Escitalopram oxalate (ES-sigh-talo-pram OX-a-late) Consumer Medicine Information (CMI)
What is in this leaflet
Before you take it
When you must not take it
Do not take Lexapro if you are
allergic to it, to any medicine
containing citalopram, or any of
the ingredients listed at the end of
this leaflet.
If you have any concerns about
using this medicine, ask your
Do not take Lexapro at the same
doctor or pharmacist.
time as the following other
Keep this leaflet with the medicine.
What Lexapro is used
Lexapro is used to treat depression.
Ask your doctor if you have any
questions about why it has been
prescribed for you.
Tell your doctor if you get any side
effects after stopping Lexapro.
Do not take it after the expiry date
printed on the pack.
Do not take it if the packaging is
torn or shows signs of tampering.
Before you start to take it
Tell your doctor if:
1. you have allergies to any other
substances such as foods,
5. you are receiving
preservatives or dyes.
electroconvulsive therapy.
2. you are pregnant or intend to
Do not give Lexapro to a child or
become pregnant.
Lexapro can be given to elderly
patients over 65 years of age with a
reduced dose.
If you have not told your doctor
about any of the above, tell them
before you use Lexapro.
Taking other medicines
Tell your doctor if you are taking
any other medicines, including any
that you buy without a
prescription from your pharmacy,
supermarket or health food shop.
careful with or avoid while takingLexapro.
3. you are breast-feeding or
planning to breast-feed.
ulcers, such as cimetidine,omeprazole, esomeprazole and How to take it
How much to take
4. you have, or have had, the
following medical conditions:
If you have trouble remembering
when to take your medicine, ask
your pharmacist for hints.
If you take too much
Immediately telephone your
doctor, or the Poisons Information
Centre (Tel: 13 11 26 for Australia
and Tel: 0800 764 766 for New

Continue taking your medicine for
Zealand), or go to Accident and
as long as your doctor tells you,
Emergency at your nearest
Ask your doctor or pharmacist if
even if you begin to feel better.
hospital, if you think you or
you are unsure of the correct dose
anyone else may have taken too
much Lexapro.
Do this even if there are no signs of
discomfort or poisoning.
Follow the instructions they give
Do not stop taking this medicine
How to take it
Swallow the tablets whole with a
full glass of water.
Do not chew them.
vomiting, sweating, tremor (shaking),feeling confused, feeling emotional While you are taking it
Things you must do
If you are about to be started on
any new medicine, remind your
doctor and pharmacist that you
are taking Lexapro.
Tell any other doctors, dentists and
pharmacists who treat you that
you are taking this medicine.
When to take it
If you become pregnant while
Take Lexapro as a single dose
taking Lexapro, tell your doctor
either in the morning or in the
If you forget to take it
Persons taking Lexapro may be
If you miss a dose and remember
Take Lexapro with or without
more likely to think about killing
in less than 12 hours, take it
themselves or actually trying to do
straight away, and then go back to
so, especially when Lexapro is first
How long to take it
taking it as you would normally.
started or the dose is changed. Tell
Otherwise, if it is almost time for
your doctor immediately if you
Continue to take Lexapro even if it
your next dose, skip the dose you
have thoughts about killing
takes some time before you feel any
missed and take the next dose
yourself or if you are close to or
improvement in your condition.
when you are meant to.
care for someone using Lexapro
Do not take a double dose to make
who talks about or shows signs of
up for the dose you have missed.
killing him or herself.
If you are not sure what to do, ask
your doctor or pharmacist.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist as
soon as possible if you do not feel
well while you are taking Lexapro.
Things you must not do
Do not give the tablets to anyone
else, even if they have the same
condition as you.
Do not take Lexapro to treat any
other complaints unless your
doctor tells you to.

Patients and care givers should pay
attention for any of the following
Do not stop taking Lexapro, or
warning signs of suicide-related
lower the dosage, without checking
Tell your doctor if you notice any
behaviour while taking Lexapro.
with your doctor.
of the following and they worry
Tell your doctor immediately, or
Do not let yourself run out of
even go to the nearest hospital for
medicine over the weekend or on
Do not stop taking this medicine or
change the dose without consulting
your doctor, even if you experience
increased anxiety at the beginning
Things to be careful of
of treatment.
Be careful driving or operating
machinery until you know how
Lexapro affects you.
Tell your doctor as soon as possible
if you notice any of the following:
Tell your doctor immediately if
you experience symptoms such as
restlessness or difficulty in sitting
or standing still.
Avoid alcohol while you are taking
this medicine.
Contact your doctor as soon as
possible if you suddenly experience
an episode of mania.
Side effects
All medicines may have someunwanted side effects. Sometimes medicine against the benefits he/sheexpects it will have for you.
After taking it
marked with "E" and "N" on each Storage
Keep Lexapro tablets in the blister
pack until it is time to take them.
Tell your doctor immediately, or
Keep Lexapro tablets in a cool dry
go to Accident and Emergency at
place where the temperature stays
your nearest hospital, if you notice
below 30°C.
any of the following:
Keep Lexapro oral solution in a
cool dry place where the
temperature stays below 25°C.
section "Things you must do"*.
Discard Lexapro oral solution 3
months after first opening.
Do not store it or any other
medicine in the bathroom, near a
sink, or on a window-sill.
Do not leave it in the car.
Keep it where children cannot
reach it.
mania (i.e.: elevated mood andassociated symptoms)* Disposal
If your doctor tells you to stop
taking Lexapro, or the medicine
has passed its expiry date, ask your
pharmacist what to do with any
that is left over.
These are very serious side effects.
Return any unused medicine to
your pharmacist.
*The side effects marked with anasterisk (*) are a number of rare side Manufacturer/Sponsor
Product description
What it looks like
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Tell your doctor if you notice
anything else that is making you

feel unwell.
Do not be alarmed by this list of
marked with "E" and "L" on each possible side effects.
side of the score on one side ofthe tablet Distributed in New Zealand by:
This leaflet was prepared January2011.
(Lexapro oral solution is notavailable in New Zealand) "Lexapro" is the registered
trademark of H. Lundbeck A/S.

For information and support fordepression visit www.depnet.com.au

Source: http://pdstaging.pharmacydirect.com.au/cmi/luclexap.pdf

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