1.2 Viagra A New
Potential Cost for
Drug Plans
By now, you have almost certainlybeen exposed in some way to news of N E W S F R O M H E A T H B E N E F I T S C O N S U L T I N G this, the latest wonder drug, whichapparently temporarily cures maleimpotence. The Pfizer product hasmoved overnight to the top of the 1.1 T h e I n s u re r F i le s Much to Report
The giant news of 1997 was the acquisition of London Life (which itself
had just finished acquiring the group insurance business of The
Prudential), by Great-West Life. This seemed primarily to be intended
to keep Royal Bank from making the purchase. London was one of the
very few Canadian insurers that are publicly traded, and thus was
vulnerable to this form of takeover.
In This Issue
has taken over Metropolitan Life. A n d , for Metropolitan staff, life is clearly not British Columbia - Pharm a c a re Changes t i e r’ (Maritime, Standard, A e t n a , but at least a strategic foot in the door.
is studying the situation. A p p a r e n t l y hundreds of jobs will be lost, especially PUBLISHED BY HEATH BENEFITS CONSULTING INC. OFFICES IN VANCOUVER, WINNIPEG, TORONTO AND OTTAWA. status include: claiming that the costof upgrading or retraining after she adjustments, until the next renewal.
British Columbia decision in Poirier v.
1. 5Ontario – Pregnancy ission seems to be taking the same point of view. The Policy makes thepoint that accommodation may mean Reaching us is
getting easier.
We have recently
Discrimination because of Pregnancy.
installed new toll-free
lines to all offices.
Commissions’broad definition of ‘preg- Winnipeg
from work for health-related reasons.
o n e - y e a r, or a fixed preceding year. 1998, they will use the 1997 A l b e r t a pay on a ‘current’ basis. It would be such as sick leave or disability leave.
a r y ’ schedule, in time for 1999. This c u s t o m a r y ’ reimbursement is the should obtain a copy of this Policy.
The ‘reasonable and customary’ l e v e l point. (Out of interest, it is amazing to 1.6 A l b e rta – No 1 9 9 8 see the wide variance in cost according in high-cost locations, relative to low.) c o n s truction”. At the moment, it only Actuarial and the former Shasta websites.
1.1 The Insurers Files - Much to Report continued from front page example, could become the acquisitors.
N E W S F R O M H E A T H B E N E F I T S C O N S U L T I N G E s s e n t i a l l y, shares are sold to the public BeneFacts is published quarterly by the owners receive some of the proceeds.
maybe you’d better take it, to help you Valid or not, you sure felt vulnerable.
Vancouver Office
tions requiring broad-based ownership.
Winnipeg Office
1.2 Viagra – A New Potential Cost for Drug Plans continued from front page drug to be covered, it must be approved by what form of limitation might we put on its prescribed, and be medically necessary to patch was introduced, insurers originally Toronto Office
correct a medical condition. On that basis, we might expect that it would qualify.
quickly become the major cost contributor.
However, it has been reported that, in the US, a lawsuit has been initiated against an plans to a three-month supply, per person, insurer which declined a Viagra claim. We don’t have the specifics, so cannot tell what different. It sits very high on the list of cost Ottawa Office
to be considered eligible under insurance items, but is not subject to limits in most plans. At least, you can usually expect that consider some form of limitation to protect the pill saves you a day of lost productivity.
your plan’s experience, and therefore costs.
A closer parallel might be fertility drugs.
number of cycles (3). If, after 3 cycles, longer period. You use the pill every time you seek the benefit it delivers. That is costs are at the expense of the individual.

Source: http://www.heath.ca/clients/media/documents/talkingbenefits/archive/en/199806_EN.pdf

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