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The Provisionary
“merging conventional and natural practices”
Therapeutic Environments™
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Issue 4 Volume 2
April, 2009

In This Issue
Brief update on HB 664
“Of Stones and Other Gems”
“Digby says”
Friends of The Provisionary
The Provisionary News and Notes
Brief Update on HB 664
Last month we reported on the Unlicensed Heath Care Practice Act or HB 664. It passed both houses unanimously and is sitting on the Governor’s desk for signature. Representative Ken Martinez, authored and supported the bill and he is encouraging the Governor sign this by Friday, April 10. This would be last day for the Governor to act on bills reaching his desk. Representative Martinez indicated to me today that he is hopeful this will occur by Friday. If there are any questions about the bill you can still access it at This is a supportive, health freedom bill not a restrictive adversarial bill. Be assured that those of us that have been supporting such a bill for some years would not have supported this if it were to do harm or be contrary to our NM community of healers. To write Representative Ken Martinez with your support please contact him at [email protected] today. “Of Stones and Other Gems”
I have been rather focused on kidney stones as of late and thought I would share my experience and naturopathic approach to this should I ever have the delight of meeting with this gem again. First of all the pain, located in the flank region of the back or side but also can radiate around the front of the body down into the inguinal region. Due to this presentation one should not hesitate to contact your health care provider to be sure it is not appendicitis or another condition. However, having said that, I doubt that any one would be shy about contacting their HCP as the pain pretty well dictates a visit urgently. The stones themselves can vary in their origin and there are specific herbs for prevention and use, depending on their origin. Stones as a result of an infection might benefit from corn silk (Zea mays), nettle (Urtica dioica) or Thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Nettle and Thyme are great teas to use as a tonic and can easily be obtained and used routinely. For calcium-oxalate stones Tribulus terrestris, yes that would be the fruit of the goat’s head or puncture vine weed that we all know and hate. Maybe not to hate so much anymore. Tribulus is also good for cystitis. For stones due to uric acid gravel root (Eupatorium purpureum) can be of assistance. You can obtain this in bulk form or in tincture form. Other herbs that may be helpful are couch grass (Elymus repens), Speedwell (Veronica Officinalis) and sheep’s sorrel (Rumex acetosella) for short term use once you know what makes up this little gem. The one herb to have on hand is Khella (Amni visnaga) for an acute kidney stone intervention until you see your HCP. This comes in tincture form by Herb Pharm and can be found at Moses Kountry store, the Herb Store on Nob Hill and other health food stores that carry the Herb Pharm brand. You cannot obtain the bulk seed herb easily and indeed you would find it a bitter tea. It is used in asthma, angina and in the pain of gallbladder, kidney or urethral spasms. It is a spasmolytic and vasodilator. It is for acute use only not for long term. Of course increasing water intake and decreasing some of the purine foods such as mushrooms, green peas, asparagus and red meats is important in managing uric acid. As for my little stone I would have made a jewelry gem of it had I found it. Since I have no idea what its origin I now follow all the preventive kidney/bladder hygienic wisdom and keep my herbal first aid kit well stocked. “Digby says”
Pebbles in the Mind
The Addiction of Belief
Some years ago I was camping up on Vancouver Island beside a beautiful running stream. The salmon were spawning. In the evening the noise of the water rushing over the stones and pebbles of the stream bed sounded like the chatter of distant voices and conversations. Not unlike perhaps the chatter of our thoughts. The stream rushes on in its own way and its pebbled conversations come and go with the salmon. For many of us however our conversations do not flow with the stream of thought but get stuck in the backwaters of memory and eddies of imagination. Our thoughts are the noise and expression of our beliefs. They are the voices of what we hold as our truth. They are the springs of our actions. Some times these conversations are filled with injury and sadness, hurt and pain, fear and fury. They are reflected in the health or disease of our being. They are familiar and known, planned with expected outcomes, safe in their rhetoric. We are accustomed to them. They say what was and what will become. They speak our experience. We trust them even though they bend the bones of our body and stretch our muscles, fill the mind with rewound chatter, and spare the spirit no rest. They are the expression of what we hold as our truth. We believe them. After all they are our thoughts and speak from our experience. These chattering voices have no ears. They do not hear us. They are lost in their pebbled conversation. They cannot change their course or outcome. We can only experience and reflect the wearing of their chatter. We are attached to these conversations. Their chattering addiction is a friendly familiar. In the morning on Vancouver Island the sun came up. I watched the salmon spawn and listened to the tumbling water. The coffee pot percolated the scent of new day. The pebbled conversation of the stream was silent. It reflected only the sparkle of the morning sunlight. It was a good day. is the wisdom of the universe.” Friends of The Provisionary

Friends of The Provisionary include the various practitioners, businesses, & individuals that have come
into our life and are out in the community
working to make your life healthier and happier. We also want
to include resources that we feel might
be valuable. Here is this months gathering:

NEED speakers (alternative & mystical) for the 2009
Western Caribbean Mystical Cruise
Contact Bob Sharp at 919-419-7209
For a great new restaurant try
“Hurleys”, for an Irish theme
breakfast and lunch
on 4th street across from Smiths in the
UPS building

LifeWorks Natural Therapeutics
Bruce Gillen MA, LMT, NTS
Polarity. Massage, Flower Remedies,
Aromatherapy and Core Synchronism
[email protected]
Brenda Bartly Mansker
Certified Public Accountant
2425 San Pedro NE STE E
Albuquerque, NM 87110
[email protected]
Gail Boyd, Pd.D., LMFT, LLC
Marriage & Family Therapy
Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy
11005 Spain Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
[email protected]
Amy Immel, RDH, CHP, C-Hom
Classical Homeopathy
Herbal Consultation
[email protected]

We are the history we’ve been looking for. What we do now makes a difference to our memory. It is our hand on the cave wall and it matters now. Write Connie at [email protected] or Digby at [email protected]. For our web site see Or phone (505) 343-0552 Namaste, Connie and Digby


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My name is Terry and I am a 62-year old investment banker. Four months ago, I lost my partner of 30 years, Frank, to a battle with cancer. Since Frank’s passing, I have been extremely lonely. I sporadically cry uncontrollably, particularly when I return to our now empty San Francisco flat. Frank and I used to have a zest for life, spending every weekend in the wine country, playing golf, or hav

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