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Phone: 217.446.6081 – Fax: 217.446.6218 Dear Parents/Guardians, Oakwood Community Unit School District #76 is pleased to provide the Tyler SIS-K12 Parent Portal by Tyler Technologies, Inc., for the upcoming 2012-13 school year. Access to the SIS-K12 Parent Portal is now available for student demographics, lunch account and class averages. Other features may be implemented at a later date. The SIS-K12 Parent Portal is a secure Internet-based website that will allow you to easily keep track of nearly everything your student(s) does while at school. This new service will allow you to view your student’s attendance, grades, schedule, food service balance, progress, assignments, emergency information, and it will even allow you to help select your student’s courses. The Tyler SIS-K12 Parent Portal is a free service and will be available to all parents with children enrolled in the district. All you must have is a valid e-mail address and Internet access on your computer to apply for this service. In order for you to begin using the Tyler SIS-K12 Parent Portal, you will need to register for a login and password. By signing and returning the attached form and Acceptable Use Agreement, you are authorizing the Oakwood CUSD #76 to provide you with your unique login and password. You may return the form to your child’s school or mail it to: Oakwood CUSD #76, Attention: David Calkins, 12190 US Route 150, Oakwood, IL 61858 Your account will be created and information will be e-mailed to you within two weeks of receiving your completed application form. We are very excited about how the SIS-K12 Parent Portal will help you stay informed about your student’s progress and hope that we can use this tool to create a stronger relationship between parents and our school community. The relationship that exists between the parent, student, and school can be one of the most powerful influences on a student’s success. By providing up-to-date and actionable information, we hope to encourage parental involvement, create connections within the school, and ensure that parents are always informed about their student’s activities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact David Calkins, Technology Coordinator, via e-mail to You may also call the office at 217.446.6081 to speak with me. Sincerely, David Calkins Technology Coordinator Oakwood CUSD #76 Please print all information on this form.
Parent/Guardian Applicant #1
Parent/Guardian Applicant #2
(all information required)
(all information required)
Name ________________________________________ Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________ Address ______________________________________ City__________________ State____ Zip ____________ City__________________ State____ Zip ____________ Daytime Phone Number __________________________ Daytime Phone Number _________________________ E-Mail ________________________________________ E-Mail ________________________________________ ____This username/password will be used by both ____This username/password will be used by this ____This username/password will be used by this ____This username/password will be used by this Please list all students in your household who are currently enrolled at any school in the Oakwood
School District.


Student Name
Sally Sample
Oakwood Grade School

Once the above information is verified and processed, usernames and passwords as well as instructions on how
to access this service will be sent via e-mail. Please make sure that the e-mail address(es) listed above is/are
correct. When you receive your password, you will be able to access the SIS-K12 Parent Portal through our
Please allow one (1) week for the creation of new accounts.

By completing and signing this form, I/we understand that credentials will be provided that will grant access to student
records for the above students. I/we also certify that I/we have legal guardianship for each of the above students. I/We
authorize Oakwood CUSD #76 to provide credentials that will provide access to these student records.
________________________________________________ Please send applications to your child’s school or mail to:
Oakwood CUSD #76 12190 US Route 150, Oakwood, IL 61858 SIS K-12 Parent Portal Acceptable Use Agreement General Information
Oakwood Community Unit School District #76 is implementing a Parent Portal as a means to further promote educational
excellence and to enhance communication with parents. The Portal al ows parents to view their own child’s school records
anywhere, any time. Every parent is expected to act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner when accessing the
Oakwood School District Parent Portal
. The portal is available to every parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled in
the Oakwood School District. The following guidelines are in place to insure the safety and privacy of each student.
1. Username and passwords are to be kept confidential.
2. Only one username and password will be issued per parent/guardian and will be valid for all their children enrolled in
3. All concerns about the system should be addressed to the District Technology Coordinator via email at
(Note: The school district does not provide support for your home or work computer
4. Student records provided may include attendance records, student schedules, food service records, discipline
records, grades, homework, activities, events, contact/demographic information, health records and account/fee information. 5. Even though you will be able to check grades at any time of day, there may be times when the system is down due
to planned maintenance or an unplanned outage. Please check the system again within 24 hours. If you still do not have access please contact the technology coordinator (above). 6. Grade concerns should be addressed with the specific teacher via phone or e-mail.
7. Calculated course percentages and grades may seem low or high at the beginning of a quarter; grade averages in
the early part of a term can fluctuate greatly when even a minor assignment is graded. As more assignments are scored, the calculated grades will normally be closer to the final grade. Several missing assignments, quarter projects or test grades may significantly affect the quarter grade. 8. Different classes may use different factoring methods to weight assignment scores; the current percentage and
grade, therefore, may not be equivalent to the average of all scores reported. 9. If errors are suspected in any assignment scores, please contact your child’s teacher via phone or e-mail.
10. Attendance concerns should be addressed to the office of the school your child attends.
11. If you forget your username and/or password, use the “Forgotten Password” link on the Portal home page.
12. No usernames or passwords will be given out over the phone or via e-mail.
1. Parents are not to share their passwords with anyone, including their children.
2. Parents are not to attempt to harm or destroy data of their own children, of another user, school or district network, or
3. Parents are not to use the Portal for any illegal activity, including violation of privacy laws. Anyone found to be
violating laws may be subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution. 4. Parents are not to access data or any account owned by another parent.
5. Parents who identify a security problem with the Parent Portal must notify their school immediately, without
demonstrating the problem to anyone else. 6. Parents who are deemed as a security risk to the Parent Portal or any other Oakwood CUSD #76 computers or
networks, will be denied access to the Parent Portal. 7. I hereby release the Oakwood School District and its officers, employees, and agents from any claims and damages
arising from my use or inability to use the system when accessing my child’s grades and attendance. 8. Step-parents, who are not the legal guardians, will not be able to access their step children's information from their
9. Portal account permissions will be valid as long as any student in the family is actively enrolled in an Oakwood
Signature Section All information in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have received and thoroughly read the SIS K12 Parent Portal Acceptable Use Agreement. I understand the information presented above and I agree to comply with the guidelines and that access is designed for the educational support of my child’s education. I also understand that access is a privilege, and if abused, will be revoked at any time without prior notice. _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Source: http://www.oakwood.k12.il.us/UserFiles/Servers/Server_5248734/File/Parents%20&%20Students/Forms/SIS%20K-12%20Parent%20Access%20Request%20Form.pdf

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