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Anthony Sheenard and Harrison Fawcett
Chronology of the world of the Mysterious Universe
".The time has come for us to find out: to what end has man been created" The Mysterious Universe series was created at the beginning of 2000, when the two independently working authors decided to combine their series. The Cathedral novels and the Brett Shaw cycle of Harrison Fawcett, and the York Ketchikan cycle of Anthony Sheenard became the components of the same world. Although they represent the history of mankind in the third millennium with a difference of a few centuries, they form an interrelated and coherent universe. Thus, a mystic world was born, in which one can find angels, demons, super civilizations and underdeveloped species. Mystery and space travel, spirit gluttons and plasm weapons all get on well together and with weapons that are blood-sucking demonic entities. The history of mankind is not equal to written history: our past is still hiding many secrets. The series endeavors to create a unified framework, in which the history of the Phaeton planet (orbiting between Mars and Jupiter) is intertwined with the legend of Atlantis, and the coming of Christ with the visions of Mohammed. It throws light on the builders of the pyramids, the peculiarity of the Chinese culture, and the disappearance of the Holy Grail. Moreover, it continues the story of mankind providing an end that will change the course of the whole universe. The series presents all this in an adventurous manner and a playful style. Several other outstanding Hungarian SF and fantasy writers are about to join the formation of the universe. We are truly confident that the foreign publication of the Mysterious Universe will contribute to the ever shining reputation of SF literature.
The time of the Big Bang: The collective superconscious (the Invisible) that is in control of
the formation of the universe originates the material world.
c. 5 billion years B.C.: The development of the solar system and later the conditions of life at
the Phaeton's magic and the Earth's material stratums of existence. The evolution of super
civilizations (Wrajk, Megaira, Kyling, Ifirit) takes millions of years.
500 000 B.C.: Having lost their battle, the Kylings flee to a latent universe (the so called sack
worlds) but their retreat is temporary.
70 000 - 50 000 B.C.: The rule of the von Anstetten and the de Huse dynasties on the
Phaeton. Originally, the occult power possessing Hülls give the ruling dynasties (Megairas).
The Keepers (the Chosen Ones of the Wrajk) conduct human experiments on the Earth.
c. 50 000 B.C.: Before the cosmic (magic) catastrophe of the Phaeton, the Keepers transfer a
part of the inhabitants to the Earth. The evolution of Mu and Atlantis and the mingling of men
and Phaetoans that is mentioned in the most ancient myths. "Giants used to live on the Earth
(and in later times, too) when the son of gods would marry the daughters of men who gave
birth to children, the famous heroes of the ancient times." Gen. 6, 4. (Sheenard-Fawcett: The
Phaeton Saga
. In preparation.)
c. 30 000 B.C.: The big emigration from the Earth. Mutant tribes leave the planet on ten
thousands of spacecrafts with the help of the Wrajks. (Spontaneous mental mutation: this non-
natural, mentally controlled form of mutation is characteristic of the peoples of the first
emigration. In the thirty thousand year period that follows this emigration, the number of
spontaneously originated human, but not earthy species has grown to several thousand.) The
development of the Mu.
c. 20 000 B.C.: After the destruction of the Mu, the immigrants develop the bit demented and
mixed Atlantis.
c. 10 000 B.C: The decay of Atlantis. The knowledge is carried on by the ancient Egyptian
god priests (Wrajks and Megairas) but 6000 years later it is known to the river valley
civilizations only in fragments. The encounter of the Wrajk Heka, high priest of Set, and Isis
of the Megaira (Gwandolyn von Anstetten). It continues nearly 12 600 years later at the
Cheops pyramid built by the Wrajk. (Fawcett: The Golden Pyramid)
c. 9600 B.C.: The time of the Great Occult Scission. The decay of the magic empires on the
Earth; the von Anstettens expel the de Huse dynasty and the Sirmilles arrived from the
Phaeton (This is first mentioned in Fawcett: The Black Hooded). The end of the mythic
"Golden Age" and the beginning of the development of the most ancient river valley
civilizations on the Earth. The Keepers pass over a part of the mystic knowledge to mankind
and then depart leaving three guards behind. According to the Hebrew myths these are: Senoi,
Sansenoi, and Semangelof.
c. 4000 B.C.: The Sumerian civilization: the Cathedral cannot be debased under this level
c. 2000 B.C: Wulong, the legendary mutant pirate builds his spaceship, the Gleaming
Summer somewhere in the universe far away from the Earth. (Sheenard: Alice - not
33 A.D.: The coming of Christ. The Cathedral (Senoi) closes the age.
64: The encounter of negative entities (Lilith and Gelal manifestation) and the Cathedral in
the ancient Rome during the reign of Nero. The great fire in Rome. The Second Intervention
Team of 2295 A.D. is summoned (sent) by Senoi (William Suger). (Fawcett: The Warriors of
the Cathedral; The Legend of the Cathedral
c. 500: Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are searching for the Holy Grail.
c. 550: The Wrajks try to conceal the traces of the Megairas in the Britain of the Middle Ages.
Part of the Celtic divine pantheon of the isles will be the victim of the falsification of history.
(Sheenard: The Search for the Excalibur)
c. 620: An Ifirit whispers in the ears of Mohamed and the Islam is born.
c. 800: Under the supervision of the Magyar Táltos, the Avar goldsmiths design the would-be
Hungarian Holy Crown that symbolizes the bipolar world. The establishment of the Secret
Crown-Guards. As a result of future damages, the Crown loses some of its power and the
male line of the ruling dynasty of the mystery-bearer nation dies out (1301). The empires that
come into contact with the Magyars "sink in the swamps of history" due to the curse of Turán.
(Fawcett: The Power of the Crown)

1300-1600: Templars, Rosicrucians, Reformation, great plague epidemic and, first of all,
Holy Inquisition. The life and the work of the best agents of the Cathedral. (Fawcett: The
Fifth Gospel
- not published; Sheenard: Arch Sacrifice - not published)
1898-1899: A Sirmill, representative of one of the expelled species (PAT from The Black
Hooded), visits the Earth and later writes his memoirs on the Gold Rush at Dawson. (Fawcett:
Dawson - not published)
1917: The Megairas give some essential information regarding the future of mankind to the
Catholic Church in Fatima.
1940s: Fonnan space pirates spread the LSD on the Earth.
1950s: The Earth is visited more and more often by extraterrestrial civilizations. Later, the
UFO of Roswell goes into the possession of Gabriel Herites, captain of the GAMMA.
c. 2000: One of the scientific teams of the Cathedral is searching for the sword of Attila in the
Tisza with an interventional covering force. (Sheenard: Iron Coffin - not published)
2015: A twelve-year-old Serb boy named Borivoje Djokics goes through transcendental
experiences. Later, he founds a dynasty and the extreme abilities are transmitted by cellular
memory to the descendants. (Fawcett: The Private Life of Slobodan Djokics - not published)
2096: A group of terrorists capture a proton accelerator in the universe and turn it toward the
Earth. The is the first alien invasion, started by chance, against the Earth. (Sheenard: Gate in
the Sky
- not published)
2123: The Hezbollah carries out a nuclear strike against the United States. (The novel of
Braxton Smith)
After 2125: The era of energy wars.
2190: The establishment of the New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum, NOS). The name
of the epoch comes from the pope of the time. It is carried over to the nobiliary-like political
alliance of the huge industrial conglomerates (Confederation) and the technocrat-aristocratic
power uses it with pleasure to designate itself.
c. 2230: An enormous quantity of paranormal and mystic phenomena on the Earth.
2242: The Novus Ordo Seclorum founds a secret Organization in order to search for the
causes of the newly experienced parapsychological phenomena (the cause is that Senoi is
experimenting with the technology of time travel). The Organization reaches certain planets,
2245: William Suger (Senoi) establishes the Cathedral. The institution works in secret, only
the highest level officials of the NOS know about its existence.
2275: The birth of Evangelin Montelini (Tess Gordon).

2290: William Stock and Richard Bauer develop the Stockbauer-destroyer.
2295: The Second Intervention Team departs to the ancient Rome under the lead of John-
Michael Kerwin. After the return of the team, Senoi leaves the Earth forever. Tess Gordon
becomes immortal. (Fawcett: The Warriors of the Cathedral; The Legend of the Cathedral)
The beginning of the 2300s: The Organization discovers that some powers (be they super
civilizations or else) have the intention to experiment with certain planets. The travel in worm
pipes is still an unknown technology for mankind. The pioneers use the more and more
general "deepspace-jump". However, they can colonize new territories only within a circle of
100-120 light-years, and roam about within a circle of 500 light-years.
2311-21: The extermination of the "small grays". (Sheenard: Invasion - The Road of
2350: The Secret Crown-Guards steal the Holy Crown from the building of the Hungarian
Parliament and take it to the third planet of Kaus Medius, the Okeanos, where they guard it
for 250 years. (Fawcett: The Power of the Crown)
2355: The birth of Susie Klein who becomes the most famous weapon developer of the
history of the Cathedral, the creator of the third generation "shapeshifting" Stockbauers.
2376: An unknown power transfers 12 million Chinese from the Earth to the Big Dipper, 65
light-years far, in order to guard the Celestial Gate. (Sheenard: The Search for the Excalibur)
2377: The Cathedral enlists Susie Klein.
After 2380: The beginning of the fall of the Novus Ordo Seclorum. The Confederation tries
to divert the internal crisis into foreign conquests. A young brother and sister, both fighter
pilots, appear on the scene thanks to their paranormal abilities (The Gillians, or "The Two
Bowmans" as they are named after their spaceship). They are independent of everybody and
work as the scouts of the 17th Special Space Fleet. (Sheenard: "Bowman" series - not
2385: The "cat" of Susie Klein. The first third generation Stockbauers. The "guepard" and the
"girl" are born (They appear in The Power of the Crown). The Cathedral prepares to go
underground at the order of Tess Gordon. The reproduction of the most famous
interventionists is initiated. (Fawcett: The Apocalypse of the Cathedral - in preparation)
2389: Gin "Bowman" meets Nathanel, the fifth super civilization.
After 2390: The "Bowmans" become adventurers and get into contact with the Megaira von
Anstettens, who have a great knowledge about worm pipes. (Sheenard: "Bowman"-series -
not published)
2395: The meeting of the Cathedral and the von Anstettens. (Fawcett: The Apocalypse of the
Cathedral - in preparation) The Firm fights the private companies. It goes underground and
leaves the custody of the mystic mathematical knowledge to the Villnegrons. (Fawcett: Virgin
in Infralight

2395: Susie Klein gets involved in a conflict with Tess Gordon and then stirs up the "twelve"
who turn against the Cathedral under the lead of a weapon named Rousseau. Susie Klein turns
into a half-demon, half-human entity and becomes the queen of the Stockbauers. (Fawcett:
The Apocalypse of the Cathedral - in preparation)
After 2398: The extensive emigration wave - urged by the NOS - starts out from the Earth.
November 2400: The Kárpátia star craft leaves the solar system with 25 000 Hungarian
pioneers and turns toward the Periphery. (Hereafter: every information regarding the
Hungarians is part of the novel: Fawcett: The Power of the Crown.)
May 2402: The Kárpátia lands on the Pannon. According to the neocolonizational laws of the
Novus Ordo Seclorum, the planet becomes an inalienable property of Hungary for 111 years.
2405: The open appearance of the von Anstettens on the Earth; the fall of the NOS; the
beginning of the Dominatus. The Megairas carry out the complete brainwash of humankind.
(Sheenard: "Bowman" series - not published)
2406: The provisional government of the Pannon proclaims the Star Alliance of Turán.
2410: The laws of I. von Anstetten to stop illegal emigration. The formation of the
praetorian's Guards. The first commander-in-chief is Gin "Bowman".
2426: In order to offset the power of the von Anstettens, the pope issues the edict of Ubi
solitudinem faciunt (If desolation is created somewhere) and founds the Order of the Knights
of the Space Temple. The strengthening of the Congregation (Inquisition) and the birth of the
clerical entities: Klára, Adalbert and Jeanne.
c. 2465: The establishment of the OPOS sect of Turán on the Pannon. The future grand
master, Lauder Stenonis is born during a technomystic ceremony.
2470: The OPOS substitutes the coronation jewels guarded in the Parliament with fake copies
and the original scepter, orb, sword and cloak are transported to the Pannon.
2500: The start of the reign of II. von Anstetten. Susie Klein (for the Megairas: Houderdini -
the woman with wings who is also the symbol of the Mysterious Universe. See: the chapel
scene in the epilogue of The Golden Pyramid) builds the space castle of the von Anstettens.
The works last 10 years.
2550: The Southern Tamas tribe of the Pannon uses hyperspace dams to block the
commercial routes of the planets close to the system. The beginning of the Turán-Empire
June 2, 2552: The joint forces of Turán defeat the troops of the Empire in the battle of
Terfolán. The Turanians use the plasma bow for strategic purposes for the first time.
2552: III. "Great" Anstetten occupies the beryllium-agate throne of the Galaxy. The banning
of magic sciences and the establishment of the body of black hooded occult guards.

2600: The fight of Great Anstetten against the Cyclops of the Okeanos. The death of Tivadar.
The emperor seals the gate of Caribramethan.
2605: IV. von Anstetten, the "Demon emperor" on the throne of the Galaxy.
2620: The beginning of the civil war on the Pannon.
2638: The birth of Brett Shaw.
2668: The end of the civil war on the Pannon.
2670: Fawcett: Opium Waltzer, Cursed Crazy World
2670: Brett Shaw and the OPOS on the trail of the Hungarian Holy Crown. The foundation of
the Kingdom of Turán, the reign of I. Stephanus. (Fawcett: The Power of the Crown) Military
cooperation between the Pannon and the emperor of the Galaxy.
2671: The Congregation erases the memory of Jeanne and re-creates the entity.
2761: Fawcett: The Black Hooded, The Golden Pyramid.
2673: Shaw leaves the Praetorian Guards and becomes an adventurer.
2673: Shaw is searching the trail of Yasmin Katchikan with a Renegade named Michelle.
(Fawcett: Long is the Path to the Throne, Baby - not published) The brother of Yasmin
marries a French princess and founds the noble Katchikan dynasty. (Sheenard: Shedding
Demon Blood
-not published)
2674: Shaw meets his future wife, Carla Johnson, and, just for the sake of fun, undertakes
work at an excursion-boat. (Fawcett: How to Be Sherlock Holmes?)
End of 2674: Caroline-Blindamoor von Anstetten, empress of the Galaxy.
2674-2680: The beginning of the fall of the Dominatus.
2680: Susie Klein murders Caroline-Blindamoor.
After 2680: The Empire and the Galaxy fall apart into smaller empires. The people of
Nathanel appear in the galaxy to offset the power of super civilizations.
2700-2800: Transitiory era I. The secret development of third and fourth generation
Stockabuer groups at several points of the galaxy. The Cathedral is conducting a more and
more intensive interventionist activity. The people of Nathanel keep watch for the moment.
2722: The Megairas, leaning on the collective subconscious of humankind, create Iudas in
order to set free the power of hatred.
c. 2800: While trying to strengthen it, a Kyling causes the destruction of the Order of the
Knights of the Space Temple. The space templars remain active as a secret company and
carry out missionary work in the worlds of the "Twice-alive".
2800-2900: Transitory era II. (the time of the colonial wars)
2905: The breakout of the Gilleth-Mutant war. The war expands to the whole galaxy in a few
years and spreads to the latent universes. The "Twice-alive" join the Gilleth. Their goal is to
destroy their 30 000 year old mutations and clean the human bloodline with the help of the
Kylings. The war of greatest expansion and length of history: it does not have neither
temporal, nor spatial extensions. It has been going on for thousands of years at the time of the
actual breakout.
2912: The accidental discovery of the bat-like Diorans of "pointexistence". The Diorans draw
close to the junction points of the worm pipes. They make up the Happiness Army of the
Refuge of the Ten thousand Rocks.
2936: The Gilleth-Mutant war reaches the Pannon. The OPOS finds itself face-to-face to the
furiously attacking Diorans. This is the first occasion when the Diorans reveal themselves
2948: Calogero Dieci, aka Pope Alexander XIII., founds the Order of the Iron Gloved from
the cloned and evoked saints and martyrs of the Catholic Church. It becomes the No. 1. army
of the papal power.
c. 2950: York Katchikan is born in a noble family. (The Katchikan series of Anthony
Sheenard begins)
2955: The native planet of York is attacked. His parents take on a mission and the boy is
separated from them; he becomes a professional hostage at the age of 5. He is carried from
planet to planet for twenty years.
2966: The end of the Gilleth-Mutant war. The war goes on at certain places. The breakup of
the Order of the Space Templars.
2974: York becomes his own master at the age of 25. Due to his restless nature, he is in a
continuous travel among the inhabited worlds and works as an art dealer.
2978-79: York is called to the Doolhofra and he lives there for a year. He ends up in the battle
of the Wrajks and the Kylings during his search for the statue of a bird. It is here that he meets
his future Wrajk friend (Jacques de Molay) and hears about the Kylings for the first time. He
is infected with the virus and becomes the bailee of knowledge. (Sheenard: The Galaxy of the
2980s: York and de Molay travel to the E'emelek to get hold of one of the ancient relics of the
Novus Ordo Seclorum. They find themselves in the midst of the conflict of a local religious
order and the Italian mafia of the planet. (Sheenard: Mystery play - Mystery war)
2990:Senoi (William Suger) returns to the Earth.

2992: York Katchikan on the Earth, among Indian shamans. He gets to know why America
became the Forbidden Continent. He changes the Katchikan name to Ketchikan here.
2993: The death of Jacques de Molay. (Sheenard: Arch Sacrifice - not published)
2994: As a result of Tess Gordon's suggestions, York travels to the Tim-pou following the
traces of a plaque. He finds the ship "Explosion" of Wulong that has rested there hidden for
5000 years. (Sheenard: The Sunshine of York)
Mid 2990s: York conducts the life of a pirate in the company of an Ifirit. (Sheenard:
Gleaming Summer - not published)
2996: York finds the Egyptian Sun Barque and the wagon of Elijah among the plunder of
grave robbers. In the meanwhile, he comes into conflict with the most terrible creature of the
Megaira experiments: Iudas.
2997: York gets to the Refuge of the Ten thousand Rocks and falls in love with a Chinese
woman. He sets out in search of Excalibur. (Sheenard: The Quest for Excalibur - The
Fellowship of the Black Dragon
; Sheenard: The Quest for Excalibur 2. - The Knights of the
2997: The "breath" of the Invisible spreads from the Megrez. It is followed by fury and
despair in the known universe. Iudas is injured but when he recovers he is stronger than ever.
2998: During the defense of a neogothic castle, York finds a worm pipe that starts out in the
center of the planet. He gets to know part of the plan of the worm pipes of the latent worlds
and our galaxy. (Sheenard: The Road that Leads to Hell -not published) He meets the oldest
creature of the universe and measures himself against the "Demons of the Bronze Mirror".
(Sheenard: The Demons of the Bronze Mirror)
2999: The fight of a Wrajk and Sarin, the Ifirit. According the instructions York starts out on
the final road in search of the Holy Grail. The Villnegrons lead York to the Cathedral.
3000: York Ketchikan meets the Tess Gordon, who lives in a young body forever and who is
the perpetual Bishop of the Cathedral.
3001: York Ketchiken comes into contact with the OPOS of Turán and attracts the attention
of the Táltos when he shows them one of the lost Corvinas of king Matthias. (Sheenard:
Corvinum Hungarorum - not published)
3002-3006: Time travels of York and Tess to the court of Arthur, to Jeanne d'Arc, to
Mohamed and into the ages closed by Senoi. York finds himself face-to-face with Iudas
3006: Knowledge is set free. York exposes the Grail and the OPOS brings the Holy Crown.
The clerical entities - Klára and Adalbert have been searching for their mission ever since the
destruction of the order of the knights - challenge the Invisible, whose No. 1. shadows appear,
the Demiurgos. The four super civilizations react differently. If the Demiurgos become too
strong then the Invisible will have to remain in the background for other billions of years. The
Cathedral calls for Brett Shaw. York brings the Bowman descendants and among the other
characters we can meet Rasputin, Nostradamus, King Stephen, Arthur, Saint John and sun-
god Atum-Re.
After 3010: The Demiurgos are defeated and the Invisible are manifest. Beside the texture of
space, the Villnegrons try to bend also the texture of time in order to achieve eternal life. And
then, every gate and passage opens up. The past is closed, the universe is one and eternal, the
notion of real time ceases to exist and the Mysterious Universe cycle ends here.


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