Highly organized and analytical Software Engineer with broad-depth and experience in software
development. I have experience in department level support of computer hardware and software applications as well. The past three years have focused on Web interface design for research databases at the University of Vermont. The primary attributes of the systems are to assure accurate and easy entry of data. These projects employed JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. Software and Operating Systems Skills
• B.S. Computer Engineering Worcester Polytechnic Worcester MA. • Multiple post graduate classes; primarily focusing on web programming. Experience
Software Design
o Web based Research Lab database design and support
 Project uses JavaScript / AJAX / jQuery / PHP / MySQL  Primary attribute is accurate and ease of use to enter data into database  AJAX behavior allows for focused selection depending on users previous selections.  Multiple versions created to meet unique requirements of different users.  Multiple Java programs to process microscope images for the purpose of measurement  Visual Basic program to read and measure Cat Scan images for research study  Set up and maintained LAN networks  Designed and supported data backup processes SOFTWARE ENGINEER | IBM | 1977 - 2002
• Design of software tools for component design automation o Software written in C/C++ to enable verification of component designs against o C/C++ programs developed to automate and reduced build time for electronic • Team Lead for component qualification o Multiyear effort involving the testing for functional and reliability of computer o Resulted in division level award for the success of the project. Patents
Automation for custom specified embedded RAM components. Software algorithm for the automation of electronic device design considering the required characteristics of the design. The algorithm was implemented in C++ programming language. Division Level Award for qualification process of microprocessor chip set. Presentations
Presentation at company conference of paper describing novel use of simulator C-language interface to control and verify functional operation of microprocessor model. Publications (Image Processing programming contributions)
Inhaled salmeterol and/or fluticasone alters structure/function in a murine model of allergic
airways disease. Respiratory Research, February 24, 2010 Intrinsic and antigen-induced airway hyperresponsiveness are the result of diverse physiological mechanisms Journal of Applied Physiology, January 2007 Heterogeneity of bronchoconstriction does not distinguish mild asthmatic subjects from healthy controls when supine Journal of Applied Physiology, January 2008



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