Ek155 en01 data sheet, 26/06/2012

Volume conversion device with tariff and data logging function and integrated GPRS modem - Automatic data transfer to head end system The EK155 is a battery-operated volume conversion device for pipe or wall mounting to be connected to all kinds of meters, both commercial and industrial. It is specially designed to be easily mounted onto Elster diaphragm meters of size G10 to G25. The device cal- culates the volumes and fl ow rates under standard conditions on the basis of the con- sumption data supplied by fl ow-proportional pulses from the connected meter and the analogue measurements of gas temperature and gas pressure.
The EK155 consists of a central unit with an external pressure sensor as well as a tem- perature sensor. The sensors are permanently connected to the unit. The compressibility K can be programmed as a constant for all gases or calculated according to various The integrated sophisticated data logging function records the consumption data by dif- ferent tariff levels. An event logbook is used to store all signifi cant events such as clock synchronization, component failures, modifi cation of parameters or tariff programs, etc.
The current meter readings, measured values and parameters are shown on an alpha- numerical LCD display, combined with icons indicating the device status. The keypad with two buttons enables intuitive operation of the device.
EK155 comes equipped with a battery-operated GSM/GPRS modem. The communica-tions session can be initiated by the device by connecting to a head end (INBOUND mode) or by the head end system itself (OUTBOUND mode). The CTR communications protocol complies with UNI-TS 11291-3. The communications channels can be confi gured as GSM CSD, GPRS or SMS channels, or any combination of these. The device supports both short (140 bytes) and long (1024 bytes) data frames according to the CTR specifi cation.
Message authentication and data encryption are based on the symmetric Advanced En-cryption Standard (AES-128) algorithm with a key management mechanism. As required, the device supports fi ve different user groups (Administrators, Maintenance, User 1, 2, 3), each with specifi ed access rights, including 10 access codes per group. In combination with AES encryption, this ensures excellent data protection. The device supports remote fi rmware upgrades in accordance with the WELMEC Guide 7.2.
The EK155 is powered by two separate and independent lithium batteries. One battery is dedicated to the volume conversion device itself and the second one provides the power supply for the GSM/GPRS modem. The battery life of the device battery is > 5 years; for the modem battery this depends mainly on the frequency of data communication.
EK155: Volume conversion device with tariff and data logging function and integrated GPRS modem Plastic polycarbonate, for meter or wall mountingDesigned to be mounted onto Elster diaphragm meters BK-G10 to BK-G25 H 178 mm x W 233 mm x D 47 mm (including cover for the connections) MID ApprovalConforms to the European Standard EN 12405-1:2011-04 Zone 0, 1, II 1G Ex ia IIA T3 with integrated modem 1 lithium battery module, 3.6 V, type LP-08, capacity: 17 Ah(service life > 5 years under standard operating conditions) 1 lithium battery, 3.6 V, size ½ AA, capacity: 1 Ah(service life > 10 years under standard operating conditions) 1 lithium battery module, 3.6 V, type LP-07(service life > 5 years under standard operating conditions)LP-07D (38 Ah) can be optionally used for doubled battery life.
3 digital inputs:- 2 for connecting LF pulse generators- 1 for status signals (e.g. tampering) Type KP070, pressure-ranges 0.8 – 5.2 bar / 2.0 – 10 bar / 4 – 20 bar absolute*external version, cable length 0.75 or 2.5 mConnection for precision steel pipe (Ermeto 6L) or fl exible pressure tube, M12 x 1.5 thread* Other pressure ranges on request Type TR115, Pt-1000 - two wire resistance thermometer according to EN 60751, Class ATemperature range: -25 °C to +60 °CWith protective tube for use with thermo wellInstallation length: 50 mm, Ø 6 mm, cable length 0.75 m or 2.5 m Calculation in accordance with AGA-NX19 mod,AGA 8 (GC1 or GC2), AGA 8 DC-92, S-GERG 88 or fi xed - Archive for monthly values, capacity: 25 records- Archive for daily values, capacity: 400 records- Archive for measuring period values (interval 1 s – 1 h), capacity: 14,300 records- Archive for values of current and previous billing periods (acc. to UNI TS 11291) - Status archive – recording of all monitored events, capacity: 500 records- Settings archive – recording of changes of parameters and values, capacity: 500 records- Gas composition archive (Audit Trail), capacity 150 records Optical interface in accordance with IEC 62056-21 GSM/GPRS modem (quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz) for wireless point-to-point communication, even if the volume conversion device is installed in a Zone 0, 1 hazardous area - CTR in accordance with UNI TS 11291-1 and -3- Data encryption based on AES-128 using the Galois/Counter Mode (GCM).
- Firmware downloads in accordance with WELMEC Guide 7.2Other communication protocols on request Elster-Instromet Sdn. Bhd. (Singapore Branch) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Source: http://www.elster.it/downloads/ek155_data_sheet_en.pdf


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