2014 est rules-4

2014 Rules-Eligible Trucks--2005 or older, 8 valve, single cam 4 cylinder trucks.
-Trucks must be non-turbo, open bed, rear wheel drive only.
-No 4-wheel drive conversions-No SUV's Chassis--Must use stock frame in good condition only-Frame must be straight, sound, and complete.
-Cutting, chopping, or shortening of the frame is not allowed-Frame rails may be notched in the rear above rear end to allow for suspension travel.
-Must retain factory wheelbase for the truck being used- Minimum frame height of 5"**-A-arms, leaf springs, rear axle, and front valiance do not have to meet this requirement*-This will be measured with fully suited driver strapped in the seat.
-Zero tolerance on ride height Rollcage--6 point rollcage mandatory.
-Minimum 1.5" OD x .090 wall thickness minimum-Must be securely welded to frame.
-Driver and passenger side door must have a minimum 3 horizontal door bars-Passenger side door bars may utilize an "X" design with a horizontal bar at top and bottom of "X"-All rollbars in reach of the driver must be padded Engine Location--All trucks must maintain factory engine location.
-No moving mounts, lowering, or engine setback.
-Minimum weight is 2650# after the race.***
-46.5% Maximum rear weight *1/2% tolerance
-On asphalt, 54% left side max if on Hoosier/American Racer G60 tires, 56% on DOT tires
-May repair/replace rust/damage with 20 guage sheetmetal. Any repairs must be done with
pride. Must
include all factory bodylines.
-Any replacement body panels must have all factory body lines and must be factory
dimension and location.
-Trucks must have either a full bed or "tonneau cover"
-Bed covers must be used if the bed has been gutted (no "open" beds)
-Bed covers must be solid (steel, aluminum, plastic, leather, etc.)
-Spoilers may be used, 5" tall surface area maximum.
-May use sideboards on spoiler, no more than 12" long, no taller than spoiler
-May run aftermarket nose and tail piece
-Cab must be intact and maintain stock dimensions
-No fiberglass body panels
-All internal engine components must remain stock OEM, unaltered as manufactured. This
includes but is not limited to Rods, Crankshaft, Intake Manifold.
-Cylinder Head may be swapped to allow for carburetor, but camshaft must match make
and model of truck.
-Camshaft must maintain stock lift
-Engine must match make and model of truck
-Does not need to match year
-Pistons must be OEM Stock height and weight, and combustion surface must match OEM.
-.040 overbore maximum. No tolerance
-Head may be milled .030 MAX. No tolerance.
-Engine Deck height must match factory
-Cylinder head must remain stock. This means no oversized valves, no porting or polishing.
-The use of an older cylinder head may be used to convert from fuel injection to carburetion.
-No adjustable timing gears
-Head may be shaved to "true" it for refresh, but keep in mind compression has to remain stock.
-Must run steel OEM flywheel
-Flywheels may not be lightened
-185# compression max

-May run carburetor no larger than Holley 500 cfm, preferrably Holley 350
-May use carburetor spacer no taller than 1"
-May use adapter plate or mild modification to intake for mounting of carburetor
-No porting intakes
Fuel injected models -
-OEM fuel injection must be used
-OEM sized throttle bodies must be used
-OEM sized fuel injectors only
-ECU must be stock style, but computer chip may be used
-May use adjustable fuel pressure regulator
-94 octane max fuel. No alchohol.- Fuel will be tested
Ignition--Must use stock ignition for that model of truck-May use aftermarket spark plugs and wires-May use aftermarket ignition coil on carbureted engines Transmissions--Must be stock!-All gears must be fully operational-May use manual or automatic including stock, unaltered powerglide-No racing transmissions including TCI powerglides, Bert, Brinn, falcon, etc.
Fuel Cell--Must use approved fuel cell-Must be encased in steel-Minimum 8" ground clearance Exhaust--Aftermarket tubular headers are permitted.
-May run any type of exhaust-Exhaust must exit behind driver Cooling System--May use electric or belt driven fans-May use any type of radiator-Radiator must be in stock location-Must have minimum 1 quart overflow tank securely fastened under hood-May use "water-wetter" additive or equivalent-1 radiator per truck Batteries--Batteries may be mounted in engine compartment, or in bed area of truck.
-Batteries not allowed in cab -Batteries must be secure-All trucks must have main power disconnect within reach of the driver and clearly marked Rear End--Must use OEM rear end-No Ford 9"-Gear changes are permitted-No quick changes-No aftermarket aluminum rear ends-Rear axle may be moved to top of springs-No added lift arms or push bars allowed-No upper torque links or panhard bars allowed-May add or remove leaf springs-May used lowering blocks Drive Shaft--Drive shaft must be OEM-Must be painted white-2 Safety loops must be located within 6" of both u-joints.
Brakes--Must use OEM brake system-No adjustable brake bias allowed-All 4 wheels must lock when inspected-May run right front brake shutoff Suspension-
-All Springs, bushings, shocks, and locating devices must be stock OEM and in OEM location
-May use aftermarket steel bodied shocks available at auto parts store.
-No aftermarket race shocks permitted
-Front camber may be adjusted by slotting of strut towers, adding shims.
-Ford Rangers may use aftermarket I-beam to obtain camber as it is not recommended nor safe
to cut or weld cast iron factory arms.
Steering--May use factory steering column or may replace with aftermarket steering shaft-Must have slip joint if replacing steering column.
-Quick disconnect steering wheel allowed and recommended-May use steering quickener Tires**- Tire options include only the following-DOT Legal street tire-Maximum 245-60 or 65 series with tread wear rating (UTQG) of at least 260-14" or 15" only-No snow tires, studs etc.
-"Snowcap" or "Snowflake" emblem renders the tire illegal-IMCA Stamped Hoosier G60- American Racer G60-Grooving and siping of tires is permittedSPECIAL TIRE RULES FOR ASPHALT--If using Hoosier/American Racer or street tire over 215 series, truck must have maximum 54% left side weight-If using 215 series or smaller street tire, 56% left side weight max.
-NO TIRE SOFTENER Wheels--Steel Wheels only-8" wide maximum General Build rules--All interior must be gutted including upholstery and carpeting-May use OEM dashboard, or may replace it with a fabricated dash-Pedals must be in stock location with no extensions-May use aftermarket pedals-Aluminum high-back racing seat mandatory-Must be securely mounted to the frame/rollcage-Must use approved SFI 16.1 rated 5 point racing harness, less than 5 years from manufacture date-Trucks must have approved window net with quick release latch-Windshield must be OEM Glass, Lexan, or wire mesh-Bumpers must be solid, fully intact, with no sharp edges-No "gaudy" cow catcher type of bumpers Driver Attire--Must use full body, fire retarded firesuit-Must use approved racing shoes or leather steel toed work boots.
-Must use Snell SA-2005 approved full face helmet, should be less than 5 years from manufacture date.
-Must use neck brace or Hans/hutchens device-Must use fire retardant gloves Misc-
-Rules are subject to change at any time in the interest of safety or fair competition.
-Any modifications, alterations, covering, or removal of any logo, casting and/or ID number from
any stock OEM required part will render that part illegal. The driver will be automatically
disqualified, and may face suspension
-Any part may be confiscated at any time by the track or EST Official
-If the part has been determined to be illegal, the part will be kept by EST.
-If the part is deemed legal, it will be returned to the driver
-Drivers may be suspended and/or fined for ANY rules infraction.
-If a driver is fined, he/she will not be allowed to compete in any EST sanctioned event until fine is
-All disqualifications will be publicly posted on EST website.
-If you have any question of the legality of anything, ask before you do it.
-Drivers are responsible for the actions of themselves and their crew.
-A driver is responsible for the actions of their crew. Make sure your crew knows this.
-Drivers may not enter another drivers pit and cause a disturbance. If this happens, the driver will
be disqualified for the night or longer. If you have a problem with another driver and would like to
talk about it, contact an EST or track official who will mediate the discussion.
-Fighting will not be tolerated. If you throw a punch, plan on being suspended for a bare minimum
of 1 year.
***Track reserve the right to modify these rules to suit their needs.
These rules are for EST TOUR RACES ONLY. They a will also be used to determine if a track may be eligible for sanction. These rules are a minimum. Tracks may differentiate from these rules, as long as their trucks are still legal by EST standards.

Source: http://estrace.bravesites.com/files/documents/2014rules1213.pdf


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