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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETING OF THE RIVER RIDGE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE RIVER RIDGE SCHOOL DISTRICT, GRANT COUNTY, WISCONSIN: February 11, 2013 The Regular Meeting of the River Ridge Board of Education was called to order by President Bill Mergen on Monday, February 11, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. Roll call was taken with the following Also present were District Administrator Lee Pritzl, Business Manager Carol Harris, Principal Rod Lewis, Dave Cihasky from ADG, Tom Kapfer and staff members. Lea Breuer presented proof of posting showing notice of the meeting posted on February 7, 2013, at 1:24 p.m. at the River Ridge High School and Middle School and the post offices in Bagley, Bloomington, Glen Haven, Mt. Hope and Patch Grove. The motion was made by Bob Mathre and seconded by Tish Burmeister to approve the posting. On a voice vote, the motion carried. The motion was made by Chad Breuer and seconded by Bob Mathre to approve the January 9, 2013, Regular Minutes. On a voice vote, the motion carried. The following General Fund expenditures were reviewed: Rick Desanti, 55.00; Tim Ebeling, 90.00; Terry Igou, 60.00; Carl Orr, 60.00; Richard Wachter, 60.00; Wade Boegli, 55.00; Emil E. Bohringer Jr., 46.62; Sue Christ, 29.42; Lisa Clark, 154.29; Jeffery J. Clausen, 60.00; Rick Desanti, 55.00; Christopher Earle, 128.76; Tim Ebeling, 90.00; Myron Ellingson, 90.00; Kam Fohey, 642.32; Ryan Fox, 93.24; Terry Igou, 40.00; Brandon Klein, 40.00; Clay Koenig, 85.47; Lancaster School District, 80.00; Rodney Lewis, 31.08; Sandra C. Mergen, 93.24; Linda Mulrooney, 21.09; Carl Orr, 40.00; Bill Patzner, 90.00; Logan Prochaska, 93.24; Julie M. Raisbeck, 187.50; Nicole Schonhoff, 85.47; Daniel T. Sedgwick, 60.00; Brian L. Slaght, 55.00; Kory Stalsberg, 150.69; UW-Platteville, 125.00; Richard Wachter, 40.00; Weston High School, 140.00; A.C.T. Plan, 326.25; Airgas USA LLC., 602.19; Apple Computer Inc., 1,197.00; Architectural Design Group LLC., 2,500.00; B.L. Murray Inc., 52.44; Busch Music, 85.00; C.E.S.A., #10, 250.00; C.E.S.A. #3, 10,277.00; Clinicare Corporation, 4,450.00; Crowne Plaza Hotel, 197.00; Days Inn, 489.93; Department of Administration, 1,500.00; Dependable Solutions Inc., 3,713.74; Earthgrains/Sara Lee Bakery Group, 213.60; Economy Feed Mill LLC., 230.00; Follett Library Services, 286.54; G.F.C. Leasing, 40.68; Larry Gates, 110.00; Gordon Flesch Company Inc., 1,376.16; Harder Corp., 1,353.43; Hermsen’s Home Center, 56.01; Hermsen’s Inc., 2,046.89; Hilton Milwaukee City Center, 1,098.00; Terry Igou, 60.00; Jims Small Engine Repair, 17.80; Junior Library Guild, 2,077.80; Kraemers Water Store Inc., 52.75; Langmeier Lumber Inc., 371.81; Luther College, 84.00; Makemusic Inc., 140.00; Mcgraw-Hill Inc., 1,113.65; New Horizons Supply Co-Op, 235.93; Okeys Market, 11.82; Carl Orr, 60.00; Patch Grove Postmaster, 73.79; Prairie Farms Dairy, 2.671.34; Price Equipment Sales Inc., 66.45; Quality Inn., 419.97; Roys Concrete LLC, 1,445.10; Scholastic Book Club, 49.95; School Specialty Inc., 1,031.24; Southwest WI Tech College, 3,753.75; Steel Mart, 354.56; Sysco Baraboo LLC, 6,570.97; T.D.S. Internet Services, 1,325.12; Tierney Brothers Inc., 504.00; Town & Country Sanitation, 425.00; The Trane Company, 3,430.00; UW-Madison, 656.25; Village of Patch Grove, 1,347.16; W.A.R.C.O. Transportation Inc., 43,037.49; W.S.C.A., 50.00; WE Energies, 6,984.79; Wolf Machine Inc., 40.34; Zaner-Bloser, 15.99; A.F.L.A.C.,484.82; A.F.L.A.C. Group, 1,451.87; Ameritas,168.00; Capital Bank & Trust, 80.00; Citizens Bank, 28,798.71; Clare Bank, 1,950.00; Edward Jones Investments, 100.00; Employee Flexible Benefit Account, 1,255.94; Employee Insurance Fund, 137,511.56; Horace Mann Life Ins. Company, 1,908.22; Minnesota Life Ins. Co., 1,328.20; Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue, 6,140.69; A.T. &T., 28.93; Clinicare Corporation, 3,337.50; Rick Desanti, 90.00; Tim Ebeling, 55.00; Edgewood College, 4,440.30; Equipment Leasing Co., 330.00; Robert Ferraro, 90.00; Carl Gloede, 55.00; Gundersen Clinic LTD, 285.30; Terry Igou, 60.00; Steve Kaiser, 87.90; Rad Reilly, 60.00; Scott Reilly, 40.00; Riverdale School District, 50.00; Mark Schlueter, 55.00; Ronald J. Sedgwick, 60.00; Shullsburg School District, 70.00; Spahn & Rose Lumber Co, 205.43; Richard Wachter, 40.00; Ameritas, 168.00; Capital Bank & Trust, 80.00; Citizens Bank, 29,981.24; Clare Bank, 1,950.00; Edward Jones Investments, 100.00; Employee Flexible Benefit Account, 1255.94; Employee Insurance Fund, 3,357.89; Horace Mann Companies, 80.58; Horace Mann Life Ins Company, 1,908.22; Jefferson Pilot Life Ins Co., 107.00; Madison National Life 1,862.25; National Insurance Co. of WI, 1,183.12; W.E.A.C., 700.97; Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue, 6,373.86; Wisconsin Retirement System, 32,948.06; Alliant Energy/WPL, 5,201.61; Amazon/GERCB, 95.86; Cardmember Services, 630.50; G.F.C. Leasing, 40.68; Terry Igou, 40.00; Bill Patzner, 90.00; River Ridge Petty Cash, 4.25; River Ridge Special Checking, 290.00; Brian L. Slaght, 55.00; Sysco Baraboo LLC., 652.41; U.S. Cellular, 196.16; Richard Wachter, 40.00; Wal-Mart Community, 231.58; Wal-Mart Community BRC, 286.89; Terry Felt, 90.00; Don Hill, 55.00; Terry Igou, 60.00; Matt Ivory, 55.00; Randy Montgomery, 90.00; Rad Reilly, 40.00; Scott Reilly, 60.00; Terry Schrobilgen, 55.00; Ronald J. Sedgwick, 40.00; Michael Trautsch, 60.00; Richard Wachter, 60.00; Darin Wilken, 90.00 The following General Fund revenues were reviewed: Schwan’s Food Service, 49.70; River Ridge Music Boosters, 506.78; Dept. of Health Services, 860.58; Town of Mt. Hope, 49,632.51; Lee Pritzl, 122.29; Town of Woodman, 6,891.84; Village of Patch Grove, 20,782.58; Village of Bloomington, 93,696.59; Town of Glen Haven, 24,987.53; Town of Patch Grove, 55,906.70; Town of Beetown, 13,469.75; Village of Bagley, 59,243.02; Kwik Trip, 55.35; Town of Wyalusing, 28,390.69; Town of Little Grant, 46,698.33; Village of Mt. Hope, 18,740.88; Town of Bloomington, 83,227.08; Staff/District, 76.00; Kemps Nickels for Schools, 40.55; River Ridge HS Pupil Activity, 11,986.25; State of Wisconsin, 35,474.00; State of Wisconsin, 20,001.94; State of Wisconsin, 361.69; Hans Olson, 100.00; State of Wisconsin, 47,794.50; State of Wisconsin, 8,896.58; River Ridge HS Pupil Activity, 630.50; Town of Millville, 35,199.85; River Ridge Reading Wolf Pack, 20.00; Staff/District, 192.30; Cooks, 84.81; Citizens Bank, 8.95; Citizens Bank, 56.94; Anchor Bank, 2.09; BMO Harris Bank, 0.91; Peoples State Bank, 75.23 The following Insurance Fund expenditures were reviewed: Benefit Plan Administrators, 29,336.44; Benefit Plan Administrators, 29,487.59; Benefit Plan Administrators, 15,237.94; Benefit Plan Administrators, 285.17; Benefit Plan Administrators, 8,380.23; Benefit Plan Administrators, 43,750.27; Benefit Plan Administrators, 8,819.90; Benefit Plan Administrators, 57.937.95 The following Insurance Fund revenues were reviewed: Benefit Plan Administrators, 103.04; Judie Barnes, 426.00; Lorraine Bartels, 426.00; Judy Carlson, 5,670.00; Mary Chappell, 276.00; Joe Devlin, 463.92; Patricia Bloyer, 426.00; Judith Drone, 756.00; Van Ferguson, 936.00; Linda Havemeier, 945.00; Mary Huser, 250.00; Sandra Johnson, 168.00; Barbara O’Leary, 158.00; Charles Rice, 182.00; Susan Rinehart, 5,790.00; Judith Taylor, 96.00; Jerome Usgaard, 3,834.00; James Warczak, 276.00; Shirley Wegmuller, 150.00; David Breuer, 1,908.00; Sandra Hagemann, 2,783.52; Carol Kalinowski, 463.92; Dolores Meyer, 546.00; River Ridge School District, 137,511.56; Lisa Breuer, 732.70; Betty Cooley, 182.00; Margaret Guthrie, 200.09; Colleen Myers,1,602.00; River Ridge School District, 3,357.89; Bardon Insurance Company, 3,081.47; People’s State Bank, 61.49; Clare Bank, 0.67 The following Debt Fund revenues were reviewed: People’s State Bank, 3.92 The following Scholarship Fund revenues were reviewed: Staff/District, 150.00; Staff/District, 500.00; People’s State Bank, 20.21; Clare Bank, 166.68; Staff/District, 50.00; River Ridge HS Pupil Activity, 100.00; Citizens Bank, 4.22 The following Scholarship Fund expenditures were reviewed: T-Wolf Scholarship - Terri Buffington, 150.00; Above & Beyond Scholarship - Rachel Henkel, 100.00; Above & Beyond Scholarship - Nathan Kirschbaum, 100.00; Appreciation Of Arts Scholarship l- Nathan Kirschbaum, 150.00; Mary Lou Sprosty Scholarship - Claire Webster, 250.00; Above & Beyond Scholarship - Claire Webster, 100.00; Above & Beyond Scholarship – Kim Breuer; Balance of T-Wolf Scholarship - Terri Buffington, 50.00; Rita Recker Scholarship - Zach Raisbeck, 166.81; Laufenberg Scholarship - Claire Webster, 250.00; Dale Carlson Memorial Scholarship - Andrew Redman, 400.00; Dr. Pohle Scholarship - Abbey Zimmer, 345.69 A. The Finance Committee report was presented. The General Fund ended the month at $800,000. The Insurance Fund ended the month at $228,000 which was a decrease of approximately $19,000. The Insurance Fund will reimburse the $40,000 borrowed from the General Fund. January property taxes were received. No aid payments will be received until March. Tish Burmeister presented the list of gifts and grants to be accepted by the board. The list included a Kwik Trip Milk Moola donation of $55.35 to be split according to pupil count over the elementary, middle and high schools for education needs; Kemps Nickels for Schools donation of $40.55 to be split according to pupil count over the elementary, middle and high schools for education needs; Karen and Terry Page’s $50.00 scholarship donation for payment to the 2012 Timberwolf Scholarship recipient; River Ridge High School Art, Band, Choir and Forensics $100.00 scholarship donation for paying the 2012 Appreciation of the Arts Scholarship recipient; Premier Cooperative donation of $20.00 to the River Ridge Reading Wolfpack The motion was made by Lea Breuer and seconded by Bob Mathre to approve the Finance Committee report. On a roll call vote, the following voted yes: The following voted no: none. The motion carried. B. The Buildings and Grounds Committee report was given by Chad Breuer. The Buildings and Grounds Committee met with ADG on February 11. At that meeting, ADG presented their Building Assessment for both sites. In the summary of the elementary/high school site, ADG believed the following areas were of a concern: HVAC system, ceiling tiles in the elementary portion of the building, energy efficiency and no emergency generator on site. In summary of the middle school site, ADG believed that the building is in poor condition. Areas of concern included windows, electrical system and HVAC systems. These areas are outdated and beyond their life expectancy. ADG will be available for the next Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting on February 21. At that time, they will have a list of priorities for the committee to look at. Tom Kapner, an Environmental Hygienist, visited both sites. He will be submitting a cost proposal to conduct air samples at both sites. The motion was made by Chad Breuer and seconded by Bob Mathre to approve spending up to $3,000.00 for air quality tests at both sites. On a roll call vote, the following voted yes: The following voted no: none. The motion carried. A. Mr. Pritzl presented the 2013-2014 school calendar that the administration/teacher committee worked on together. The motion was made by Karla Irish and seconded by Tish Burmeister to approve the 2013-2014 school calendar as presented. On a voice vote, the motion carried. B. Mr. Lewis presented information on new course offerings at the high school. New course offerings will include Modern Literature, Cultural Phenomenon, Technical Writing and a Yearbook class. The motion was made by Tish Burmeister and seconded by Kerri Schier to approve the new course offerings. C. Carol Harris presented information on the third Friday count. The number of students is down from September 2012. In total, the district is down 17 students from one year ago. D. Information regarding the insurance claim on the roof was presented by Mr. Pritzl, Bill Mergen and Carol Harris. The steel roof at the elementary/high school site sustained hail damage during a September storm. The board would like to see additional information from DPI, the insurance carrier and interested contractors before making any decisions on the claim. E. Mr. Lewis gave an update on course registration and gave a presentation on what a possible 7th grade thru 12th grade campus at the Patch Grove site would look like. Mr. Lewis outlined the number of teachers that would have to travel if the 7th and 8th grade moved to the high school site. The board asked the administrative team to meet with staff members to discuss the possibility and to gather their F. Carol Harris gave the update from the Insurance Task Force. The committee met with Tricor and also discussed information on the state insurance plan. The district is looking to have Tricor serve as a G. The motion was made by Karla Irish and seconded by Lea Breuer to approve the change to the Employee Handbook as presented. The change is an insertion at the end of paragraph #1 of the “Resignations and Retirements” section. The insert will read “Any employee eligible for resignation or retirement benefits should submit their letter of intention to resign or retire to administration on or before March 15 of the calendar year in which the employee wishes to resign or retire. Although this is not mandatory nor subject to a fine, the district appreciates the professional courtesy in order to plan for the next year.” On a voice vote, the motion carried. H. Mr. Pritzl presented information regarding the number of snow days that the district has already taken. Mr. Pritzl inquired of the board their thoughts on how to make up snow days if we have more than one more snow day. There will be an action item at the next Regular Board Meeting regarding how the days will be made up if we have more snow days than the calendar allows for. A. The upcoming board meeting schedule is listed below: • The Finance Committee meeting will be held on March 13 at 5:15 p.m. • The March regular board meeting will be held on March 13 at 6:00 p.m. • The Buildings and Grounds Committee will meet on February 21 at 4:00 p.m. ADG will be B. Future board meetings items will include an action item on how to deal with additional snow days, administrative recommendation and possible action on creating a 7–12 campus and set a special meeting date to discuss the administrative evaluation summary. C. The motion was made by Chad Breuer and seconded by Tish Burmeister to convene into Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(e) for discussion of subitem (1) Employee Performance Evaluation. On a roll call vote, the following voted yes: The following voted no: none. The motion carried. The meeting convened into closed session at 7:50 D. The meeting returned to open session at 8:52 p.m. There was no action taken on closed E. The motion was made by Chad Breuer and seconded by Karla Irish to adjourn. On a voice vote, the motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:53 p.m.


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