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Unit for Youth Life Style Research, LINET INTRODUCTION
Quality management thinking has become an essential There were more females than males as new young part of voluntary organizations such as sports clubs. To instructors. Their main motive was that sports or some extent this is because organized sport is seen as coaching was a hobby for them. These respondents were a commodifi ed service product sold and marketed to motivated in participating in various courses by clubs, customers. The quality of the product must be planned, regional organisations of Finnish Sports Federation and national sports federations. Adult instructors were usually in the clubs because their children participated A quality system is considered important in ensuring in sports. Two thirds of all adults were men. One third the educational and other goals of children’s sport are of all respondents had no training at all in coaching. achieved. This includes attracting new participants in clubs and making sure that clubs have enough Half of the new instructors said they had received motivated and inspired coaches. The key element of enough information to teach sports and instruct any quality management system is that organizations children. More than half thought they had suffi cient pursue developing their processes constantly.
information on club’s practises. Half of the respondents had been given some written material, one third had In Finland there are 500 sports clubs that have a been to some course, and one third was given tutoring. quality certifi cate (Seal Clubs) granted by Young 25 % of the respondents said they were given no help Finland Association. Main criteria in quality system is that the sports instructors and coaches have attended some course in instructing sports for children, they are The new instructors considered the tutoring of a senior tutored in clubs and, are aware of the Young Finland coach to be the most important support method offered by club. Courses, pre-designed practice plans, and a substitute system were also mentioned.
The instructors said the positive atmosphere in the practice group is the most important factor motivating them to continue coaching. One third of the respondents mentioned either public recognition, success of their athletes, or monetary or other compensations given by club being very important or fairly important.
40% of coaches said they are going to continue coaching several years or had not thought of quitting. 40 % said they were going to continue coaching on a year-to-year basis.
To fi nd out how this goal is achieved, a web-based survey was conducted to all new instructors who had DISCUSSION
a valid e-mail account. Information was gathered on 186 new sports instructors that had been in the position Although the respondents represented the quality less than a year. Their background, motives and future certifi ed sports clubs in Finland and there are many plans as instructors were asked. Also amount and forms courses and training available, many of them thought of tutoring in the clubs are reported. In addition the that tutoring practices in clubs are still insuffi cient and needs of the new instructors are examined.
The respondents represented 25 different sports Creating and maintaining systematic procedures on and the ages were equal to age distribution of other how to support coaches and manage information in sports clubs are currently the most important quality issues expressed by the respondents.
Contact information: Matti Hakamäki, matti.hakamä Acknowledgements: This study was funded by LIKES-Foundation and Finnish Ministry of Education LIKES - FOUNDATION FOR SPORT AND HEALTH SCIENCES
Rautpohjankatu 8a, FI-40700 Jyväskylä, Finland


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