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Does vaccinating make sense?--Dr Stefan Lanka and Karl Krafeld [2001] Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The "Viral Fraud" Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The "Viral Fraud" Pictures of "Isolated Viruses" Debunked [1998] 15 YEARS OF AIDSThe continuous failure in the prevention and treatment of AIDS is rooted in the misinterpretation of aninflammatory auto immune process as a lethal, viral venereal disease By A. Hässig, H. Kremer, S. LANKA,W-X Liang, K. Stampfli [1996] RETHINKING HIV Collective Fallacy By Stefan Lanka [1995] HIV; REALITY OR ARTEFACT? By Stefan Lanka When I started doing viral research, it was already 1986, 1987, just when the public in Germany and Europewas starting to become aware of AIDS. Because AIDS was supposedly caused by a virus, I was automaticallyconsidered a specialist in the AIDS field. In the beginning, this was a nice feeling. I was telling people what Iheard from the mass media and the TV, and I was not checking the evidence because everybody was convincedAIDS was a viral disease. Then I heard about the things that Robert Gallo [American cancer researcher who firstidentified HIV as the cause of AIDS] was doing wrong, and that he was misleading the public about his firstretrovirus [HTLV-I, which Gallo claimed to be the cause of AIDS in 1982, before his alleged discovery of HIV]and he had stolen the virus from Montagnier, and all this kind of gossip.
I already had a somewhat critical attitude when I started studying molecular genetics, so I went to the library tolook up the literature on HIV. To my big surprise, I found that when they are speaking about HIV they are notspeaking about a virus. They are speaking about cellular characteristics and activities of cells under very specialconditions. I was so deeply shocked. I was thinking, "Well, I'm not experienced enough. I have overlookedsomething. On the other side, those people are absolutely sure." Then I was afraid that speaking about this withmy friends, or even my family, they would think is absolutely mad and crazy. So for a long time I studiedvirology, from the end to the beginning, from the beginning to the end, to be absolutely sure that there was nosuch thing as HIV. And it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group ofviruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses -- as well as other viruses which are claimed to be verydangerous -- in fact do not exist at all. [1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA In the beginning, of course, some of the publications of Peter Duesberg helped me a lot, because he was anauthority who questioned a lot of things, and that helped me. I translated some of this articles into German andpublished them in a small publishing house. But then, with time, I learned about other specialists, among themHeinrich Kremer, the well-known German medical doctor, former medical director of the Federal German DrugAbuser Clinics, who helped me to understand what was really going on. Because he was in charge of the introduction of hepatitis B vaccine into Germany, and used it in his patients,Dr. Kremer checked out the hepatitis B vaccines on the market. He found that the American vaccine, hepatitis Bvaccine, was produced with the sera donated by men in the Gay scene in New York City between 1978 and1980. So, as he knew, there was a lot of sex going on in a minority of these men, and therefore they had had alot of sexually transmitted diseases. So he was afraid of using this vaccine, and instead he used the French vaccine, which was produced from blood donations by the general population in France.
But in 1983 the German government forced him not to use this vaccine anymore. They said the Frenchvaccine is poisoned by the "AIDS virus" -- at the time when nobody was positively speaking about an "AIDSvirus" -- but the American vaccine was O.K. He knew, or he was warned, that this had nothing to do with thescience, but it had to do with the fact that the German medical system, in parts of Germany, is virtually a colonyof the American system.
Soon after, in 1984, he was told to deliver frozen blood samples of his patients to Berlin, to the newly foundedAIDS Center, to be tested for the "AIDS virus." Before he let his blood out, he checked what's the evidence forthe accuracy and reliability of the HIV antibody test, and he realized that this test is not able to detect the virus. It is not able to say yes or no, you are or are not infected. It is only able to say that you have a higher or loweramount of antibodies. That's how the HIV antibody test was and is designed. [1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA Dr. Kremer knew this already by 1984. He was very worried about the fate of his patients, because in 1984 thepoliticians asked him to put these already stigmatized "HIV-positive" patients into quarantine, which means toseparate them from the other ones. He said no, because there's no infectious entity out there. He kneweverybody who went through chronic active hepatitis or had the hepa titis B vaccine would test "HIV-positive."So he knew that there is no infection in his hospital. He informed the mass media, who went to his hospital to inform themselves, in great detail. He told them allthe evidence. And the very same journalists, in talk shows, in Der Spiegel [one of Germany's largest and mostpopular magazines] for example, published just the contrary. So he knew that it was intentional from the verybeginning. They played war. They all wantedto have a blood and sex plague, contrary to the evidence which he presented to them. So he knew that AIDS wasbuilt up on misconceptions. He was dealing at the top political level. They told him, off the record, that theyknew, they didn't care, it was about how to deal with the drug problem and with the homosexuals. They even tried to kill him, and this didn't succeed. He had a good intuition and got out of his car before the tireblew out. Then he learned from a minister who had a deep respect for him, because of his work with prisonersand drug abusers, that the German government was carrying out a secret psychological investigation, trying toprove that he was mentally ill and being kept in his job only because they considered him in danger ofcommitting suicide. So when he learned this, he left his very highly-ranked position because he was not able tobe silent on this. That would not fit his ethics.
I also met Professor Alfred Hässig of Switzerland. He founded Swiss blood-donation system and was one of thefirst to take out products from the blood in order to make plasma to treat chronic disease. By becoming acolleague and a very close friend of his by now, I learned a great deal about the whole blood-producing industryand the criminal energy behind it. In March of 1996 in Berne [capital of Switzerland], Hässig, Kremer and I metfor the first time. It became clear, also, what's happening in the field of hepatitis. They are not dealing with a virus. Of course,there's a possibility to enrich certain kinds of proteins in blood products, which then cause severe autoimmunereactions, but onlyin very stressed-out people, never in non-stressed people. When the y learned to take out these proteins from theblood products, or dilute them, there are not hepatic problems anymore. I learned this through him. [1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA In order to explain failure to find a retrovirus that directly caused cancer, they claimed to be able to measure theimmune system. But this is ridiculous. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, August 28, 1981, itwas published that it makes nosense to measure lymphocytes in the blood because only a few of them are in the blood. The immune system iscarried out, not in the blood, but in the tissues. Only rarely and accidentally do we see some of them in theblood. We've already carried out thousands of studies which have proven no correlation between disease or health, in old or young, in T-cells; and even less, of course, in T-cell subsets. But, even though they knewthat these T-cell tests had not meaning, they were selling them to the market. Beginning in 1977, starting in theUnited States, it was possible to patent biological entities or bio logical techniques, so people started to makemoney out of biological ideas. [1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA PCP is a fungus. And this was and is the most important AIDS-defining disease. If you look at who comesdown with this disease, you see people who are using poppers. What are poppers? Nitrites. And check everydictionary in the bookstore, or the People's Medical Dictionary: what do nitrites do in the body? They oxidizethe blood. That means the blood itself is not able to transport oxygen. So, of course, the first cells to suffer arecells in the lung. Nitrites are transformed immediately into nitric oxide in the smallest capillars [capillaries?, F.C.] of the body.
Nitric oxide is produced by the body in very low concentrations in order to control blood pressure, in order tocontrol development. It has to be detoxified by the body immediately, because in higher concentrations it actsvery aggressively, destroying everything. This is why the "eating c ells" of the immune system, themacrophages, are releasing nitric oxide in high quantities in inflammation reactions: to destroy and digest thebacterial cells.
So if you take up nitrites regularly, or from time to time -- which means huge, excessive amounts of nitric oxideare produced -- it means you start the self-destroying process in your own body, especially in the lungs. You aredestroying your lung tissue, and fungal infections are growing on t his dead organic matter. Even so, immunefunctions are perfect, because these patients dosuppress bacterial infections. All those 60 different kinds of lung disease we know by now, all caused bybacterial infections, do not appear because the immune functions are still well.
So we have a direct toxic effect, which may happen even when your detoxification system is not working on acellular level, because you will suffer malnutrition. PCP can also happen in people who suffer extrememalnutrition, like we've had in Africa. This is the reason why PCP is not part of the AIDS definition in Africa,because we have it in the children who suffer starvation because the detoxification system of the cells is veryweak in children. This is why, in the Middle Ages, when the wells had been poisoned by feces or meat from thecivil wars or wars, it was the children who suffered, turning blue -- this was called "the disease of the blues" --when they drank water, because there were a lot of nitrites and nitrates inside, produced by nitrifying bacteriawhen the wells had been poisoned, because the detoxification systems of children are very low. This is why thechildren starving heavily in Africa come down with PCP ever since.
I can foresee, here and now, that people regularly using Viagra will be coming down with KS in two to threeyears because Viagra acts by blocking the neutralization of nitric oxide. When you take Viagra, nitric oxideaccumulates, relaxing the smooth muscles, that blood is flowing in, the penis is being erected, and our musclesare relaxed. Poppers act by the same mode, because the nitrites are transformed into nitric oxide in the smallestvessels, and so the smallest vessels become relaxed. But whereas poppers directly produce nitric oxide, Viagra works by preventing the neutralization of nitric oxide which comes into existence normally in the process ofblood pressure regulation. It constantly persists at a very low lev el, but if it accumulates, you are in a very bigdanger.
So, if the blood has oxidized itself and the lining of the smallest vessels, the capillars (i.e. capillaries, F.C.] ,is destroyed by nitric oxide, what's going to happen? Those cells w ill turn into cancer cells. There's a lack ofoxygen, and the first cells to suffer this oxygen deficiency are th e lining of the epithelium, the smallest vessels,where the nitrites are transformed into nitric oxide. And this is, as a matter of fact, the definition of Kaposi'Sarcoma: when the lining -- the interior of the smallest vessels -- develops into cancerous form, growing biggerand multiplying. This is hyperplasia, no a form of sarcoma, but a real form of cancer, and this is defined as KS.
It can also come into existence even if you are not swallowing poppers, but when your cellular detoxificationsystem is not working anymore. [1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA Professor Hässig once met the person responsible for the industry to produce industrial blood products, andonce, when this person was drunk while visiting the Fiji Islands after a conference in Australia, this person toldProfessor Hässig that soon they are going to smash the state-owned blood producing units, based on voluntaryblood donations, because they're much cheaper producing their blood products because they go into the ThirdWorld countries, and they are already there in all the prisons of the dictators in South America and elsewhere. When Hässig heard about this, he rang some of his friends -- and, of course, Hässig was the leading person inthe blood business -- and at this time there were some non-corrupted people in the WHO (World HealthOrganization). So, in an emergency meeting, on short notice so the industry had not time to corrupt the memberswho decided on these issues, they decided that the position of the WHO would be that it isn't allowed toproduce plasma in the Third World, because they would bleed them out.
Now they are bleeding out the poorest of the poor, and they are going to Mexico, near where we are sitting right now. In order to help the commercial blood products industry, the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration]has approved that a single person may give up to 50 units of plasma a year. That means he may drop in twotimes a week to give blood and liver plasma. And an elephant wouldn't possibly survive that, right? So that's thebackground, and what they did when all that was in place was they changed the way they were treatinghemophiliacs. It started in California.
Up to the year 1969 it was forbidden to give the clotting factors to hemophiliacs unless they had internalbleeding. If they would give them prophylactically, antibodies would be produced because these blood productsare highlycontaminated. In 1969 the industry started to convince some medical doctors -- and the first one was a womandoctor in California -- to treat hemophiliac patients prophylactically with those clotting factors, and this is howthe industry made a lot of money. And, of course, the bodies of these hemophiliacs made a lot of antibodiesagainst those products, which had been foreseen. They've had to use higher doses of clotting factors ever since,in order to compete with those antibodies, so that those clotting factors actually work. They gradually have toincrease the amount they are injecting.
This has been the biggest business in the blood industry ever since . Nobody's speaking about this, but that's whyalmost allhemophiliacs have come down with hepatitis. If you inject such a high amount of foreign proteins, and all thecontaminants, then of course the liver, as the central metabolic organ, is stressed out, resulting in hepaticinflammations. A lot of hemophiliacs died from hepatitis, and it was blames on nonexistent viruses. [1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA I'm absolutely sure that noantibody test in medicine has any absolute meaning. Especially in HIV antibody testing, it is clear that theantibodies that are detected in the test are present in everybody. Some people have them in higherconcentrations, and some in lower concentrations, but only when you reach a very high level of antibodies --much higher than in anyother antibody testing -- are you considered to be "positive." This is a contradiction in terms because in otherantibody tests, the loweryour level of antibodies, the higher your risk for a symptomatic infection. But with HIV they say you are"positive" only when you have reached a very high level of antibodies. Below this level, you are said to be negative. [1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA "It became clear, also, what's happening in the field of hepatitis. They are not dealing with a virus. Of course, there's a possibility to enrich certain kinds of proteins in blood products, which then cause severe autoimmunereactions, but only in very stressed-out people, never in non-stressed people. When the y learned to take out these proteins from theblood products, or dilute them, there are not hepatic problems anymore.there's no such thing as infectioushepatitis (and no hepatitis viruses)."--[1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA The school medicine protagonists/practitioners need the paralysing, stupid-making and destructive fear of
disease causing phantom viruses as a central basis for their existence:
Firstly, in order to harm many people with vaccinations, in order to build up for themselves a clientele of
chronically ill and ailing objects who will put up with anything be ing done to them.
Secondly, in order not to have to admit that they are failing totally in their treatment of chronic illnesses and
have killed and are killing more people than all wars so far have made possible. Every school medicine
practitioner is conscious of this, but only very few dare to speak about it. Therefore it's no wonder either that
among professional groups, it is that of the school medicine practitioners that has the highest suicide rate, far
surpassing other professional groups.
Thirdly, the school medicine practitioners need the paralysing and stupid-making fear of diabolical viruses, in
order to conceal their historical origin as an oppression and killi ng instrument of the Vatican's when it was
struggling to rise in the world, having developed out of the usurpi ng West Roman army.
School medicine has been and is the most important pillar of support of all dictatorships and
governments which do not want to submit to written law, to constitutions, to human rights, that is, to the

democratically legitimized social contract. This explains too why school medicine really can and is
allowed to do anything that pleases it, and in this is subjected to no control whatsoever.
If we do not
overcome this, we will all perish by this school medicine.[27.10.2005] Interview with Stefan Lanka on "bird
flu" and some related subjects
We are experiencing in the present bird flu panic that the state, contrary to its knowledge, in Germany is
surrendering the population into the hands of some persons or other who are camouflaging themselves as
scientists. An enforced chemotherapy is being planned, and next spring the entire German population is to be
forcibly vaccinated twice against the purported bird flu phantom.
But neither has ever a bird flu virus been demonstrated to exist, nor has the existence of any virus whatsoever
that would have anything to do with anybody's falling ill been demonstrated. Such viruses do not exist.
Precisely in the same manner as the minister admitted, concerning the purported AIDS virus, they are being
maintained to be proven and therefore to exist because of an international scientific
consensus.[27.10.2005] Interview with Stefan Lanka on "bird flu" and some related subjects
The name of that English laboratory the public has not gotten to know. It's the reference laboratory of the EUfor bird flu, in Weybridge. I have asked the scientists several times for the pieces of proof of the existence of theH5N1 virus. They have replied to me only once, and after that never again, and wrote that they did notunderstand my question.
To the World Health Organization and in particular to the bird flu pandemic co-ordinator, the German KlausStöhr, I also have written several times and asked for proof of the existence of the bird flu virus. Neither theWHO nor Klaus Stöhr has reacted to this. .
For demonstrating the existence of H5N1, really no sample is necessary either, since, as is the case with allpurported contagious diseases, it is a question of a planned action , intended for political reasons to induce fear.
Firstly, those round formations which supposedly are influenza viruses are, as every molecular-biologist cansee, artificially produced particles consisting of fats and proteins. The layman can check on this by asking fora scientific publication in which these pictures are reproduced and described and the composition of theformations shown is documented. Such a publication does not exist.
Secondly, those pictures which supposedly show bird flu viruses in reality show, as every biologist can makeout without any doubt about it, quite normal component parts of cells, or even show complete cells whichhappen to be in the process of exporting or importing cell and metabolism component parts. Again, the laymancan check on this very precisely, by asking for those publications on which those photos are based and fromwhich they originate: He will never receive such publications. The scaremongerers' craftguild is loth to exposeits trade basis, the swindles with laboratory and animal experiments.
If you ask the picture agencies or a news agency such as the dpa from where they are getting these photos oftheirs, then they will refer you to the American contagious-disease authority the CDC of the Pentagon. Fromthis CDC it is that the only photo of the purported H5N1 originates too. This photo shows the length section cut and also the cross section cut of tubes in cells which have been causedto die in a test-tube. These small tubes in the professional language are called microtubuli, and serve thetransport and communication in the cell and in the process of cell division. [27.10.2005] Interview with StefanLanka on "bird flu" and some related subjects Dr Jeffery Taubenberger, from whom the allegation of a reconstruction of the 1918 pandemic virus originates,works for the US-American army and has worked for more than 10 years on producing, on the basis of samplesfrom different human corpses, short pieces of gene substance by means of the biochemical multiplicationtechnique PCR. Out of the multitude of produced pieces he has selected those which came closest to the modelof the genetic substance of the idea of an influenza virus, and has published these.
In no corpse however was a virus seen or isolated or was a piece of gene substance from a such isolated. Bymeans of the PCR technique there were produced out of nothing pieces of gene substance whose earlierexistence in the corpse could not be demonstrated.
If viruses had been present, then these could have been isolated, and out of them their gene substance couldhave been isolated too; there would have been no necessity for anyo ne to produce laboriously, by means of PCRtechnique - with clearly a swindle intention - a patchwork quilt of a model of the genetic substance of the ideaof an influenza virus.
About these short pieces of gene substance, which in the sense of genetics are not complete and which do noteven suffice for defining a gene, it is being maintained that they together would make up the entire genesubstance of an influenza virus.
In order to see through this swindle one only has to be able to add up the published length pieces, in order toascertain that the sum of the lengths of the individual pieces, which supposedly makes up the entire viral genesubstance of the purported influenza virus, does not make up the length of the idea of the genome of theinfluenza virus model.
Even simpler it is to ask in what publication you can find the electron microscope photo of this supposedlyreconstructed virus. There is no such publication. [27.10.2005] Interview with Stefan Lanka on "bird flu" andsome related subjects

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