Camper’s Name__________________________________________Date of Birth: ______________________ Parent/Legal Guardian: Please complete the Camper Information section above and
provide this form and a copy of the camper’s completed Health History Form to your
child’s physician.
Physician: Please review the camper’s Health History Form and complete remaining
Date of Camper’s Most Recent Physical Exam:  Today  Other date (please specify): ______
Height: ___________Weight:___________ Blood Pressure: _____ /_______Blood Type:________(if known) Is the camper undergoing treatment at this time for any medical conditions?  NO YES (if yes, please describe):________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Will the camper be taking any prescribed medications while at camp?  NO YES (if yes, please describe name, dose, frequency, and reason for each medication):____________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Please list any allergies the camper has, including to medications, foods, environment allergens, animal allergens, etc. Please also describe the camper’s reaction to each
allergen. _____________________________________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Immunization history, including date of most recent tetanus shot: ____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Has the camper undergone any surgeries or hospitalizations?  NO YES (please provides dates/reasons):______________________________________________________________________________________________ RESTRICTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS
Does the camper have any medical or health conditions that will require limitations or
restrictions on his/her activity while at camp?  NO YES If yes, please describe your
______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Place a check mark next to any of the over-the-counter medications below which should
NOT be given to the child:
"I have reviewed the camper’s Health History Form and have discussed the camp program with the camper’s parent/legal guardian. It is my opinion that the camper is physically and emotionally fit to participate in an active camp program, except as noted above." Signature of Camper’s Physician:_____________________________Date:___________________________ Physician Name: ____________________________________________ Phone Number: (_____)__________ Address: _______________________________City:_____________________State:_________Zip:___________


Hplc column classification

Introduction 1978 USP XIX Fourth supplement : L1 designation for C18 column 1980 USP XX : 7 columns were classified -Classified HPLC column to 56 descriptions -More than 220 columns currently available in the worldwide market can be classified as L1 -How to select column for a particular application ? USP Approach -Use NIST Standard Reference Material (SRM) 870 to evaluate C18 column -SRM 8

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Erectile Dysfunction and Constructs of Masculinity and Quality of Life in the Multinational Men’s Attitudes to Life Events and Sexuality (MALES) Study Michael S. Sand, PhD, MPH,* William Fisher, PhD,† Raymond Rosen, PhD,‡ Julia Heiman, PhD,§ andIan Eardley, MD¶*Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Wuppertal, Germany; †University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada;‡New England Researc

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