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Jedburgh Three Peaks
Ultra Marathon
Sunday 27th October 2013
A big thanks to our sponsors:
Scottish Borders Brewery
Jordanhill Garden Supplies
Registration and Start:
07:00 - 07:45: Registration and kit check in Jed Thistle Rugby Club which is at the side of Lothian Car park. Address is Abbey Bridge End, just off the A68, postcode TD8 6JQ. Cars can be parked here all day free of charge. 07:45: Race briefing in Jed Thistle Rugby Club. 08:00: Race start, setting off from Lothian car park. Please remember the clocks go back on Saturday night. If you get it wrong you won't miss the start but you will be hanging around for an extra hour in the cold! Changing facilities, toilets and showers are available in the rugby club. You may leave a kitbag containing a change of clothes etc. at registration for collection after the race finish. Your name and race number should be clearly marked on it. Small rucksacks/holdalls only, no huge suitcases! Please do not leave anything of value in your bag. Please note the shower facilities are communal and can be accessed from both sets of changing rooms. A separate shower is available in the referee’s changing room for those of you who would like some privacy. Kit List:
Compulsory kit: Waterproof top, foil blanket, mobile phone.
We intend to be strict on this and will carry out random kit checks at the start, the finish and at checkpoints. Runners not carrying the compulsory items will incur a 30 minute time penalty, which for the leaders could jeopardise their chances of winning and/or placing. Please comply with kit rules - in the event of an accident it could make the difference between discomfort and disaster. Suggested kit: Backpack/waist pack/hydration vest, waterproof trousers, food and
drink, hat and gloves, headtorch, whistle, map and compass. Runners expecting to take longer than 8 hours to complete the race should carry a headtorch or put one in their dropbag for CP3. Race day is officially the first day of winter, and it will get dark earlier than you're expecting! Checkpoints and cutoffs:
CP1: Maxton - approx 10 miles - 3 hrs - 11:00am CP2: Rhymer’s Stone - approx 18 miles - 5 hrs - 1:00pm CP3: Maxton - approx 28 miles - 8 hrs - 4:00pm Finish Line - approx 38 miles - 10 hrs - 6:00pm Marshals will be recording split times manually at each checkpoint. If you want an accurate record of your splits, make sure your race number is visible! Water will be available at all checkpoints though this will be limited. Please do not rely on this as your sole source of hydration! In addition to these three checkpoints there will also be a marshal stationed atop the North Hill - the first of the Three Peaks - to tick runners through. Drop bags:
A drop bag system will be in operation. Cars taking drop bags to each checkpoint will be parked outside Jed Thistle Rugby Club at registration, and will be easily identifiable. Please label bags clearly with your name, race number and checkpoint number. Although CP1 and CP3 are in the same location, please make up two separate drop bags if required, as all opened bags, rubbish and leftover food items will be cleared away after 11:00am when the checkpoint 'closes'. There is a Co-Op along the race route in the village of St Boswells. You'll pass it twice, at approximately 13 miles then again at 24 miles, so if you think you might want a Mars Bar or an emergency can of Coke, carry some cash :-) Will I get my stuff back from checkpoints?
It is not recommended that you put anything of value in your dropbags or leave anything of value at checkpoints. Leftover food and drinks will be disposed of. Other items such as clothes, shoes etc. will be transported to the finish. It should be noted however that this may be some considerable time after you have completed the race and you may have to wait to get them back. If you are intending leaving any kit at a checkpoint, please help us get it back to you safely by putting it in a bag with your name and race Marshals, Road Crossings and Earphones:
There will be marshals along the main road heading out of Jedburgh at the start of the race, at the two main road crossings on the route - the A698 and the A68. You MUST remove earphones at these points and obey marshals' instructions. Please note that marshals DO NOT have the power to stop traffic and that you are at all times responsible for your own safety. They DO however have the power to give you a bollocking and impose a time penalty if you keep your earphones in and ignore them! As a condition of our UK Athletics race insurance, dogs are strictly prohibited from participating in the Three Peaks Ultra. Runners must NOT be accompanied by dogs, either on or off lead. Again, we intend to be strict on this, and anyone running with a dog There is a 6.5K cani-cross race being held in Jedburgh on the same day, so if you have a dog who normally runs with you and a friend supporting you at the race, please suggest that they both enter the cani-cross event while they are hanging about waiting for you. Go on, they'll both love it! Details available on EntryCentral and at Navigation:
The route will be well marked with a mixture of laminated signs, red and white barrier tape on trees and fences, and arrows spray painted on the ground: yellow on the way out and orange on the way back. However please remember that this is a self-navigating event. Take a map and compass if you don't know the route. Road or trail shoes?
Perhaps not helpful, but this really is personal preference. Many folk choose to run the whole of the West Highland Way race in road shoes. The route is about 90% proper trail with just a few short tarmac sections through villages. A lot will depend on weather conditions in the week before the event. Last year was very wet in the lead up to race day and the course was rather muddy. This year the weather has been much better and right now (mid October) the course is dry underfoot with just a couple of minor soggy Withdrawal:
If you decide to withdraw from the race you must inform one of the checkpoint marshals Noanie - 07999 020 888 or Angela - 07769 254 966
Please ensure that you have both these numbers stored in the mobile phone you will be carrying. In the event of withdrawal transport will be offered from each checkpoint to the finish via sweeper car. This will be after each checkpoint closes so there may be a time Please DO NOT exit the race and leave without letting someone know. We don't want to have to call out the police and mountain rescue to find you, especially if you're already Medical assistance and advice:
Medical backup and first aid assistance will be available throughout the day. However in the event of an emergency please call 999. Use of painkillers: Please do not take anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen
(Brufen) and diclofenac (Voltarol). These medications cause fluid retention and while the associated risks are extremely low, in rare cases they can exacerbate life threatening over-hydration problems for ultra runners. If you need to use painkillers during the race, please take paracetamol. If you're sceptical about this information, please Google 'ibuprofen and ultra running' and read about the various risks yourself. Last Minute Information:
Please ensure that the email address you have provided can be accessed right up until the night before the race. If you are a Facebook user please join the Jedburgh Three
Peaks Ultra Facebook group. Any last minute race information will be posted in this
group as well as emailed out to all entrants. Race Rules:
The bits highlighted in red are the rules. They're very simple: No dogs, carry the compulsory kit, earphones out when approaching marshals or running on roads, and if you decide to drop out you must let a race official know about it. Please note that either of the race directors' decisions on matters regarding race rules Trophies will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed males and females. In addition, the 1st placed male and female will both receive free entry into next year's Three Peaks Ultra race. All finishers will receive a technical t-shirt, commemorative medal and goody Results:
Full results including split times will be put up on the Running Festival website and also on the Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra Facebook group as soon as possible after the
race, however it may take a few days to compile these results and make them available. We're hoping to have live updates on Facebook throughout the day, so please join the group and add your friends, family members and anyone else who wants to follow your progress. And once the event is over we'd love you to post up your own photos and Post-race Celebrations:
The race directors and some of the marshals will be staying over in Jedburgh on the Sunday night and will more than likely be heading to a local pub or eaterie after the last runners have finished. Anyone who would like to join us is more than welcome to do so. Ask for Noanie or Angela at the finish, give either one of us a call, or check the Facebook group to find out where we're going to be. Finally, we would both like to wish the best
of luck to all runners! :-)


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