How to prepare for your afternoon

Your colonoscopy is scheduled at Skyridge Medical Center Westside Campus ● 2800 Westside Dr ● enter thru the Main entrance
Procedure Date: ________________________________________
Procedure Time: _______________Arrival Time:_______________
Take your regular medications as usual the day prior to your procedure and the
Morning of the procedure unless otherwise instructed.
Please bring a current list of all medications you are taking, including any herbs
or vitamins, when you go to your procedure.
You must have someone to drive you home following your procedure.
You will need to purchase the following items at your drug store:
5 Dulcolax laxative tablets
One 255 gram bottle of Miralax
Two 32 oz bottles of GatorAde (No Red or Purple)
All of these are Over the Counter
5 days prior to your procedure stop taking the following medications:
● Aspirin ● Advil
● Vitamins ● Aleve
● Iron ● BC Powder
● Ibuprofen ● Goody’s Powder
● Motrin ►You May Take Tylenol
1 day prior to your procedure:

►Eat a normal breakfast, lunch and a light dinner.
►Prepare your GatorPrep solution. Mix 6 capfuls of Miralax into each
32 oz bottle of GatorAde (each mixed bottle equals one bottle of
GatorPrep). Refrigerate.
►At 9:00 pm, take 4 (four) Dulcolax tablets with a glass of water.
You will need to take the Dulcolax tablets and drink the GatorPrep solution,
prepared the day prior to your procedure, to clean your colon. This regimen
111 Dunhill Place NW. Suite B. Cleveland, TN 37311 423.339.2000 Fax 423.339.2043
requires you to complete your prep the morning of your procedure. You
must complete the entire prep to ensure the most effective cleansing.
Morning of your procedure: Begin your prep at 6:00 am
►Begin drinking the GatorPrep. Drink one bottle of GatorPrep every hour
until you have completed both bottles.
►At 8:00 am, you should have finished all the GatorPrep. Take 1 (one)
Dulcolax tablet.
You may drink clear liquids up to two (2) hours before arriving at Skyridge
for your procedure.
Clear liquids are juices without pulp (apple, white grape), water, coffee, tea, Jell-O,
soda or non-carbonated soft drinks, clear broth or bouillon, ice pops.
Milk, cream and other dairy foods ARE NOT clear liquids.
You CANNOT drink ANYTHING for TWO (2) hours prior to arrival time.
If you do, your test will be cancelled and rescheduled for another day.
Do not drink anything after__________________AM PM

111 Dunhill Place NW. Suite B. Cleveland, TN 37311 423.339.2000 Fax 423.339.2043


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