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Sex, Health, Allopathy
and Homeopathy
It has been proved recently, as quoted by the following authors, that sex is a necessity for health. According to my observations on many patients, this trio: sleep, food and sex (SFS) is an essential ingredient to sound health. According to Michael Roizen, sex has an antiaging effect. In British Medical Journal, in article Sex and Death: Are they related? it has been reported that those having two orgasms a week have half the risk of dying from various causes. A study in Psychosomatic Medicine has found that sexual dissatisfaction is the precursor of heart disease. Dr. Cynthia Watson, author of "A guide to aphrodisiacs and sexual pleasures", says that a healthy sex life and overall health are intrinsically linked. She says, "Sex makes you relax, relieves stress and produces endorphins—the body pain relievers and sex help the immune system function better". Allopathy
Beyond doubt, I have found smile in lot of people's faces
after Viagra drug came in the market, but these prepa-
rations have their own limitations and side-effects.
Narayana Verlag, 79400 Kandern, Phone: 07626/ 974 970 -0 Excerpt from S. C. Madan: Homeopathy Cures where Allopathy fails No doubt the "Week-end Pill (Cialis) is far better than Viagra". It has smoother onset, less side-effects, and is longer lasting than Viagra. Homeopathy The word used by most homeopaths in their book, "Sins", synonymous with sex, is most damaging to the readers and patients. Homeopathy still has to go a long way to compete allopathy in treatment of impotency. Remedies like lyco-podium and agnus. c are of limited value. According to a German researcher, Werner Habermehl, sex stimulates the brain and makes people more intelligent. Habermehl said that love-making, besides physically exciting the body, also provides sharper brain. Hence, the increased amount of adrenaline and cortisol hormones that are produced in the brain stimulate the grey matter and improve sharpness of mind. Narayana Verlag, 79400 Kandern, Phone: 07626/ 974 970 -0 Excerpt from S. C. Madan: Homeopathy Cures where Allopathy fails Call Centre Syndrome
This new entity disease is coming in epidemic proportions since the outsourcing of manpower by Multinationals to India. Following are the common entities, patients are suf-fering from, who had come to me with not only disease as a result of working in the call centres but also associated side-effects of allopathic treatment they had for their symptoms. A. Cervical Syndrome
The symptoms are typical of- cervical spondylosis because
of strain on arm and neck muscles. These are pain,
numbness, weakness of arm, forearm and finger muscles.
The orthopaedic surgeons give NSAID preparations which
cause gastritis, skin allergy and fluid retention.
I have given them my cocktail of cal.fluor, cimcifuga, ruta,
rhus tox and arnica.
In advanced cases, I have given them high potency B. Sleeplessness (Insomnia)
This is dvie to disturbance in sleep pattern as a result of Narayana Verlag, 79400 Kandern, Phone: 07626/ 974 970 -0 Excerpt from S. C. Madan: Homeopathy Cures where Allopathy fails shift duties. As a result, there is heaviness of head in the morning. Allopathy -The allopath physicians often give tranquillizers or sleep-ing pills which make them addictive and permanent cus-tomers of the doctors. Homeopathy I give them Passiflora. Inf.-Q 20 to 30 drops, 1 hour before sleep. a) Acidity and reflux oesophagitis. b) Constipation. c) Indigestion. These are often due to irregularity in foods and sleep Allopathy
They are given zanetac, omez, cremmefin, dulcolax,
normaxine and domstal.
I have seen these simply disturb the peristaltic waves Homeopathy
I often give them asafoetida, iris versicola and carbo veg.
for acid reflux.
For constipation, I give them alumina and mix vomica, For indigestion, I give them antimonaium crudum and D. Sexual Debility and Neurosthenia
These develop as a result of inadequate sleep, irritability and depression. Allopathy
There is nothing to offer.
Narayana Verlag, 79400 Kandern, Phone: 07626/ 974 970 -0 Excerpt from S. C. Madan: Homeopathy Cures where Allopathy fails Homeopathy
I advise them ashwagandha and zincum met and Kali phos-phorus. E. Skin Changes
Due to irregularity in duties and timings, they get dark
circles below the eyes due to inadequate sleep and shift
Ashwagandha and vitamins B & C and adequate sleep F. Headache and Heaviness of Head
Tylenol, combiflam, bruffen are the common medicines but
these cause dryness of mouth, gastritis and increase in
weight due to fluid retention.
I often give them Kali phos, Cimcifuga and Onosmodium
(due to eye strain) because of working on computers and
G. Noises in Ears and Deafness
Over prolonged periods of working, they get these symp-toms and I have seen cases of tumour (acoustic neuroma) behind the ears because of constant use of telephones. Allopathy
There is nothing to offer.
I give them Nat.salycylate, Causticum, Chininum Salicy-
In resistant cases, I give them Kali iodide and Kali Narayana Verlag, 79400 Kandern, Phone: 07626/ 974 970 -0 Excerpt from S. C. Madan: Homeopathy Cures where Allopathy fails



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