Police physical testing preparation program

“Training Programs to Ensure You Succeed” Coordinator: Jason Weber, PGD, B.S.P.E., PFLC

The Human Performance Center (HPC) is offering an 8-week physical training program
to prepare Saskatoon Police Service applicants for the Police Officers’ Physical Abilities
Test (POPAT).
HPC is offering individualized training programs that deal specifically with the
requirements of the POPAT. In addition, HPC is able to offer the unique opportunity to
practice specific components of the test as well as practice on the official course.
Completion of this preparation program will greatly improve the applicant’s prospect of
completing the POPAT successfully.
Program includes:
Design and implementation of an individualized 8-week physical training program specific to the requirements of the POPAT. Two 90 minute training sessions per week. A qualified instructor will lead applicants through specific training sessions. Individuals are encouraged to attend at least one supervised training session per week. Periodic physical testing of skills specific to the POPAT.
Two practice trials on the official POPAT course.

For registration and more information contact Jason Weber at 966-1006 or email

DON’T DELAY – PROGRAM MAXIMUM OF 18 REGISTRANTS Note to Applicant: Keep this page for your own reference.
Jason Weber, Coordinator of Human Performance Center, University of Saskatchewan Subject:
On the day of the Peace Officers Physical Ability test (POPAT) your blood pressure will be measured prior to and after completion of the test. As part of the pre-test preparation, you are required to have a doctor sign a medical clearance form. In addition to this medical clearance, your blood pressure on the test date MUST be 144/94 or lower and your heart rate MUST be 100 beats per minute or lower. If your physician feels that although your current blood pressure or heart rate is higher than the acceptable level, you are clear to participate in the test, he/she must provide specific written confirmation of this fact. If your physician has any questions, he/she can contact me at 966-1006. You should be aware that blood pressure and resting heart rate varies continuously throughout the day and is affected by many biological, emotional and environmental factors. To avoid elevating your blood pressure or resting heart rate, please follows these guidelines: Avoid vigorous activity within 12 hours of the test Abstain from nicotine use (smoking or smokeless tobacco) Abstain from alcohol for at least 6 hours prior to the test Avoid a heavy meal within 3 to 4 hours of the test The following substances are known to cause acute or chronic increases in blood pressure: If you have questions regarding medication, herbal remedies or nutritional supplements that you are consuming please check with your physician or pharmacist. The blood pressure and resting heart rate readings will be repeated two times prior to the test if they exceed the allowable limits. Blood pressure and heart rate will be measured 5 minutes after the completion of the test. Please follow these pre-test guidelines. If you would like to register for the POPAT Preparation Program or if you have any questions, please contact Jason Weber at 966-1006 or e-mail Note to Applicant: Keep this page for your own reference.

Source: http://www.police.saskatoon.sk.ca/pdf/recruiting/POPAT_Waiver_Information.pdf

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