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By signing below, I (parent/guardian) indicate that I and my child have read and understand the California
Education Code with respect to suspension and expulsion, which is shown below. In addition, my signature below indicates that I and my child have read, understood and agree to abide by the rules and expectations for students and parents at my child’s school of attendance, as documented in the student/parent handbook for that school.

California Education Code 48900: A student is subject to suspension or expulsion if he/she has:

(a1) Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person. (a2) Willfully used force or violence upon the person of another, except in self-defense. (b) Possessed, sold, or otherwise furnished a firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object. (c) Unlawfully possessed, used, sold, or otherwise furnished, or been under the influence of, a controlled substance, an alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind. (d) Unlawfully offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell a controlled substance, an alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind, and either sold, delivered, or otherwise furnished to a person another liquid, substance, or material and represented the liquid, substance, or material as a controlled substance, alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant. (e) Committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion. (f) Caused or attempted to cause damage to school property or private property. (g) Stolen or attempted to steal school property or private property. (h) Possessed or used tobacco, or products containing tobacco or nicotine products. (i) Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity. (j) Unlawfully possessed or unlawfully offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell drug paraphernalia. (k) Disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, school officials, or other school personnel engaged in the performance of their duties. (l) Knowingly received stolen school property or private property. (m) Possessed an imitation firearm. (n) Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault. (o) Harassed, threatened, or intimidated a pupil who is a complaining witness or a witness in a school disciplinary proceeding for the purpose of either preventing that pupil from being a witness or retaliating against that pupil (p) Unlawfully offered, arranged to sell, negotiated to sell, or sold the prescription drug Soma. (q) Engaged in, or attempted to engage in, hazing. (r) Engaged in an act of bullying, including, but not limited to, bullying committed by means of an electronic act, directed specifically toward a pupil or school personnel. (t) Aided or abetted in the infliction or attempted infliction of physical injury to another person. (.2) Committed sexual harassment. (.3) Caused, attempted to cause, threatened to cause, or participated in an act of, hate violence. (.4) Intentionally engaged in harassment, threats, or intimidation, directed against school district personnel or (.7) Made terroristic threats against school officials or school property, or both. California Education Code 48915: A student is subject to expulsion for any of the following acts:
(A1) Causing serious physical injury to another person, except in self-defense. (A2) Possession of any knife or other dangerous object of no reasonable use to the pupil. (A3) Unlawful possession of any controlled substance. (A4) Robbery or extortion. (A5) Assault or battery upon any school employee. (C1) Possessing, selling, or otherwise furnishing a firearm. (C2) Brandishing a knife at another person. (C3) Unlawfully selling a controlled substance. (C4) Committing or attempting to commit sexual assault or sexual battery. (C5) Possession of an explosive.


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