Faq - contraflurantm-system

FAQ - CONTRAfluranTM-System

General questions on the CONTRAfluranTM-Anaesthetic rest gas filter:

1. How long can the filter run?
The durability of the filter on continuous operation (the whole time without break) is up to 5 days, depending on the type of the volitile anaesthetic used and the condition of the patient (specific respiration volume). Of course, the durability of the filter elongates, when there are breaks between the applications during which no volatile anaesthetics are supplied into the filter. 2. What amount of volatile anaesthetics can be adsorbed by the filter? The filter adsorbs up to 400 g of volatile anaesthetics (up to 1 1/2 bottles of Sevoflurane or Isoflurane). 3. What do I do, if the adsorption-process is determined before the filter is fully fil ed and the filter has to be temporarily stored (breaks between applications)? - Close the gas inlet part of the filter with the help of the seal-cap and store it according to the storage temperature stated in the instruction for use at a dry place. This procedure can be repeated frequently and has no influence on the adsorption capacity of the filter. Close the gas inlet part of the filter with the help of the seal-cap and store the full filters in the original carton and make them ready for pickup. As far as possible, the cartons including the full filters should be stored where the new filters wil be delivered, so that a direct exchange can be enabled. 5. Do I have to close the partly or fully fil ed filters at the gas inlet-part of the filter? Yes, the gas inlet-part should be closed by means of the provided seal-cap. Alternatively a provisional glove, a rubber plastic stopper or other appropriate material can be used to close the filter. In this way one can avoid a release of the adsorbed anaesthetics out of the filter. 6. Can a leakage of volatile anaesthetics out of the fil ed filters happen (odour!)? No, if you properly follow the instructions stated in the instruction for use. The filters should not be stored in a warm place and should not be exposed to direct solar radiation. Please follow the storage conditions stated in the instruction for use. Furthermore, the gas inlet has to be closed and the filter must not be damaged to avoid an escape of the adsorbed anaesthetics. The filter has no expiration date. Thus it can be stored as long as necessary. Fil ed filters can also be stored unlimited, if the storage capacity approves it. Of course, we are pleased to collect the filled filters immediately, as soon as you have a full carton ready. 8. Which kinds of volatile anesthetics can be applied into the filter? The filter adsorbs each kind of fluranes (Isoflurane/Sevoflurane/Desflurane). 9. Is it possible to apply different volatile anesthetics into the filter (mixing fluranes)? Yes, you can apply any kind of fluranes into the filter. This has no influence on the adsorption capacity. 10. What do I do if gas escapes from the filter during the application (odour!)? Please check if all the hoses are firmly connected, tight and have no scratches. In case a further gas escapes happens after those measures, please change the filter immediately and contact us so that we can send you a replacement. 11. How do I know when the filter is fully filled? The filter is fully filled as soon as the red LED on the SENSOfluranTM-Fil level control unit lights up. If the filter is weighed it should be replaced, when the weight is approx. 1250 g up to 1300 g.
Questions on the connection of the CONTRAfluranTM-Anaesthetic rest gas filter:

1. Is there any flow-resistance at the outlet valve of the respirator or gas monitor?
At any rate, the flow resistance lies below 0.11 mmHg, thus no further vacuum devices are necessary. 2. Which kind of hose can be connected to the gas inlet part of the filter? No modifications should be made on the gas inlet part of the filter. 3. What do I do if the ISO 22 mm flexible hose does not fit into the expiration valve of the respirator? In this case, please use our connector 22 mm a / 30 mm. The connector can be ordered together with the filters. 4. Which hose do I need to connect the filter to a gas monitor? The hose can be ordered together with the filters. 5. What is to be considered, if i use the filter together with the AnaConDa-System? It is obligatory that all hoses are connected to the respirator as well as to the anaesthetic machine. Not till then it is warranted that no gas can escape. Please follow the instruction for use of the AnaConDa-System.
Questions on the SENSOfluranTM-Fill level control unit:
1. Do I have to change the filter, if the red LED at the SENSOfluranTM-Fil level control unit lights up?
Yes, we recommend to hold a new filter ready for change already during the flash up of the second yellow LED. 2. The LEDs of the fil level control unit do not lights up. What do I do? Please check if the provided power supply is correctly connected. If the LEDs do not work properly after this measure, please contact our sales department immediately.
Generally the following should be considered:

Make sure that you have a new filter ready, if the capacity of the filter in use wears out. Make sure that you order the new filters in time so that there is no interruption within the operation process of the filters. If you do not use one of our offered mounts, please mind that the filter is securely positioned so that it cannot tumble down. Do not try to perform any maintenance on the SENSOfluranTM-Fil level control unit by yourself. Please contact us in case of failure or damage of the device. No modifications are to be made on all of our products.

Source: http://www.renovafluran.de/pdf/FAQ%20Cfl_engl.pdf

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