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Silica, Nature’s Surgeon
Experts believe higher blood serum levels lead to hardening of the arteries, which can cause heart attacks. The authors of the study called for We all want to be beautiful, live longer, be a rethink on giving people calcium supplements healthier and feel better, but how do you know for bone health. "Serum calcium levels have what to do to achieve this? How often have you been positively associated with an increased heard that if you want strong bones and better incidence of heart attack in large observational studies. Ingestion of equivalent doses of calcium from dairy products has a much smaller Calcium is a well-known mineral which builds effect than calcium supplements on serum strong teeth and bones, however what is not commonly known about Calcium is that it is So why is it that many people with osteoporosis chalk and thereby a hardening agent. If it is not (loss of calcium in the bones) also have arthritis utilized properly by the body it can contribute to hardening of the arteries and other structures in Chiropractic’s Dr Bill Davison answers this the body. It may worsen arthritis and contribute question in an article on his website. For more to kidney stones. What do you think arterial Despite being a controversial issue, there is The important thing is to make sure you are some evidence to support this claim. A study by doing everything possible to ensure you are Dr. Mark Bolland and colleagues from the supplying all the other things your body needs University of Auckland published in the British Medical Journal (Online, July 31 2010), about As calcium in our body depletes, parts of our calcium supplements and a possible increased bodies, including bones, become brittle and risk of heart disease. It was found that calcium weak. Taking only a calcium supplement may supplements were associated with about a 30 not correct or stop these threatening and percent jump in heart attack risk. The chances of crippling diseases because the body may not stroke and mortality also increased to a lesser absorb and make use of the calcium without the The Sydney Morning Herald reported, “The link One of these important factors is Silica. In fact was consistent across trials and was independent using Silica helps to solve this calcium of age, sex, and type of supplement. While the Dilemma. 1950’s bio-physicist Dr C L Kervran added risk is modest for any individual, the found what the body was really lacking, was not widespread use of calcium supplements could calcium, it was silica and that your body can translate into a significantly larger disease make its own calcium from silica, through the burden across an entire population, the authors warn. Previous studies have found that upping calcium intake through changes in diet does not increase cardiovascular problems, suggesting Understanding Silica
that the risks are restricted to supplements.”However Osteoporosis Australia believes, “The Silica is a remarkable mineral. The reason why results of this study, while being an important silica is able to supply to the body calcium alert to possible harm, does not provide when it needs it is quite simple when we study sufficient evidence to recommend that older the atomic numbers of each mineral. Each men & women with osteoporosis should stop mineral has a number according to its molecular taking calcium supplements because of an structure and it is through the interchange of increased risk of heart attack. There is good molecular protons and electrons between each evidence that calcium plays an important role in The most basic substance is an element, silica is an element, gold is an element, magnesium is an Shire Chiropractic 184 Gymea Bay Road Gymea NSW 2227 element and so on. Elements are made up of atoms, an atom is composed of a nucleus, which has a proton with a positive charge, a neutron On the other hand, this transmutation is strongly with a negative charge with the nucleus the believed not to occur according to mainstream centre of the atom. The atom also has an physics, chemistry and biology on the basis that electron, or electrons circulating around the evidence is flawed and minute. However there central body. The only difference between one is evidence to suggest that silica, coupled with element or one substance and another is the carbon in the body, can be transformed into amount of protons existing in the nucleus of the calcium. Many health experts including Shire Chiropractic’s Dr Bill Davison have seen the Usually there is an equal amount of electrons benefits of Silica in his patients over the years.
and protons. For example, the element of “As a practitioner I’ve utilized silica as a hydrogen has one proton in the centre and one supplement in my practice for many, many years, with excellent results. It wasn’t until I So each element will have a different ‘atomic number’, this can be seen on the periodic table, Diatomaceous Earth flour form of silica that I which has all the elements and their periodic became more interested and excited about its numbers. They all have different numbers which relate to the number of protons and One of Shire Chiropractic’s patients, Gabriel electrons. Silica has fourteen protons and says, “I take 1 heaped teaspoon in juice in the morning and afternoon. I have suffered from insomnia for many years and this has Alchemy. fact or fiction?
completely disappeared. My hair and nails are growing, my memory is better, I’m more alert and my blood pressure has come down, so no Hundreds of years ago, the old chemists, perhaps like our present day physicists and professional dancer I love to go dancing, now I pharmacists were trying to create gold form find after my teaspoon before going out I can other substances based on this principle of the dance from 6:30pm ‘til 2:30am nonstop, my difference between one element and another. friends have definitely noticed a change! I am so grateful for the Silica Fossil Flour. Oh by the theoretically if you could combine a number of different elements that would give you the total of 64 that would give you gold.
Kervran theorised that the body can actually A natural phenomenon.
convert one element into another. He maintains that by ingesting too much calcium it actually The transformation of silica into calcium is a creates a hardening of our body tissues.
“Interestingly when I test my patients for ingestion of organic silica-rich fresh plant nutritional deficiencies in the clinic I very, very foods. The extracts can come from oat straw, rarely find calcium to be a deficiency. We find horsetail, cleavers, comfrey and other siliceous vitamin E, shows up a lot, we find magnesium shows up a lot, and silica shows up a lot but Bone is created from silicon-structured cartilage rarely calcium.” Dr Bill Davison says.
tissues, which eventually hardens into limey Kervran, who was also nominated for a Nobel calcium-phosphate salts. This metamorphosis of prize, maintains that the body can create silica derived bone tissues into hard limey calcium from silica, when you put carbon and material is the way bones naturally grow.
silica together you get an atomic number of 20 According to Dr Kervran, X-rays have shown which means the body can make calcium from that bone fractures are healed quicker after Shire Chiropractic 184 Gymea Bay Road Gymea NSW 2227 patients are given organic silica than after imagine what would happen if we did that! It’s giving prepared or dietary calcium directly.
a bit like trying to suck on an iron bar to get Missing out on Silica is what causes bones to your iron supplements. You have to get your become brittle, hair to crinkle and fall out, minerals and your other nutrients from a food arteries to harden, joints and muscles to stiffen Plants have the ability to take minerals from the Dr Davison suggests that, “Silica is well known ground or the soil and convert it into a different for its ability to provide structural support and form that we can then digest and utilise for the strength to all of the structural tissues such as health and maintenance of our bodies, and it’s bones, muscles, ligaments tendons, skin hair the same with silica. We have to get it into a and nails, it could even be termed one of the beauty minerals because it helps maintain Dr Davison says that after seeing his patients elasticity of the skin which helps to keep us use the powdered form of Silica he was able to fully realise the potential of Silica, “When my Another of Shire Chiropractic’s patients, patients get onto the silica I find that when they Barbara, a beauty/natural Therapist says, “My come back they test much better, and upon first impression [of silica fossil Flour] was examination they report improvement in their increased energy each time I took 1 heaped teaspoon in water twice a day. I decided to put Silica does come in different forms when being some Silica Flour into the beauty creams I used as a supplement or as a medicine. You can create, such as my cleanser and moisturiser, with surprising results, my skin texture seems Fortunately silica is also not very expensive and ‘thicker’, with a clearer overall evenness and this is also another point in its favour! lightness in shade. This is pleasing to me as I am in my sixties, so I plan to use the Silica How do you take it?
continually. I am looking forward to healthier bones too.” The average starting dose is about a teaspoon of Dr Davison says that although there have been fairly tasteless powder, dissolved into liquid, great results in other areas silica is where there twice a day, sometimes less, sometimes more. are calcium spurs in the body, (in the heels or After a number of weeks the dosage may be underside surface of the foot) “It actually helps the body to redistribute these abnormal deposits “You’d expect to wait 2-4 weeks before you see a result, in extreme cases perhaps 2 months maximum, but it can also be used as a Where does it come from?
preventative measure.” Dr Davison says. Arthritis and heel spurs can take many years to In nature silica exists in many forms. Sand, quartz and crystals are all forms of silica. Glass degenerative Dr Davison describes the reversal is also made from sand, so glass and ceramics or limitation of these conditions “.a very Silica has the feature of being sharp like glass or “We see this in the clinic time and time again, cut ceramics can be, and so in the body it’s also so it’s not impossible to reverse these conditions been termed ‘nature’s scalpel’ because the body to a point and then restrict the further can use the silica to re-sculpture the body, to degeneration. For me silica is one of the remove inappropriate calcium deposits and nutritional ingredients I take regularity, to redistribute them to where they’re needed. maintain my health. I highly recommend you “To be able to use silica as a supplement we take it both as a preventative of degenerative need to get it from a food source. We could try conditions, as an anti aging nutritional eating sand or glass for that matter, you could Shire Chiropractic 184 Gymea Bay Road Gymea NSW 2227 substance and to treat conditions that involve the structural system in particular arthritis.”For more information please visit SUPPRESS APPETITE AND
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This month it’s Nevo Yatom. Nevo is an inventor and has appeared on the ABC TV show “The Inventors”.
He manufactures specialised treatment tables – amongst other things.
He is presently working on an exciting breakthrough vibrational treatment table, which we will be trialling in the clinic. He is very enthusiastic about health and has enthusiastically referred many patients to us. Thank you Nevo. Enjoy your gift.
A Special Welcome to all our New
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referred them.

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