Seven Myths and Misunderstandings of Hair Loss
I’m Brian Reichenberg, founder and President of Kevis Rejuvenation Programs,Inc. I’m please to know that as you are reading this report, you have made a firststep in confronting and handling your hair loss.
If you’ve looked through the Kevis® website, you’ve probably read about my per-sonal search for answers to my own thinning hair problem and what I discoveredalong the way.
Since that time I’ve spoken with hundreds of people in the same situation I wasin and found that there is a significant amount of confusion about this subjectthat comes from incorrect and/or misunderstood information.
The Kevis technical and marketing staffs, after reviewing information provided byour customer base, have prepared this report to help clear up such confusions bycovering the most common myths and misunderstandings about hair loss.
I sincerely hope you will choose Kevis as your hair loss solution. I look forward tohearing about your success.
Brian ReichenbergPresidentKevis Rejuvenation Programs, Inc.
1. A valid product for thinning hair should work on everyone.
No product is going to work on everyone. This holds true in almost any field, butespecially in the area dealing with the human body. Even the products mostcommonly known hair loss products, Rogaine® and Propecia®, have limitations.
The most important thing an individual needs to know is if a product will work forthem. Even in medicine this isn’t certain until a doctor trials a specific medicationor combination of medications on his patient. An example of this is the applicationof different antibiotics to different people to resolve the same class of infection.
2. If other hair loss products didn’t work then nothing will work.
This misconception is not uncommon. These individuals are often people whohave tried one or even a few different products that didn’t provide them with theresults they were looking for and then gave up hope.
As long as one isn’t trying to revive dead follicles (which rarely are able to rejuve-nate and effectively grow hair), he should never give up hope.
An illustration here is one of a person who continually searches for a weight losssolution and though taking a long time, finally finds one.
Even if a person decides not to use Kevis® we encourage them not to give upsearching for an answer to their hair loss situation.
One should think back for a moment on why one even decided to look for an answerto thinning hair.Was their purpose then to look better, have less attention on theirappearance, or even just find out why they were losing their hair in the first place? Continue to pursue your purpose and don’t let setbacks stop you.
3. If my father lost his hair then I’m going to lose mine.
If my mother lost her hair then I’m going to lose mine.
There is a hereditary factor involved in hair loss but it has been found untrue thatone inherits the condition from one’s mother’s side of the family specifically (orone’s father’s lineage for that matter). Genetic susceptibility to hair loss can comefrom either parent’s genes.
Also, some assume that if their mother or father didn’t lose their hair then thehereditary factor can skip a generation. This may or may not prove true.
4. A drug-free approach doesn’t cure thinning hair.
This is a common misunderstanding that comes from wrong information.
Any field that uses a drug-free approach regarding the body often has to re-edu-cate people. At Kevis we’re very used to doing this.
Chiropractors don’t cure headaches and their treatments don’t heal back paineven though millions of people have had their back pain, headaches and otherproblems eliminated by chiropractic care.
Vitamins and other nutritional supplements don’t cure illnesses even thoughmany people with health problems have found that these problems have beeneliminated by the proper dietary and supplement program.
What is misunderstood here is the roles these approaches actually play in help-ing the body heal itself. The basic philosophy behind a drug-free approach is thatthe body is designed to function properly and heal itself as long as there is nointerference to its normal functions and as long as it is provided the proper fueland other materials it needs and can absorb these.
Chiropractic, homeopathic and holistic treatments as well as proper diet andnutritional supplementation are examples of non-drug approaches that workonly on removing interferences to the body’s normal functions and/or providingthe body with fuel and materials it needs to properly function and repair andrebuild itself after an injury or malfunction. None of the approaches mentionedabove cure or heal the body in themselves, but rather provide the body withwhat it needs so it can do its job.
Kevis is a drug-free approach to thinning hair.
5. I’m still seeing hair in the drain, on my pillow, or in my brush and that
means what I’m using isn’t working.
Another commonly misunderstood area having to do with hair loss has to dowith normal hair loss versus excessive hair loss.
As each hair goes through a growth cycle that lasts from 2-7 years (normally), oldhairs are eventually “kicked out” by follicles and new hairs start to generate. Withthe number of hairs on the average head, normal hair loss averages between 50and 100 hairs a day.
The real concern is excessive hair loss; higher than the averages stated above.
There are three other factors involved here. 1. Since 50-100 hairs a day is an average there will be periods in which there are higher rates of hair loss and some in which rates are lower. It is com-mon for some people to have a week or so where they have increasedshedding for no unnatural reason and then it just stops.
2. There are also seasons where hair loss is increased. For example, it is not uncommon for people to see increased hair loss during the summermonths and fluctuations in shedding in the spring and fall.
3. When you use a product that supports hair follicles in a proper growth cycle there are often more follicles during the first few weeks that ridthemselves of old hair so as to start a new growth cycle. Other hair lossproducts let people know about this phenomenon as well.
6. Women’s hair loss is only temporary and related to childbirth.
It is true that women often lose hair due to changes in body chemistry related tochildbirth. This hair loss is commonly temporary.
There are, however, several other reasons for women to lose hair. These includehair loss due to modern hair styling techniques and chemical treatments. Ratherthan cover the diverse reasons for women’s hair loss here (as there are a greatmultitude) we have included an article on our site from a women’s magazine,Ms. Biz. Please read the article in the Articles on Hair Rejuvenation sub-pageunder the “Hair Loss Info” section of the Kevis website. We also recommend abook titled “Hair Savers for Women: A Complete Guide to Preventing andTreating Hair Loss” by Maggie Greenwood Robinson, Ph.D.
7. If I use something for my thinning hair and I don’t see results
in the first few months, it means it isn’t going to work for me.
A very common misconception people have is that, when using a product fortheir thinning hair, they will see results very quickly (a few days or weeks). Also,many hair loss products in the past have reported incredibly speedy results andthen not delivered them to their customers. As hair loss is a problem that pro-gressively grows over time, it can require some time and personal commitmentto solve the problem.
Yes, some people do see dramatic results quickly on some products, but greatercommon results are achieved by regular use over time.
Look over the testimonial section on the Kevis website and read the stories of ourclients. You will notice that Kevis clients have experienced significant differences inthe time it took them to achieve their results. Some were quite fast, others slower.
Remember, an objective point of view, consistency of product use, and your ownpersonal intention to solve your hair loss problem are the key to fully con-fronting and handling your hair loss.
We hope you have found this report informative.The Kevis products are a world-classdrug-free hair loss solution and have helped thousands with their hair.Whether Kevisproducts will work for you is a question best answered by purchasing a Kevis HairImprovement program, following it exactly and discovering the results for yourself.
You can learn more about Kevis’ suitability for you by taking the Online Hair Teston the Kevis website. We strive to provide the best products and service we canand the success of our clients is equally ours.
For the most personalized evaluation Kevis can offer, contact a Kevis Consultant
at 1-800-717-4645. Our consultants will be able to answer any questions you
may have.
We look forward to seeing your success with Kevis. 2004 Kevis Rejuvenation Programs, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Kevis and the Kevis logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of KevisRejuvenation Programs, Inc. Rogaine is a registered trademark of Pfizer. Propecia is a registered trademark of Merck & Co., Inc. All trademarksand brand names are property of their respective owners.


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