Colonoscopy preparation instructions

You have been scheduled for a Colonoscopy. This is an examination of your large intestine (colon). A long flexible tube (colonoscope) will be inserted into your rectum and passed through your colon. Your colon will be examined in detail. Additional procedures may be performed such as taking tissue samples (biopsies) and removing polyps.
Please read all the instructions ahead of time so you can be adequately prepared for this
procedure. For questions regarding your appointment or preparation, please call (615) 329-

To ensure your comfort, IV sedation can be given for this exam (to make you relaxed). If you want sedation, you must have a responsible companion, family member, or friend, 18 years of age or older escort you the endoscopy suite, be available during your procedure, be present at the time of your discharge, drive you home, and stay with you for several hours after your procedure.
If you come without an escort to the unit, the nurse will need the name and phone number of your
escort to verify that they will meet you at the end of the procedure. You may not go home alone in a
taxi, shuttle van, or bus, as these drivers will not be responsible for you. If you receive sedation, you
may not drive until the next day.
If your escort does not accompany you to the unit, or your escort/ driver cannot be contacted,
your procedure unfortunately will be rescheduled.

We recommend you make the following medication changes prior to your procedure: • Blood-thinning medications (such as Coumadin, Ticlid, Plavix, Persantine, Aggrenox and
Lovenox) may need to be discontinued prior to your procedure. Please contact your
prescribing physician
for instructions well in advance; you may need to be off these drugs up
to 10 days
prior to your procedure.
Unless prescribed by your physician, please avoid the following medicines if possible:
aspirin, aspirin products (e.g. Alka-Seltzer, BC Powder, etc.) or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. Ibuprofen, Nuprin, Advil, Alleve, Motrin, etc.) for 5 days prior to your appointment.
Do not take iron pills for 7 days prior to your procedure.
Continue to take your other prescribed medications (e.g. blood pressure pills) as usual.
If you have any questions about your medications, call your prescribing physician.
Diabetic patients
If you take an oral hypoglycemic (“sugar pill”), do not take it the day of your procedure. If
you are taking insulin, you should only take half (1/2) of your usual scheduled insulin dose
before your procedure.
• If you do not speak English or have difficulty communicating, please call (615) 329-7933 HalfLytely Bowel Prep
You will need to drink a laxative solution (called HalfLytely) to clean your colon. Purchase one
HalfLytely Bowel Prep Kit from your pharmacist using the enclosed prescription.
It is important that you eat only clear liquids the day BEFORE and the day OF your

wo days before your colonoscopy : Fill your prescription for HalfLytely. If you tend to be
constipated, or sometimes need laxative, take 2 tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia at 8 PM.
One day before your colonoscopy: No solid food - Clear liquids only for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
1. Morning: Prepare the HalfLytely solution. Pick one flavor pack, tear open and
pour in jug. Fill the jug with lukewarm water up to the “Fill Line” indicated on the jug.
Shake well and place bottle in the refrigerator.
At 3:00pm: Take all (4) Bisacodyl tablets with water. Do NOT chew or crush. Do
not take the Bisacodyl tablets within 1 hour of taking an antacid.
4. 3. At 6:00pm: Begin drinking the solution. Drink 1 (8 oz.) glass every 10-15
minutes until you have finished all of the solution (about 8 glasses). Drink each
glass quickly, rather than sipping small amounts continuously. Be sure to drink
ALL of the solution.
Drink at a pace that is comfortable. Take a short break if
4. You may start going to the bathroom after only a couple of glasses, but be sure to
drink ALL of the solution. It will take approximately 1½ to 2 hours to consume the
entire amount of solution. Your last bowel movement should be clear to yellow liquid
Continue drinking clear liquids up to 2 hours before procedure then nothing by mouth after that.
• Soft drinks – orange, ginger ale, cola, Sprite, 7-Up, Gatorade, Kool-Aid• Strained fruit juices without pulp – apple, white grape, orange, lemonade• Water, tea or coffee (no milk or non-dairy creamer) Desserts:
• Hard candies
• Jell-O (lemon, lime or orange; no fruit of toppings)
• Popsicle (no sherbet or fruit bars)
o not eat or drink anything colored red or purple
QUESTIONS: CALL (615) 329-7933.


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