus decreasing responses to pain stimuli from increase the herb's effectiveness. Research has also infections. Uva ursi also provides an anaesthetic quality shown uva ursi exhibits antiviral activity, especially capable of numbing pain in the urinary system.
against the herpes and influenza viruses, as well asantifungal and anti-plaque activity.
Rumanian researchers determined uva ursi acts as atrichomonacide As a natural urinary disinfectant, uva ursi is especially Trichomonas vaginalis, a parasite known to cause helpful for cases of acute and chronic cystitis and "difficult-to-treat" cases of cystitis, urethritis and vaginitis - urethritis; however, uva ursi should not be used if either condition is accompanied by kidney infection.
Uva ursi has also been shown to help prevent and Uva ursi owes its antiseptic, astringent and diuretic dissolve kidney and gallstones, induce labour, and help properties to the presence of hydroquinones, primarily problems associated with the liver, pancreas, and arbutin. Japanese researchers conducted a study prostate. Common uses include bedwetting, bladder comparing the effect of arbutin - extracted from uva ursi - ailments, cystitis, gonorrhea, hemorrhoids, kidney with indomethacin (an anti-inflammatory drug) on arthritis, congestion and infections, nephritis, rheumatism, urinary edema and jmmuno-inflammation. Results of the study tract infections, vaginal discharge, and venereal disease.
were published in the Journal of the Pharmacological Uva ursi is rich in vitamin A, iron, manganese, selenium, Society of Japan. When arbutin was administered with indomethacin, the result was an increase in the inhibitory Uva ursi is not recommended for use by pregnant women effect, suggesting that uva ursi's arbutin content may or those with kidney disease. Typically, uva ursi should improve the effectiveness of this anti-inflammatory drug.
not be taken for more than 7-10 days at a time.
Another Japanese study documented similar resultswhen arbutin was administered along with prednisoloneto treat immuno-inflammation.
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According to research published in Planta Medica, whole For further information about Nature’s Sunshine Products uva ursi seems to provide a greater antibiotic effect in the and their complete range of Quality Food Supplements urinary tract than when the active constituent - arbutin - is isolated. In fact, other substances in uva ursi actuallyinhibit the breakdown of arbutin in the intestines, allowingmore of arbutin to be absorbed to provide its antibiotic activity. Furthermore, since arbutin has been shown to bemost effective in an alkaline environment, it is interestingto note that substances in the whole uva ursi plantactually cause the urine to be more alkaline.

Source: http://www.tanyfoel.me.uk/deanery-pdfs/nutrition-uvaursi.pdf

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