Rocheste R
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Rochester DX Association Newsletter
September '98
Tim, KG2NO and his XYL Kim became
parents again. Ryan (the harmonic) came
into the world on Aug 30, and weighed
Program TBA
7lb 7oz. Both mother and son are doingfine! First meeting
of the ‘‘new year’’
7:30 pm Sept 15
111 Westfall Road
If you haven’t renewed your membership,be sure you bring some extra spendingmoney to the Sept. meeting. I’m sure Ed And don’t forget the after
the meeting meeting at the
September is also test session month.
Scotch 'N Sirloin
drum up some activity for the VE’s.
Candidates should plan on being there by6:00.
rdxa sept '98
_____________________________________________________________________________ Did you order a shirt at Field Day? If so, the shirts will be available. The tee shirts are $10, Golf shirts are $20 and add anextra $1.50 for XXL sizes.
Did you wind up with something that isn’t Your address, phone number, emailaddress, license expiration date, country Member Information
You can give me the information atmeetings, via email ([email protected]) Secretary - K2MP, or via the NG2P'Cluster node as soon as I get my the sender was NOT on the RDXA E-Maillist. I keep a mailing list of members e- mail addresses and on occasion sendmail to the list. (We will probably gets the Salt City DX Assoc. Newsletter via e-mailand it WILL BE FORWARDED to the RDXA list.) Well here is the bad news.
propagation and outside activities limitingoperating time. Lately band conditions are seldom heard countries may be heard inthe near future. A5, BV9, FT5Z, KP1, ZD9, and ZL9 are either planned orpossible. So get your antenna work finished, watch your packet cluster for the spots and enjoy a successful dx season.
Maintain my E-Mail list (please note - it is Maintain a list of FCC license expiration obtained a Mauritania license as 5T5WW.
Expect activity from there soon as well as Western Sahara where he has beensigning S07WW. QSL manager is rdxa sept '98
_____________________________________________________________________________ 3V8BB, TL5A, 20 M EP2MKO, YB3OSE,17 M SU1SK, A45XR, OJ0AU, 9M2AX, visiting Bhutan in October to lobbyMinistry of Communications officials to Himalayan country. The possibility exists visit and hopefully legislation authorizingamateur radio. Watch the bulletins.
Tower Mania
missed FO0FI last April, you will haveanother chance to put this potential newentity in your log. Joel, F5JJW will new location. Same town, zip code, etc.
application for new entity status. QSLFO0SUC via F5JJW.
Different story than 11 years ago. TheTown of Webster did the Cell Tower will be the call sign of what appears be a state of limbo (the cell towers are UP). I amplifiers, beam antennas and a Titanexvertical for the low bands. Recent FT5Z by low power and inadequate antennas.
ALL the rules applicable - if you can! The simplest, cleanest, least confusing set of don't allow towers in the super stationcategory, but they DO KNOW WHAT THE members will be on Midway signing K4MSept 20-25. QSL to KE7LZ.
VP8 FALKLANDS-- Jan, K4QD will leada three operator team to the Falklands Upcoming Hamfests
Dec 26- Jan 16. Call will be VP8CRB withoperation on all hf bands and modes including rtty, where call will be VP8TTY.
While not rare, VP8 is needed by manydxers on the low and warc bands.
• Sep 19, Buffalo Hamfest - (sponsored rdxa sept '98
_____________________________________________________________________________ with rig interfaced, then erase log file.
On the block
Review past contest logs and magazineresults.
Simultaneously update amp tuning chart,tuner memories, and check for rfi at 1500w, all bands, computer interfaced.
No damage, assembled w/ penetrox onall aluminum mating surfaces. Elements K6LL Contesting tips
Ed. note- With contest season almost ontop of us, I thought I’d share something found on the contest reflector that was (Ifelt) worthy of redistribution. Although it sweepstakes and domestic contests and somewhat left coast oriented, the overallstrategy is sound. Reprinted with BEFORE THE CONTEST
Establish a difficult, but achievable, goalfor the contest.
Make a checklist like this one, customizedto the needs of your individual station.
Look at last year's rate sheet to fine-tunestrategy for band changes.
rdxa sept '98
_____________________________________________________________________________ down as the rate falls (26.) Adjust speed DURING THE CONTEST - GENERAL
If a pileup grows, increase speed (40+)until it becomes manageable.
Ignore other peoples' numbers. Someplay games and off-times are unknown.
nobody can tune past while freq is silent.
In S&P mode, use LSB (cw reverse), tune from high to low to maximize collisions.
GOOD - Yankee Zulu 253 B K6LL 59 AZ.
Maintain accuracy. Scores converge.
Every qso is important.
Attract noncontesters with plaintive cq's.
Make them say the full exchange.
No alcohol, except nightcap Sun a.m. andvictory celebration Sunday night.
Fast AGC, only to protect your ears. Ridethe RF gain control to avoid compression.
Population density - Western statesadvantage - Call CQ.
Prolong 10 meter novice operationbeyond maximum rate. These are unique contacts, and it will improve your nightime working 1's, with the 9's aimed East.
rate, when you work the "real" contesters.
unless you stumble cross a good one.
Know who is running above and belowyou. Keep centered, but not too far awayso somebody can sneak in.
New country w/o an
Use automated cw and voicekeyer(BRAVO, K6LL, 59 ARIZONA.) Motivation - Visualize pinned S-meters on to the SCCC. Operate full time. (Ed. Note came down in April and now I find I've got - make that RDXA instead of SCCC!) a new country worked. H40AA (Temuto)has been approved for 'entity' status.
Guess I'll have to get out SAE and a card (I think I know where they went after themove) and send for my one. Off the air DURING THE CONTEST - CW
rdxa sept '98
_____________________________________________________________________________ Stockholders force
QSLing changes
Armed with a fresh supply of $$, Zocordecided to go to Chad in Africa and obtained the call TT8BB. After erecting a 90 foot tower with stacked mono-bandershe leapt into the DX portions of the band calling "Tango Tango Eight Big Bucks". In was filling his computers hard drive with dismay the card arrived via the 'buro'.
worked the phone bands out he could goto CW and then the e-mail would start - "when's he going to be on RTTY?". This is usually followed by the donation of an all mode TNC and specific instructions on on these trips to obscure places raised its operate he did; he filled disk after disk bucks (or in his case Eurobucks) or forgo minutes he gave he QSL info "QSL to DX the joy of working endless pile ups from a were lured into the fold by documentation return label on it and a QSL card stating "tnx fer the new one" and two or three being offset with a return of $450 to $500 of 10 Meters would reappear - go thereand troll for dollars between 28.3 and Everyone is jubilant; a secretary is hired envelopes while another goes to the post rdxa sept '98
_____________________________________________________________________________ off the student who travels to and from to the post office. The envelope stuffers aretold they will have to find other jobs in the other jobs and are fired; Zocor personally damage is done to the computer logs.
operator to a third world op who is willing to go anywhere for $40 and some beer.
QSO, I ain't never worked a Check inAfrica before so please QSL', another they realize using a beacon for all DXing 'noon' or 'late on Tuesday' or 'right after you worked my friend Merle'. Thenanother 5 bags of cards arrives from the generators for a group of very rich, very who take ship loads of antennae, towers,generators and radios and who only go Find out they do. A special stock holders place that are cold, wet and inaccessible that he do something to raise the returnrate for the stock. Market analysts berate RDXA Club Competition Contests 1998-99 - Chris Shalvoy, K2CS
rdxa sept '98
_____________________________________________________________________________ Non-RDXA Club competition Contests - Fred Gern, K2FR
1200Z, Sep 19 to 0700Z Sep 20 1200Z-2400Z, Sep20 1600Z-2400Z, Oct 10 & 0000Z-0500Z & 1300Z-2200Z, Oct 11 rdxa sept '98
Rocheste R
A ssociation
Rochester DX Association Newsletter
September '98
Rochester DX Association
This newsletter is a publication of the Rochester (NY) DX Association, and is published prior to each monthly meeting for theinformation of members and others interested in You are cordially invited to any meeting, held at 7:30 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from September through June. We meet in the "auditorium" of the Social Services Building at 111 Westfall Road in Rochester, New York Club officers and committees
Rochester DX Association
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and p
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o '98

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