Business Overview and Product:
CHS Resources LLC (the "Company") is a Florida Limited Liability Company with its offices located at 500 Maplewood Drive, Suite 5A, Jupiter, FL 33458. CHS is a biotech company developing innovative treatments for pre-cancerous conditions of the skin termed Actinic Keratosis (“AK”) and skin cancers. SulRx™, the company’s first generation product, a topical product to treat AK. The Company entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Florida Atlantic University Research Corporation in October of 2005 to develop and ultimately commercialize patented and patent pending technology for the treatment of skin, oral and other cancers. CHS's corporate development strategy is to establish the infrastructure required to follow the necessary steps associated in the development of a new drug based on the novel discoveries by Dr. Herbert Weissbach, Director of Florida Atlantic University's Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. The company’s other products include SulVu™ for detection of skin cancer and SulBlok™ for sun-protection. Management and Advisory group:
Stephen Chakoff - Founder, President & CEO Elliot F. Hahn, PhD - Founder and Director Saeid Rezvankhah - COO & EVP Finance Stanley Kim PhD, JD - VP Intellectual Property Robert I. Goldfarb, Esq. - VP Business Development Herbert Weissbach, PhD - Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board Brian Berman, MD., PhD - Clinical Advisor Salvatore LePore, PhD – Advisor Neil Flanzraich - Investor & Advisor Market Opportunity:
The annual market for AK treatment products is estimated to exceed $800 million in the USA; According to the American
Academy of Dermatology; the occurrence of sun-related skin cancers continues to grow. The annual market opportunity
for products to treat NM skin cancers is estimated to exceed $700 million in the U.S. The market for over the counter sun-
care products is $1.5 billion with 70% of it in sun-protection.
Currently, the major FDA approved drugs for the treatment of AK include Solaraze (diclofenac sodium), Aldara
(imiquimod) and Efudex/Carac. Other treatments include cryosurgery, curettage and desiccation and laser surgery.
However, many of these treatment methods can cause scarring and hypo-pigmentation at the treatment site, may be
inconvenient, and may require extended treatment to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. CHS believes that the
properties of SulRx™ which selectively target cancerous cells while not affecting normal cells, offers the potential for a
significant breakthrough in the treatment of AK and other skin cancers.
Financing desired:
CHS, to date, has raised $6.5 million which includes a recent transaction which will fund our IND and CRO costs related
to SulRx™ NDA. The company also seeks to raise an additional $5 mil ion to be used for other expenses including but not
limited to: site specific study fees, IRB costs, formulation expenses, clinical study product supply and operational costs.
CHS’s exit strategy is to spin off products through sublicensing deals with strategic partners. With the proven track record
of our management, the fact that we are dealing with a novel topical Rx product with compound that have a proven safety
record, large markets, eligibility for fast track FDA approval and the ability to develop new therapeutic drugs. Our potential
to generate a near term revenue stream makes CHS the right investment partner.


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