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Straight T
Straight Talking Presentation Coaching and Consultancy PowerPoint slides can't
Senior Executive Coaching
speak for themselves.
Our bespoke coaching puts equal emphasis on content and delivery. Powerful presenters can.
This means that presenters can be equally confident in what they say as Speakers who have been coached by us, without “Everybody learned new ideas and
exception, achieve greater levels of confidence, clarity techniques which enabled them to
deliver a high quality
professional performance.
It was excellent to observe people
visibly grow in confidence.”
No other consultancy can match the results we get from “I would recommend
your approach to
meets the needs of both the individual and the organisation.
anyone who
understands the
importance of getting
The Senior Executive Coaching Programmes can include a sequence of the message across.”
1-to-1 sessions or group sessions for up to 6 people.
We also provide a fixed format foundation programme for up to 10 people.
Straight Talking is different. All our coaches are in constant “I knew what I wanted to say and
you engineered the words and the
demand as professional business speakers.
presentational style that achieved
maximum impact.
I am absolutely certain that I would
We focus our clients so that they can adapt to any not have achieved the success I had
without your help.”
situation, whether they are presenting to 1 person or 1000, in a boardroom, ballroom or broadcast studio.
Specific Results
“I’d like to thank you for your outstanding
We give our clients a flexible process that minimizes the pain of presentation and contribution at our recent Sales Conference.
You provided the absolutely perfect balance of
business focus and humour. The feedback I have
received from many delegates is that you were
the highlight of the day.”
Less preparation time
More concise presentations
Increased confidence
Greater individual impact
Reduced dependence on PowerPoint Prozac
Bain & Company
Northern Rock
We ensure that our clients can be as professional in their
Bank of America
PC World Business
presentation as they are in every other aspect of their business.
Pitney Bowes
BHP Billiton
All of our coaching is based on the fundamental principle that every presentation British Land
needs to have a brutally effective Micro-MessageTM.
Cable and Wireless
Telstra Europe
DSG International
The Diamond Trading Co.
The Post Office
“Perhaps the highest praise I could give is
that I went on a Straight Talking Day and
Friends Provident
UBS Warburg
wanted to send my senior team. They went
Greene King
and wanted to send their teams.”
Invesco Perpetual
JPMorgan Cazenove
Zurich Financial Services
“You really delivered on 2 fronts. Firstly, a clear
and easy-to-use preparation technique that helps
Graham Davies
me clarify the message and structure the supporting
content around it, whatever the nature of the
presentation. Secondly, ready-to-use, hard-hitting
Graham is a Barrister and a highly experienced guidance on personal delivery style.”
advocate, inquisitor and presenter. He started life as a speaker in the Cambridge Union, of which he is an Ex-President. As a speaking professional, Graham presents over 100 Alan Stevens
times a year to audiences as far afield as Los Angeles and New Delhi. His work spans a wide range from facilitating and awards hosting to after As a presenter, interviewer and expert interviewee on the subject of consumer affairs, Alan has made over 1000 media appearances. He has a unique ability to transfer his TV and radio skills to the business arena.
Lesley Everett
Lesley is a speaker, executive coach, author and Dan has worked as a corporate event producer and columnist. As Europe’s leading authority on Personal presenter at locations ranging from Bondi Beach to Branding, she has transformed the individual impact Buckingham Palace. A published author in the field of Theatre, Dan writes speeches for Chief Executives as well as corporate communications material, which has included a Pan-European publication for Ford. His keynote speaking focuses on the area of Straight Talking Presentation Coaching and Consultancy Consultancy
International Coaching
The Straight Talking techniques also apply to overall Presenters for whom English is a foreign language need corporate communications. We work with businesses to specialist coaching. This programme integrates both sharpen mission statements, brochures and staff presentation and linguistic expertise by using two coaches Individual Executive Branding
“Many thanks for your input in turning a team of tongue-tied
This is an integrated programme of presentation introverts into confident and accomplished presenters.
and personal impact coaching, in conjunction with Personal The members of our team who have been subjected to the
Straight Talking treatment have improved in confidence to a
Branding specialist, Lesley Everett.
level where it is difficult to keep them quiet.”
“Thank you very much for your expert coaching.
The presentation went really well and I was
described as the star of the show.”
Media Coaching
This programme gives senior management invaluable Corporate Responsibility Executive, British Land on-mike and on-camera experience. They are shown how to control their content and delivery in high-pressure 0870 429 2108 ·
“You are a great team to work with.
Never before have we been able
to make such an impact on
The Trident Programme is a triple-pronged attack on the our audience. You fundamentally
transformed what we said and the
challenge of high-pressure communication. We show way that we said it. We look forward
to continuing to work with you.”
senior executives how they can compellingly convey their personal and corporate brand in any situation.
The interlocking elements of Presentation, Branding “You have without doubt improved my presentation
and Media Control are gathered together to create the style and enabled me to put across my role more
effectively. Your coaching has also helped
ultimate Corporate Communications Course.
me deliver my business presentations with far more
punch and confidence.”
“Your style is direct and
constructive. You create
a foolproof process that
just works.”

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