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Baku, Azerbaijan 7 November 2010



Observers cooperating with Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) are
conducting monitoring of the 7 November 2010 Parliamentary Elections in 125 election
constituencies of the country through Statistically Based Observation (SBO) methodology. Based on
random sampling of election precincts throughout the country, SBO methodology allows for
accurate and immediate analysis of the quality of Election Day processes.
Voter turnout
According to the information given received from the observers by 15:00, voter turnout in the country was
32 percent. It should be noted that the observers cooperating with EMDS have reported figures provided
by Precinct Election Commissions (PECs). However, the figure on voter turnout by 15:00 that the Central
Election Commission publicized in its website is 38 percent.
Voting process
Observers cooperating with EMDS on the Election Day noted cases in which transparency and legality of the voting process were violated. Information on such cases follows:  In PEC # 8 of 66th Bliasuvar Election Constituency, Chairman of the PEC Aflatun Guliyev as well as members of the PEC Ramila Aliyeva, Behruz Aliyev and Ziya Guliyev were stuffing ballots during the day. The same was the case in precinct # 10 of 88th Election Constituency, where Chairman of the PEC Sahib Ahmadov put several ballots in the box.  In PEC # 17 of 103rd Gedebey Election Constituency, within 50 minutes from the starting of the voting process, 98 ballots were put in the box. According to the information given by observer Orkhan Nuriyev, Chairman of the PEC Galib Allahverdiyev stuffed ballots.  In PEC # 19 of 22nd Nasimi Second Election Constituency, an incident happened between representative of Asim Mollazade and candidate Panah Husein. According to observer Azer Rzayev, the incident happened over a ballot stuffing by a voter.  In PEC # 2 of 31st Surakhani Second Election Constituency, observer Khalid Baghirov was removed from the polling station by the request of Chairwoman of the PEC Giymat Taghiyeva because of his protest against voting by the people whose name were not on the voter list.  In PEC #27 of 29th Sabail Election Constituency, an observer was removed from the polling station by the request of Chairman of the PEC. The observer was refrained from compiling the incident form on allowing the voters to voting without spraying ink on their fingers and bringing groups of voters to the polling station.  In PEC # 21 of 100th Shamkir-Dashkasan Election Constituency, group of voters were brought to the polling station by Zamaddin Mehdiganov. In the polling station, voters were told to vote for Mubariz Azad Seçki Firəvan Həyata Aparan Yoldur!
Gurbanli. Aladdin Aliyev, local executive representative, and Fakhraddin Garayev, secretary of local executive representative, stood at the polling station and told the voters to vote for Mubariz Gurbanli.  In PEC #2 of 81 Beylagan Election Constituency, Mahir Mustafayev, department chief at the State Fund for Social Security, stood in front of the polling station and told voters to vote for a certain candidate. Despite the attempts of observers, Chairman of the PEC did not prevent the violations.  In PEC # 14 of 39th Kapaz First Election Constituency, a voter was allowed to vote again after he has used this right already. Observer Nigar Abbaszade brought the issue to attention of Hafiz Asgarov, Chairman of the PEC. However, the observer was told that she was interrupting voting procedures and an incident form was compiled against her. She was removed from the polling station after the incident form was compiled.  In PEC # 5 of 67th Jalilabad Election Constituency, every teacher brought 20 persons to voting under Adalat Asgarov’s directions. Observer Anar Malikov noted voting by the same person several times on various occasions. Counting of votes
After the process of vote counting was completed, in a number of precincts impartial observers and observers representing candidates were removed from the polling stations on the various grounds. According to the latest information, 40 observers cooperating with EMDS were removed from polling stations. Despite such incidents, observers cooperating with EMDS continue their observation in more than 1000 election precincts. Next statement of EMDS on the results of the Election Day observation will be released at the press-
conference to be held at 14:00 on 8 November. Persons who would like to participate in the press-
conference may contact Emin Mammadli, Head of Media and Public Relations Department of
EMDS. (Phone: 051 7531792)

Media and Public Relations Department
Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center
Azad Seçki Firəvan Həyata Aparan Yoldur!


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