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In June 2002, President Mbeki signed into law amendments SAMPRA has been accredited by the Department of Trade The copyright owner of the music sound recording has an David du Plessis, SAMPRA’s CEO, Ignatius Smit, SAMPRA’s to the Copyright Act and the Performers’ Protection Act.
and Industry’s Companies and Intellectual Property exclusive right to receive a royalty but has an obligation to National Commercial Manager, or Malcolm Roberts, These amendments granted the owners of copyright in Registration Office (CIPRO) as a registered collecting society share the royalty with the performer whose performance/s SAMPRA’s Manager of Legal Affairs, during business hours music sound recordings the exclusive right: that represents all members of RiSA – the Recording Industry is/are embodied in each sound recording. of South Africa. RiSA is the internationally recognized "to do or to authorise the doing of any of SAMPRA representatives have embarked on a national representative association of all South Africa’s leading In this way, investors in sound recordings will be licensing programme and have been mandated to make record companies and has more than 700 members who remunerated for their investment and risk in creating newsound recordings that are used in the course of the third contact with all users in all the relevant usage categories. • Broadcasting the sound recording.
collectively comprise more than 95% of the South Africanmusic recording industry.
parties’ commercial activities, while performers will be The trading names of record companies and labels that are • Causing the sound recording to be transmitted in a remunerated for their performance contributions to those members of RiSA and the copyright owners of the sound diffusion service, unless that service transmits a lawful The purpose of this notice is to inform all broadcasters, and recordings which may not be broadcast, diffused or broadcast, including the sound recording, and is all other commercial businesses that use recorded music SAMPRA has begun to issue licences to users across a wide communicated to the public without payment of a licence fee operated by the original broadcaster.
through any form of broadcasting or through a diffusion are listed below. These record companies and labels own an service or through communicating sound recordings to the • Communicating the sound recording to the public." estimated 95% of music sound recordings that have been played public or to their customers, that they have been obliged in SAMPRA has more than 30 published tariffs that are on South African radio stations since June 2002 and that are Although owners and performers have been entitled to be terms of this legislation to pay a royalty for all such usage to applicable to various categories of use. Details of the currently played by broadcasters. SAMPRA offers users a blanket paid by broadcasters and other users for the commercial use the owner of each such sound recording since June 2002 – applicable tariffs are available on SAMPRA’s website license in respect of all repertoire owned by these record and that SAMPRA has commenced issuing licences and of their sound recordings since June 2002, there has been a (http://www.sampra.org.za) or can be obtained from SAMPRA’s companies and labels, but is not able to license music sound collecting royalties on behalf of its members. long delay in implementing these rights by owners of sound offices at Suite 4, 150 Bram Fischer Drive cnr Republic Road, recordings that are owned by non-members of RiSA. recordings. The delay has been caused primarily by the The copyright owner of the music sound recording, as defined All these owners assert their copyright ownership on all delay in publishing regulations to govern collecting societies in this legislation, is the person who invested in making the Information and advice regarding your obligations and sound carriers, accompanying artwork and packaging of all which implement and administer the right. sound recording, being the record company or record label.
rights under the legislation can be obtained by telephoning, 12 Inch Productions
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Explanatory Notes :
From the earliest days of music sound recording until 1965, the right of producers of sound recordings to be paid for the broadcast, diffusion Under the amendments to the Copyright Act and the Performers’ Protection Act, copyright owners of sound recordings and performers will and communication of their sound recordings to the public in the course of all commercial and business activities existed in South African now also derive benefit from broadcast, diffusion and communication of their sound recordings in any public or commercial environment law. In 1965, the right was removed by Parliament at the instance of the government of the day and the lobby of commercial users of by a third party user in the course of such user’s commercial or business activities.
recorded music. It has taken the recording industry and the South African performer community more than 40 years to restore a right that In other words, when you pay SAMRO you pay a royalty that is intended to go to the composer of each song that you play. When you pay
SAMPRA, you pay a royalty that goes to the artist who performs that song and to the record company that has invested in the recording of
South African businesses have become accustomed to making payment of a licence fee to SAMRO. There is no connection whatsoever
between SAMRO and SAMPRA. The SAMRO payment, only covers the copyright in the underlying musical work – the composition itself -
If a user raises a dispute regarding a licence royalty charged by SAMPRA in terms of the applicable tariff, the user may (until such time as and is not shared in any way by the owner of the sound recording who has invested in the making of the sound recording, or the performer the matter is resolved by the Copyright Tribunal), continue to use the sound recordings in SAMPRA’s repertoire if the user pays a licence whose performance is embodied in the sound recording.
fee proposed by SAMPRA into an escrow account.
150 Hendrik Verwoerd Drive (Entrance in Republic Road) Randburg 2194 (Association Incorporated Under Section 21) Directors: L BILLET; O M CHABANGU; D M DU PLESSIS (CEO); D K R FORBES; I J HAARBURGER; K S LISTER (CHAIRMAN); T NCIZA; Tel: 27 (11) 886 1342 Fax: 27 (11) 886 4169 M SARAWAN; I SCHLOSBERG; N P SIBISI; W J VAN NIEKERK; H R VOERMAN NATIONAL COMMERCIAL MANAGER: I SMIT; LEGAL AFFAIRS MANAGER: M B ROBERTS

Source: http://www.sampra.org.za/pdf/BusDayArticle.pdf

Relais et intégration des signaux intracellulaires

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WASOT/SETAC Africa Meeting 7–10 February 2012, Benin, Nigeria University of Benin POSTER PROGRAMME Topic/Author(s) Determination of heavy metal levels in Carica papaya, Manihot esculatum and soil samples from farm lands located around Uyo municipal waste dump. O. Otitoju, Monday Akpanabiatu, Anthony Uwah, J.I. Ndem; University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria Decrease

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