Final minutes 10 24 13


President Don Montfort called the meeting to order at: 4:31 pm. Other persons present included
Commissioner Carl Reichhardt, Commissioner Pat Alesse, General Manager Roger Brown, Assistant
General Manager Dan Eisses, Attorney Bob Carmichael (arrived at 4:38 pm), Interim Finance Director
Meredith Riley, new Finance Director Sandi McMillan and Mike Sowers.

Agenda additions/changes
: None
Public Input: Robert Schwarzbach, a customer to BBWSD, was present at the meeting and requested
consideration on his payment due to be extended to November 1, 2013,or a few days past that, because of
extenuating circumstances caused by the Federal Government shutdown, Commissioners approved.
Consent Agenda included: Minutes for the regular meeting of October 10, 2013; Accounts Payable
Warrants #42785-42799 paying Claims #42785-42799 of $20,361.70 for 2013 Budget; October Draw
Payroll Warrant #7598 and auto payments #11658-11667 of $16,400 in total; and manual warrants
#901205-901208 for $11,591.57. It was moved by Carl Reichhardt and seconded by Pat Alesse to
approve the Consent Agenda. The motion passed unanimously.
2014 Preliminary Budget: Roger introduced the preliminary budget binder information by reviewing the
2014 Budget highlights handout. Mike Sowers further discussed operations, commissioners were happy
with Mike’s efforts on cost savings. Dan Eisses described capital improvement projects as detailed in
budget binder. He noted that the $1,500,000 listed for the second phase of Blaine Rd should be
$1,136,000. Preventive maintenance within the rates was discussed. Update of budget on November 6,
2013 meeting.
Headworks Update Decision: Dan described the Headworks project and reasons cost were proposed
higher than expected. Dan recommended the contract be awarded to “Award Construction Inc.” at
$1,944,005. Dan recommended approval on CHS Engineers construction management assistance in the
amount of $178,000 and the bid assistance bill to CHS Engineers at $17,925.
Discussion continued.
3 motions were made regarding the Headworks project: first motion was to approve Roger Brown to sign
“Award construction” bid at $1,944,005, Carl Reichhardt moved and Pat Alesse seconded. Motion passed
unanimous. Next motion; approval of proposal to CHS for $17,925 in regards to the CHS bid support
invoice/proposal; Pat Alesse moved and Carl Reichhardt seconded. Motion passed unanimous. Last
motion was for approval of construction support services to CHS for $178,000; Pat Alesse moved and Carl
Reichhardt seconded. Motion carried unanimous.

Additional Accounts Payable
: Accounts Payable Warrants #42800-42815 paying Claims #42800-42815
of $88,709.06 for 2013 Budget. It was moved by Carl Reichhardt and seconded by Pat Alesse to approve
the Accounts Payable. The motion passed unanimously.

Customer Request for Credit Discussion:
Customer wrote a letter addressed to the Commissioners
requesting a $36 credit because water was used to fill pool. Conversation continued about request and
was denied by commissioners. District will notify customer of credit request denial.
WRIA 1 Watershed Planning Discussion: Roger discussed the Water Districts planning unit and
caucus. Concerns were shared. Don requested clarification on select issues, he will meet with Roger
separately. Bob Carmichael spoke on the Swinomish decision and Roger will share the information as
W&S Risk Management Pool Insurance Update: Dan highlighted a number of points from the meeting
update. Conversation about bringing customer’s attention to non-flushables occurred.
Double R Home Owners Association Discussion: Dan referred to the “all general meeting” at Double R
Rand Home Owners Association and indicated the commissioners had choices of how to handle
participation at the general meeting. The commissioners decided not to do anything for the general
Developer Extensions: Dan presented the request from the Ridge at Semiahmoo in regards to the
District being the management entity or 3rd party guarantor if they decide to do a septic system. After
discussion, the commissioners decided not to participate in the large septic project. Dan will respond to
the developer.
Dan updated the commissioners on the new ‘lock-off process’ and discussed the small amount of
customer feedback. Dan also mentioned resort park I & I annual inspections progress is being made.
Executive Session: None.
The Board meeting was adjourned at 7:31pm.. Pat Alesse had left at 6:48pm.

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the above is a true and correct copy of the minutes for the regular meeting of
the Board of Commissioners of Birch Bay Water and Sewer District, Whatcom County, Washington, held
October 24,2013.



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