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Stephanie Rice bubbling for world title tilt
• Nicole Jeffery
• From: The Australian
• July 14, 2011 10:27PM
STEPHANIE Rice is lean and mean again as she goes into the world championships in Shanghai next

Rice announced on Twitter that her skinfold (body fat) level was back down to her Beijing Olympic level after a three-year battle to get back into peak shape.
"Back down to my Olympic skinfold of 48. stoked. Haven't been that low for three years," Rice tweeted.
In Shanghai, Rice goes into her first major championship since shoulder surgery last September.
She and coach Michael Bohl's squad leave for a pre-competition camp in Singapore on Saturday, before arriving in Shanghai on Tuesday.
Bohl confirmed that Rice was in an excellent position to contend for the world medals.
"She's had a really good preparation," he said.
"The trip to Mexico (for altitude training) and the competition in the US will definitely be beneficial for her. She swam the 200m butterfly and the 200m individual medley there in an hour and did a PB (personal best) and a 2:11.
"I think it was a really good double and a sign that her fitness is where we want it." However, he stopped short of predicting that Rice could fill the last hole in her trophy cabinet by winning a world title.
"I have been trying not to talk about wins with Stephanie," he said.
"She's obviously been through a fair bit in the last 12 months and we are just trying to position her for 2012.
"You don't necessarily need to be winning in 2011 (to win in 2012) but you want to be in the top three or four in the world. There's no sheep stations on it at this stage. But I think she will be competitive." Meanwhile, Brazil's world 50m and 100m freestyle champion Cesar Cielo will know his fate before competition begins on Sunday week, after testing positive for the banned diuretic furosemide two months ago.
Cielo was one of four Brazilian swimmers who blamed contaminated supplements for the test results in May, and was let off by their national federation with a warning. 15/07/2011 Stephanie Rice bubbling for world title tilt | The Australian The International Swimming Federation has appealed against Brazil's lenient decision and the Court of Arbitration for Sport will hear the case in Shanghai on Wednesday, and announce its decision next Friday.
FINA has asked the court to give the swimmers "a period of ineligibility".
If Cielo received a penalty of more than two months (back-dated) he will not be able to defend his titles in Shanghai. If the suspension is more than six months, his London Olympic campaign will be under threat as the IOC bans athletes who serve longer doping penalties from the next Olympics.
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