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Solfeggio Soma Vibration Tuners™
“Soma” means “Body” in Greek
Quick Start Guide
The Solfeggio Soma Vibration Tuner Kit
* Six Custom-Made Solfeggio Soma TunersTM
* Custom-Made Practitioner Display
* Acupressure’s Potent Points Book
* Activator Mallet
* Chakra, Elements, Colors & Solfeggio Chart
* Access to Practitioner Area of Website
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How To Use A Soma Vibration Tuner™

Starting a Session with your Soma Vibration Tuners™
(“Soma” means “Body” in Greek)

Approach the Use of the SomaTuners™ during a session as you would any vibration
tool. Remember you are assisting the client’s body to heal itself.  Always tap a SomaTuner™ away from the clients’ body. Do not tap the fork on the table.
Use the palm of your hand, a mallet or wrist activator, or tennis ball.  Sound each tuner in your client’s ear and in your ears prior to using on the body.
Start Every Session: Tap the “Om” Tuner and hold it near the clients ears to begin or
end a session. At beginning of each session you can place the OM tuner on one or a combination of these points: Breast Bone, Sacrum, Back of neck or between the shoulder blades on the back of the body. At the end of the session, touch both ankles and the bottom of the feet of the client with the OM Tuner to create and increased sense of well – being, relaxation and grounding. The “OM” Tuner (136.10 Hz) is available separately from SomaEnergetics™. Note: When tapping the body tuning forks, the tines should not “clang”. The vibration will
be stronger and last longer if you are careful to hold the fork by the stem only…touching
the tine/weights will lessen the vibration.

Acupressure’s Potent Points: A Guide to Self Care

This fascinating book is a wealth of knowledge for people seeking to take responsibility
for and improve their lives with a complimentary self-care modality. Using Soma
Vibration Tuners at acupressure/potent points adds the power of vibration and color,
possibly enhancing an increased sense of well-being.
We encourage you to read the Acupressure Potent Points Book Page 3. And the Practicing Guidelines on Page 9.
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Ways to Choose a Soma Tuner™ For Yourself or a Client.
Refer To the “Chakras, Elements, Colors and the Solfeggio Frequencies” Chart (Back Cover) It will serve to
guide you to the appropriate SomaTuner™ to be used. The tuners are color coded for the areas they are best
suited for.

1. Body Part – Choose the color of the tuner according to the part of the body you are working with based on
Example: Knee – UT Fork – Red section of chart. 2. Original Intent – You can also check the “intent” of the original frequency
Example: MI Fork – Transformation and Miracles 3. Chakra/Energy Center – Choose a tuner that corresponds to the Chakra (or the Energy Center area) that
is located in the area of the body you are working on. Example: Heart Chakra – Green – FA Fork 4. Element – Listed on the chart.
5. Malfunction – Possible “malfunctions” listed on chart within the area of a specific chakra may be assisted
Example: Headaches – Purple – LA Fork 6. Intuition – Close your eyes…go within. Does a color or feeling come to mind? Use the corresponding
7. Applied Kinesiology / Pendulum – If you are trained/skilled in one of these forms of testing you can use
AK (Muscle testing) or dowsing to choose which fork to use.
What Massage Therapists/Body Workers and their Clients are
saying about Solfeggio Soma Vibration & Energy Tuners™

 Clients experience easier release of muscle tension when the tuners are used prior to massage.  When the tuners are used after bodywork clients walk away with a greater sense of well-being.  The massage therapist does not need to work as hard to achieve the desired results.  The bodywork holds longer after sessions with the tuners than without them.  Using tuners saves wear and tear on the massage therapists hands, forearm arms and upper body.  Some are using both the Soma Vibration Tuners and Soma Energy Tuners™ in combination with body
John Harvey Kellogg, MD., LL., D., F.A.C.S.
author of “The Art of Massage” (A Practical Manual for the Nurse,
the Student and the Practitioner) said that “Vibration…is the procedure consisting of fine vibratory, or shaking,
movements communicated to the body… and may be applied to the body in a variety of ways”. He also wrote that
“profound effects may be produced by the application of vibration”…and that it is useful in cases in which
stimulation to the muscle or nerves is needed to achieve your desired results. Dr. Kellogg is considered by many
the “father of massage” in the west.

Important Information: This information describes complementary health techniques that may help to facilitate the rejuvenation
of one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It is never our intention to diagnose or treat medical or psychological
conditions, impairments, or diseases. Nor is it our intent to encourage people who purchase our products or use our techniques
to diagnose or treat psychological or medical conditions, impairments or diseases. As always, in the presence of any adverse
health conditions, seek the advice of a professional health practitioner. Use the information in this manual in alignment with your
state, local and municipal laws that govern your particular practice. The authors of the enclosed references have not endorsed
these products or techniques.
The information provided in this manual and during our workshops is for educational purposes only. The purpose of the
techniques described within is to release energetic blockages, creating a free flow of energy, allowing one to achieve a more
optimal state for the body to heal itself and awaken the divine healing energy within. The SomaEnergetics Workshops
developed by David Hulse, D.D. gives individuals training to practice the SomaEnergetics Technique. They do not grant
certification to teach. Only Certified SomaEnergetics Teachers may teach the workshops.
SomaEnergetics Education Association Email: [email protected] Website:
David Hulse, Inc, DBA SomaEnergetics 2005

Energy Tuner Hz Body Tuner Hz Intent
Chakra Anterior
Parts of the body governed by the corresponding chakra and possible malfunctions within the region. Intuition
Head, Ears, Nose, Eyes, Mouth, Brain, Pituitary & Pineal Glands, Hypothalamus, and Nervous System Malfunctions: Blindness, Headaches, Eye Strain, Blurred Vision, Nightmares, Sinus Problems 185.25 Hz
Throat, Neck and Shoulders, Thyroid, Para-Thyroid, Esophagus, and Larynx Malfunctions: Thyroid Problems, Hearing Problems, Sore Throat, Stiff Neck, Colds 159.75 Hz
Upper Arms, Heart, Lungs, Breasts, Thymus Gland, Circulatory System and Respiratory System Malfunctions: Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Lung Disease Transformation 3rd
Solar Plexus
Elbow, Stomach, Pancreas, Spleen, Liver, Gallbladder, Adrenals and Digestive System Malfunctions: Ulcers, Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Digestive Disorders, Gallstones Orange 417 Hz
104.25 Hz
Forearms, Kidneys, Bladder, Pelvic Area, Sex Glands, and Reproductive System Malfunctions: Impotence, Frigidity, Uterine, Bladder or Kidney Difficulties, Stiff Lower Back Liberate
Hands & Wrists, Rectum, Legs, Feet, Base of Spine, Adrenals, and Elimination System Malfunctions: Weight Problems, Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Sciatica, Degenerative Arthritis, Knee Problems Note: There are many different Chakra Charts. We have compiled several of these together to develop a system that complements SomaEnergetics™ Tuning Sessions. Disclaimer: We in no way diagnose or treat disease. The use of tuning forks is to open energy channels allowing the body the opportunity to heal itself. SomaEnergetics Education Association - Exploring Science, Sound and Spirituality - Developer David Hulse, C.M.S.T.T.
8508 Park Road #193, Charlotte, NC 28210 PH: 980-949-8921 FAX: 800-480-0763 Email: [email protected]
David Hulse, Inc, DBA SomaEnergetics 2005


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