Excellence in Nonprofit Communications Grant
Project Partner Memorandum of Understanding

To showcase the positive impact that strategic printed materials and targeted communications have on furthering
a nonprofit’s mission and capacity.
The annual project will be structured as an “award” program with a single nonprofit grant award winner selected
as the focus for the year. The nonprofit grant award winner will work with the project partners to define a
strategic communications objective(s) and target audience(s), craft key messaging tailored to the desired
audience(s), create strategic and compelling printed and written material to support messaging, and develop a
distribution plan for implementation. The award winner must agree to work with the partners to showcase the
project on the MNA and Allegra websites and at the Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA) Annual
Partner Roles and Contributions:
The project is a collaboration between Allegra Print and Imaging of Helena, their design partners Articulink
Services and Cinch Design, Gallatin Public Affairs, Mountain West Bank and the Montana Nonprofit
Association. Roles and contributions include:
Gallatin Public Affairs ($1,000). Gallatin will work with the award winner to determine strategic
communication goals and objectives, define targeted audience(s), craft key messaging, and select the “type”
of printed material for development or enhancement for the project. Gallatin’s contribution will be 5-7
hours of client consulting.
Articulink Services ($5,000). Articulink will manage the writing, editing, and development of written
materials once the strategic plan has been determined. As projects and materials unfold, each piece or
project will be reviewed and enhanced to increase response, education, and impact.

Cinch Design ($5,000).
Cinch will develop and design a comprehensive campaign to meet the goals and
objectives of reaching the target market. Cinch will be a key part of formulating the plan to grow the
nonprofit’s audience.

Allegra Print and Imaging of Helena ($15,000).
Once goal(s), objective(s), target audience(s), key
message(s), and specific materials are identified by Gallatin and the award winner, Allegra will work with
the award winner, print, and distribute the printed materials to targeted audiences.

Mountain West Bank
($2,500). Mountain West Bank will provide funding for other capacity building
activities such as events, fundraisers, development efforts, and other media opportunities.
Montana Nonprofit Association ($5,000). MNA will provide coordination of the award selection and
implementation process throughout the year, develop a case study of the project which will include
coordinating with the press. MNA’s contribution will be staff time throughout the year.
Project Timeline and Milestones:

Application insert completed for MNA Annual Conference brochure Website page completed, application uploaded Electronic announcement sent through MNA listserv Additional marketing materials completed for Allegra booth at conference Award winner selected, notified, and announced Initial meeting with partners and award winner Articulink, Inch & Allegra consulting and design completed Case-study completed, announced and uploaded to MNA website Review of program and partner commitment for the following year Development of new application materials
Selection/Interview Committee:
 Callie Johnson and/or John MacDonald, Gallatin Public Affairs  Toni Broadbent and/or Paul Rickman, Allegra Print & Imaging  Lee Huber, Cinch Design  Glenna Obie, Articulink Services  Dick Morgan, Mountain West Bank The project partners for the Excellence in Nonprofit Communications grant agree to fully participate at the level outlined in this memorandum of understanding. Upon successful review of the project by all partners, the partners agree to continued participation in the project the following year. _____________________________________



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