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Patent and Know-How License Agreement with Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

JMS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “JMS”) announced that JMS has entered into a Patent and Know-How License
Agreement with Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Huaren”), Qingdao-based Chinese company,
regarding medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs for Peritoneal Dialysis.
1. Background and Objectives
One of JMS’s major businesses is to develop, manufacture, and sell medical devices and pharmaceutical
drugs for Peritoneal Dialysis treatment (hereinafter “PD System”). Peritoneal Dialysis (“PD”) is a
treatment for patients with chronic renal failure which the patients can undertake daily at their home. PD is
prevalent globally because of less physical strain and constraint in daily life for the patients compared to
Hemodialysis treatment.
Huaren was founded in 1998, and its principally business is to develop, manufacture, and sell injectable
solution, imaging agent, and so on. In 2010, Huaren was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and started
production and sales of peritoneal dialysate from 2011.
Huaren and JMS will enhance PD business in China by leveraging on JMS’s proprietary know-how in
production and sales of PD system and Huaren’s production capacity and sales channel.
2. Contract briefing
JMS will provide its proprietary technology of PD system to support Huaren’s production and sales.
Huaren will expand its product line using the technology provided by JMS, and pay royalty to JMS
according to its sales of the products.
The PD system which JMS provides its technology is a medical device with simple manual operation for safe
PD, and we hope to support better quality of life for the patients in China with our system.
3. Overview of Huaren
① Company Name Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ② Head Office No. 187, Zhuzhou Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong, China Production/Sales of large-volume injections including anti-cancer drugs, Production/Export of solution, Development/Production/Sales of new packaging material for pharmaceutical products. There is no capital, business, and personnel relationship between Huaren and JMS. Huaren is a non-related party for JMS. 【Reference】 - Dialysis market in China - In China, approximately two million people suffer chronic renal failure which requires dialysis treatment such as Hemodialysis or Peritoneal Dialysis, and about 15% of them are undertaking actual treatment. The patients who undertake PD treatment account for 10% of them, approx 30,000 patients. The number of patients with PD treatment is estimated to increase 30 % per year. Corporate Planning Dept. E-Mail: [email protected] The forecast in this press release is based on limited information available at the moment of disclosure and contain potential risks and uncertainty such as changes in social conditions. It should be noted that this press release is based on the information available as of disclosure, and may differ in the future.


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CONTRATOS - PARTE GENERAL Definición. Concepto. Convención. Legislación comparada. Si nos dedicamos a observar detenidamente el CCA vamos a tener varias dudas para llegar a una definición exacta de contrato. En principio, según el art. 1137 del CCA habrá contrato cuando varias personas se ponen de acuerdo sobre una declaración de voluntad común destinada a reglar sus derechos.

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-Dr Michael R Hamblin’s opinion on the laser therapy for hair loss practised by Advanced Hair Studio. Michael Hamblin is a Principal Investigator at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, an Associate Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School and a member of the Affiliated Faculty of Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology. He was traine

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