Shyam-vidya ayurved p

Shyam-Vidya Ayurved P.G. Entrance Coaching Center, Bhopal (M.P.)
Hyderabad PG - 2009
By- Dr. Neelima Singh (M.D.) Mob. 09993961427, 09826438399
(1) According to Caraka which mahabootha is not necessary in punarjanam -
(A) Akas
(B) Vayu
(C) Agni
(D) Pruthvi

(2) Which is Auloukya darsana -
(A) Nyaya
(B) Vaisheshik
(C) Sankhya

(3) Bhoomika of Chitta is
(A) Anu
(B) Ekatva
(C) Ekagra
(D) None

(4) Pracheentam siddhanta of ayurveda is
(A) Tridosa
(B) Panchamahabootha
(C) Darsana
(D) Both a & b

(5) Nastik darsana is
(A) Nyaya darsana
(B) Vaisheshik darsana
(C) Mimansa darsana
(D) Charvak darsana

(6) Jain darsana follow
(A) Kshanbhangurvad
(B) Anekantvad
(C) Arambhavad
(D) Vivartvad

(7) Number of padarth according to navya nyaya are
(A) 6
(B) 7
(C) 16
(D) 25

(8) According to Cakrapani ausadha is
(A) Ras pradhan

(B) Virya pradhan
(C) Vipaka pradhan
(D) Guna pradhan

(9) Manushya is
(A) Swedaja
(B) Andayuja
(C) Jarayuja
(D) Audbhiva

(10) Total number of dravya sangraha is
(A) 2

(C) 9
(D) 12

(11) The origin of jal is from
(A) Akas

(B) Vayu
(C) Agni
(D) Pruthvi

(12) ‛Mar’ is
(A) Stage of jal

(B) Stage of death
(C) Type of jal
(D) Type of death

(13) According to Yoginath Sen total number of gunas are
(A) 40

(B) 41
(C) 42
(D) 43

(14) Tiksna guna is for
(A) Samsodhana

(B) Samsamana
(C) Shosana
(D) Kshalana

(15) Ruksa guna is for
(A) Samsodhana
(B) Samsamana
(C) Shosana
(D) Kshalana

(16) Titiksa is
(A) Satvik man guna
(B) Rajasik man guna
(C) Tamasik man guna
(D) Desire

(17) According to sushrut 1 yug is equal to
(A) 1 year

(B) 2 year
(C) 5 year
(D) 10 year

(18) Chesta praman is given by
(A) Pouranik
(B) Cakrapani
(C) Tantrik
(D) Vedant

(19) Aatur pareeksha is -
(A) Dosa
(B) Vyadhi
(C) Bal
(D) All the above

(20) Types of lakshana are -
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4

(D) None of these
(21) Arthapatti praman is given by
(A) Nyaya

(B) Sankhya
(C) Vedant
(D) Prabhakar mimansak

(22) Pravartak of Satkaryavad
(A) Sankhya
(B) Nyaya
(C) Vaisheshik
(D) Baudh

(23) Peelupaka is followed by
(A) Nyaya
(B) Vaisheshik
(C) Mimansa
(D) Charvak

(24) In dashvidh pariksha the Karyaphala is
(A) Sukh prapti
(B) Ayu prapti
(C) Yash prapti
(D) Arth prapti

(25) According to Sushruta vikars are
(A) 10
(B) 7
(C) 8
(D) 16

(26) Prakrati & vikrati is
(A) 1
(B) 7
(C) 8
(D) 16

(27) Total number of tachshilya are
¼B½ 17
¼C½ 21
¼D½ 37

(28) Shape of ethamoid bone is
(A) Seive like

(B) Wing like
(C) Hole like
(D) Shell like

(29) Largest nutrient artery supply to which bone
(A) Ulnar bone
(B) Radial bone
(C) Tibial bone
(D) Femoral bone

(30) Which part of the body remains empty after death -
(A) The bladder and bowels

(B) Stomach
(C) Heart

(31) As a complication from severe burns “curling ulcer” are found in -
(A) Duodenum
(B) Skin
(C) Hand
(D) Neck

(32) Undermined edge of ulcer is found in
(A) Leprosy
(B) T.B.
(C) Diabetic ulcer
(D) None

(33) Weight of kidney in adult male is
(A) 2-4 ounce
(B) 4-6 ounce
(C) 6-8 ounce
(D) 1-2 ounce

(34) Leinorenal ligament is present between
(A) Spleen & kidney
(B) Liver & kidney
(C) Liver & Spleen
(D) All the above

(35) Smallest part of penis is
(A) Membranous
(B) Urethral
(C) Prostate
(D) Glans penis

(36) Blood Supply to mammary gland
(A) Internal thoracic artery

(B) Axillary artery
(C) Intercostal arteries
(D) All of these

(37) Which nerve is not related with the eye movement -
(A) II
(C) IV
(D) VI

(38) Which is not a part of basal ganglia
(A) Dentate nuclei
(B) Striatum
(C) Substantia nigra
(D) Globus pallidus

(39) Vitelline duct is a reminant of
(A) Ductous arteriosus
(B) Ductous venosus
(C) Ligamentum teres
(D) All

(40) Gartner’s duct is found in
(A) Wall of vagina
(B) Wall of cervix
(C) Isthamus

(D) Uterus
(41) Barium meals is a procedure to diagnosis of structural and motility abnormalities of
(A) Esophagus
(B) Stomuch
(C) Duodenum
(D) All upper gastrointestinal tract

(42) Foramen transversarum is present in
(A) Thoracic vertebrae
(B) Lumbar vertebrae
(C) Sacral vertebrae
(D) Cervical vertebrae

(43) CSF pressure is
(A) 40-80 mm of Hg
(B) 50-150 mm of Hg
(C) 80-180 mm of Hg
(D) 150-220 mm of Hg

(44) Pudendal root value is
(A) Coccygeal nerve
(B) S3,4,5 + Coccygeal
(C) S2,3,4
(D) S4 S5 + Coccygeal

(45) Cholinergic receptor is
(A) Pre ganglionic part of sympathetic nerve
(B) Preganglionic part of parasympathetic nerve
(C) Post ganglionic part of sympathetic nerve
(D) All

(46) The facial muscle responsible for closing your mouth -
(A) Temporalis

(B) Masseter
(C) Medial pterygold
(D) All

(47) Slightly movable joint is
(A) Synarthrous

(B) Amphiarthrous
(C) Diarthrous
(D) None

(48) Adverse effect of Anti tubercular drugs Pyrazinamide is -
(A) Neurotoxicity
(B) Hepato toxicity
(C) Renal failure
(D) Optic neuritis

(49) Strongest ligament of body is
(A) Ileo femoral
(B) Spring
(C) Deltoid
(D) Ligamentum arteriosum

(50) Broca’s area is found in
(A) Temporal part
(B) Post central gyrus
(C) Inferior frontal gyrus

(51) Bhudhatri is the synonym of
(A) Bibhitak
(B) Punarnava
(C) Bhumayamlaki
(D) Chavya

(52) Prabhava of Sahadevi is
(A) Visaghna
(B) Balya
(C) Mutral
(D) Jwaraghna

(53) According to vagbhatta dravya’s yoni is
(A) Lasika
(B) Rakta
(C) Ras
(D) Jal

(54) On whom prabhava of ausadha occur
(A) Rog
(B) Rogi
(C) Bhishak
(D) Kaal

(55) Taxonomically Udumber is
(A) Herb
(B) Shrub
(C) Tree
(D) Creeper

(56) According to Carak usefull parts of plant is
(A) 12
(B) 16
(C) 18
(D) 20

(57) Swalpa triphala is
(A) Gambhari, Kharjur, Parushak
(B) Gambhari, Kharjur, Draksha
(C) Jatiphal, Pugphal, Lavanga
(D) Kasmarya, Gambhari, Kharjur

(58) Trikarshik is
(A) Mustak, sunthi, apamarg
(B) Mustak, sunthi, ativisa
(C) Vidang, mustak, chitrak
(D) Gambhari, kharjur, draksha

(59) Ras of Ativisa is
(A) Madhura
(B) Katu
(C) Tikta
(D) Kashaya

(60) According to Carak Skandh of Brahati is
(A) Madhura
(B) Katu
(C) Tikta

(D) Kashaya
(61) Rasa & vipaka of adra pippali is
(A) Madhura, Madhura
(B) Madhura, Katu
(C) Katu, Katu
(D) Katu, Madhura

(62) Best rasa in guru guna
(A) Madhura
(B) Katu
(C) Tikta
(D) Kashaya

(63) Karma of maricha is
(A) Stambhan
(B) Vikasi
(C) Pramathi
(D) Abhisyandi

(64) Useful part of Lakucha is
(A) Epicarp
(B) Mesocarp
(C) Endocarp
(D) All

(65) Which part of mayaphala is used as medicine
(B) Tuber
(C) Stigma
(D) Gall

(66) Drug which is madhur rasa but not brahamiya & kaphakaraka
(A) Bala
(B) Barley
(C) Honey
(D) Shatavari

(67) Drug which is used as aushadha & lords prayer is
(A) Shallaki

(B) Bilva
(C) Brahmi
(D) Vacha

(68) Who includes Dravyaguna in 8 parts of Ayurveda
(A) Priyavrat Sharma

(B) Bhavamishra
(C) kaeyadev
(D) Rajnighantu

(69) Adhunik nighantu kaha hai
(A) Priya nighantu

(B) Madanpala nighantu
(C) Raj nighantu
(D) Bhavaprakash nighantu

(70) Which drug is not included in Trimada
(A) Vidanga

(B) Mustak
(C) Chavya

(D) Chitrak
(71) Who said that – Parinama lakshananum vipaka
(A) Carak

(B) Vagbhatta
(C) Parashar
(D) Nagarjuna

(72) According to Susruta bhoutika sangathana of amla rasa is
(A) Pruthvi+agni

(B) Jal+agni
(C) Pruthvi+Jal
(D) Vayu+agni

(73) Badhavidmutra is found in
(A) Katu vipaka
(B) Amla vipaka
(C) Madhur vipaka
(D) All

(74) According to Nimi number of Virya are
(A) 3

(B) 5
(C) 11
(D) 15

(75) Roapana karma is indicated in which rasa
(A) Madhura
(B) Katu
(C) Tikta
(D) Kashaya

(76) Toothache tree is
(A) Salvadora persica
(B) Zanthoxylum alatum
(C) Madhuka indica
(D) Celastrus peniculatus

(77) Which drug possess anulomana karma
(A) Haritiki

(B) katuki
(C) Bibhitki
(D) Nagkesar

(78) Bakuchi is
(A) Virechaka

(B) Shivtrakushtaghna
(C) kushtaghna
(D) Vishaghna

(79) In shivtra sansrana is done from
(A) Aragwadh
(B) malpu
(C) Kutaki
(D) Snuhi

(80) Soma roga is firstly told in
(A) Vaidik kaal
(B) Charak
(C) Bhavaprakash

(D) Sharangdhara
(81) According to bhel number of Intities of oja is
(A) 8
(B) 12
(C) 7
(D) 9

(82) Meaning of “tuvar” is
(A) Amla
(B) Tikta
(C) Kashaya
(D) Madhur

(83) Madhura, amla, lavana rasa is
(A) Vata pacifiers
(B) Kapha vitiator
(C) Both a,b
(D) None

(84) Katu rasa of pippali pacifies which dosha
(A) Vata
(B) Pitta
(C) Kapha
(D) All

(85) Aim of Yogasiddhi is
(A) Jeevan mukti
(B) Arogya
(C) Esvarya
(D) All

(86) Which lepa is used in Shilipada
¼A½ Valmik mratika

¼B½ Sarsapa tail
¼C½ Pinda tail
¼D½ Eranda tail

(87) Rasa sindura is the combination of
¼A½ Parada, gandhaka
¼B½ Parada, saidhava, swarna
¼C½ Parada, khatika
¼D½ Parada, saidhava,hartaal

(88) Percentage of swarna in swarna vanga is
(A) 1 %

(B) 2 %
(C) 3 %
(D) None

(89) Types of Abhraka is
(A) 4
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) 8

(90) Another name of Vaikrant is
(A) Calomel
(B) Alum
(C) Flourspar

(D) Realgar
(91) Chemical formula of swarna makshik is
(A) Cu2SFe2S3
(B) Fe2S3
(C) Cu2S
(D) All

(92) Mainly purification of vimala is done by
(A) Katutumbi
(B) Yavakshara
(C) Atarushaka
(D) Kulatha

(93) Smell in gomutra Gandhi shilajatu is due to
(A) KNO3
(B) Hippuric acid
(C) ZnCO3
(D) All

(94) Internally shilajatu is administered with
(A) Gomutra
(B) Takra
(C) Toya
(D) All

(95) Sukratunda is the type of
(A) Gandhaka
(B) Shilajatu
(C) Hingula
(D) Parada

(96) FeSo4 is
(A) Kasis
(B) Tutha
(C) Gairik
(D) Hartaal

(97) Neelanjana is
(A) ZnO
(B) PbS
(C) Sb2S3
(D) ZnS

(98) Agnijaar is
(A) Shell of watery animal
(B) Dry fecal of whale
(C) Something burning
(D) None

(99) In bronze ratio between copper & tin is
(A) 4:1

(B) 2:1
(C) 1:4
(D) 1:2

(100) Use of manikya is in
(A) Swas

(B) Jwara
(C) Shirashool

(D) Chardi
(101) Pearl contant other than Calcium carbonate (CaCO3)
(A) Conchiolin

(B) Al2o3
(C) both
(D) none

(102) Praval is related to which graham
(A) Chandra
(B) Budha
(C) Shukra
(D) Kuj

(103) Quantity of vajra bhasma is
(A) 1-2 mg

(B) 2-4 mg
(C) 4-8 mg
(D) 10-20 mg

(104) Choornodaka is
(A) Khatika
(B) Sudha
(C) Shukti
(D) None

(105) Use of Badarashm is in
(A) Swas kas
(B) Hadruya rog
(C) Shirashool
(D) Ashmari

(106) Use of shwetaparpati is in
(A) Jwara
(B) Ashmari
(C) Mutrakracha
(D) Shirashool

(107) Srotodushti occurs in which stage of shadkriyakaal
(A) 2nd
(B) 3rd
(C) 4th
(D) 5th

(108) Asrak kshaya is a hetu of
(A) Ardit
(B) Pakshaghata
(C) Hanumoksha
(D) murcha

(109) Chayavan is the karma of
(A) Rasa
(B) Rakta
(C) Majja
(D) Sukra

(110) Purvaroopa occurs in which stage of shadkriyakaal
(A) 2nd
(B) 3rd
(C) 4th

(111) Symptoms of phaldayi shukra -
(A) Sukla, bahu
(B) bahalam, madhur
(C) Guru, pichchhilam
(D) All

(112) Types of phakka roga
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

(113) Treatment of pargarbhik roga is
(A) Vamana
(B) Deepana
(C) Pachana
(D) Brahana

(114) According to charak the cow having vajikaraka milk
(A) Rohini
(B) Kapila
(C) Krishna
(D) Both a & c

(115) “Bahumutatra” is symptom of
(A) Aamaj jwar
(B) Pravaddha Aamvat
(C) Aamvat
(D) Both a & B

(116) The name of dantaroga aushadha in children is
(A) Meshshringi
(B) Neem
(C) Bakul
(D) Karkatshringi

(117) The drug used for gudapaka in children is
(A) Changeri ghrita
(B) Sukumar ghrita
(C) Rasanjan
(D) None

(118) Treatment of kukunak roga is
(A) Snehana
(B) Vamana
(C) Virechana
(D) Pratisarana

(119) Quantity of karnapurana is [in vakamatra]
(A) 500
(B) 800
(C) 1000
(D) 1200

(120) According to Sharangdhar total number netra kalpana is
(A) 6
(B) 7
(C) 8

(121) Parvani is which type of eye disorder
(A) Sandhigata
(B) Shuklagata
(C) Sarvagata
(D) Drashtigata

(122) ‘Pashupat varti” is used in which disease
(A) Nimesh

(B) Anjanamika
(C) Lagana
(D) Vartmarsh

(123) Contraindication of ghritapana is
(A) Jeerna pratisyaya
(B) Kasa
(C) Pandu
(D) Nutan pratisyaya

(124) Dosa present in apinasa roga is
(A) Vata kapha

(B) Vata pitta
(C) Kapha pitta
(D) Tridoshaja

(125) Vidirna austa is due to
(A) Vataja

(B) Pittaja
(C) Raktaja
(D) Abhighataja

(126) Sarvasar roga is
(A) Visarpa

(B) Mukhapaka
(C) Tundikeri
(D) Prameha

(127) Agnikarma is done in which shiroroga
(A) Suryavarta

(B) Ardhavbhedaka
(C) Anantvata
(D) Shankaka

(128) Vyadhi satmya is
(A) Roga

(B) Rupa
(C) Upasaya
(D) Anupasaya

(129) Which is not madhayam margaja roga
(A) Kasa
(B) Swasa
(C) Arsha
(D) All

(130) Which is included in Devayapashraya chikitsa
(A) Aushadha
(B) Upavasa
(C) Bhaya

(D) Both a & b
(131) Contraindicated in granthi visarpa is
(A) Dahakarma
(B) Patan
(C) Raktamokshana
(D) None

(132) The lakshana of vrikka vidradhi is
(A) Parshwashool
(B) Parshwasankoch
(C) Kasa
(D) Swasa

(133) According to Vagbhatta types of shoph is
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) 9

(134) According to Carak types of udavarta is
(A) 4
(B) 5
(C) 6
(D) 7

(135) Dosas affected in urusthambha is
(A) Tridosa + meda
(B) Tridosa +amadosa
(C) Kapha + amadosa
(D) Kapha + meda

(136) Jeevadan is which type of nanatmaja vikar
(A) Vataja
(B) Pittaja
(C) Kaphaja
(D) Raktaja

(137) Takra is used in
(A) Vatapitta roga
(B) Vatakapha roga
(C) Pittakapha roga
(D) Kapha roga

(138) Treatment of rasapradoshaja vikara is
(A) Langhana
(B) Vaman
(C) Amadosa chikitsa
(D) All

(139) Pratyaya is synonym of
(A) Nidana
(B) Purvaroopa
(C) Roopa
(D) Upashaya

(140) Types of vyanjaka nidana is
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4

(141) Which is hetuvyadhi vipreetarthkari upshaya
¼A½ Upanaha in vrana

¼B½ Madya sevan in madatya
¼C½ Bhaya darshan in unmade
¼D½ None

(142) “Klriptibhava” is the lakshana of
¼A½ Vataja jwara
¼B½ Vataja unmad
¼C½ Gulma
¼D½ Apasmar

(143) Rajyayakshma is symptom of
(A) Vataja gulma
(B) Pittaja gulma
(C) Kaphaja gulma
(D) Sannipataja gulma

(144) Mahatyaya Prameh is
(A) Sadhya
(B) Dusadhya
(C) Asadhya
(D) Yapya

(145) Which is not the dushya of kushta
(A) Lasika
(B) Ras
(C) Rakta
(D) Meda

(146) Matasyashaklopam is the main feature of which kushta
(A) Ekkushta
(B) Charmakhya
(C) Kitibha
(D) Pama

(147) Dosa in Alasaka roga is
(A) Vatapitta roga
(B) Vatakapha roga
(C) Pittakapha roga
(D) Kapha roga

(148) Ardita karana aakriti is the purvaroopa of
(A) Unmad
(B) Apasmar
(C) Pakshaghat
(D) All

(149) Prakruti of jwara is
(A) Sharira santaap
(B) Mann santaap
(C) Shareer & mann santaap
(D) Ansaparshabhitaap

(150) Treatment of shareergata Aam is
(A) Langhana
(B) Pachana
(C) Both

(D) Dhosavshechan
(151) The srotas which gets dusta after intake of varuni madya is
(A) Ras
(B) Mansa
(C) Meda
(D) Majja

(152) Total number of vadpadamarga is
(A) 24
(B) 36
(C) 44
(D) 46

(153) In which nakshatra punsavan sanskar is done
(A) Ashwin
(B) Margashish
(C) Pushya
(D) All

(154) Arishta is the synonym of
(A) Updrava
(B) Ardraka
(C) Nimb
(D) All

(155) Which is a the drug that content katu rasa
(A) Nimbu
(B) Gukshur
(C) Bhunimb
(D) Nimb

(156) Which is the synonym of srotas
(A) Sira
(B) Marga
(C) Pantha
(D) All

(157) According to Carak which is not the synonym of chakitsa
(A) Dravya
(B) Satmya
(C) Purnya
(D) None

(158) Entrance of kuti in kutipraveshik is in which direction
(A) North

(B) South
(C) East
(D) Both a & c

(159) Pippali is in which form in avar bal rogi
(A) Kalka

(B) Kwath
(C) Churna
(D) None

(160) Which is not included in 10 yogas of bhallatak
(A) Kshara
(B) Guda
(C) Taila

(D) Lavana
(161) Kapha anupurva chikitsa is done in
(A) Atisara

(B) Grahani
(C) Madatya
(D) Pandu

(162) Mishraka sneha is used in which disease
(A) Gulma

(B) Pandu
(C) Unmad
(D) Apasmar

(163) In which disease vata should be protected in starting & end
(A) Gulma
(B) Pandu
(C) Unmad
(D) Apasmar

(164) Which dosa mainly present in Yoni roga
(A) Vataja
(B) Pittaja
(C) Raktaja
(D) Kaphaja

(165) Lashunadhya ghrita mainly used in which disease
(A) Gulma
(B) Pandu
(C) Unmad
(D) Apasmar

(166) Nabhiparivritta is found in which disease
(A) Kaphodar
(B) Pleehodar
(C) Jalodar
(D) Ajatodar

(167) Vatapurnadratisparsha is the symptom of
(A) Sandhivata
(B) Amavata
(C) Udararoga
(D) All

(168) Muhubadham muhudravam is the symptom of
(A) Grahani
(B) Pravahika
(C) Atisaar
(D) None

(169) Which vasthi is given in Halimaka roga
(A) Yapana
(B) Ksheer
(C) Anuvasana
(D) All

(170) According to Dalhana which dosa is present in Chinna swasa
(A) Vataja
(B) Pittaja
(C) Raktaja

(D) Kaphaja
(171) According to Charaka total number of vrana upakrama is
(A) 16
(B) 36
(C) 60
(D) 66

(172) What is used in koshtagata vata
(A) Saindhava
(B) Lavana
(C) Kshara
(D) Takra

(173) What is contraindicated in agnikarma
(A) Shonitaagama
(B) Asweda
(C) Pittaprakruti
(D) All

(174) Types of mutrakriccha is
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 8
(D) 9

(175) Which is used for removing guda sthita shalya
(A) Kankamukha
(B) Sinhamukha
(C) Anguli
(D) Kakamukha

(176) Bhedana karma in yogyasutriya is done on
(A) Praveshaka

(B) Panasa
(C) Bimbiphala
(D) Alabu

(177) Which rasa is not present in kshara
(A) Madhura
(B) Amla
(C) Katu
(D) Tikta

(178) The asadhya savisha jalouka is
(A) Indrayudha

(B) Savarika
(C) Pundarika
(D) Shankamukhi

(179) Which bandh is used in udara in vrana bandhana
(A) Vibandh

(B) Gophana
(C) Khatwa
(D) Swastika

(180) Shuktidhauta type of vrana srava is seen in
(A) Siragata vrana

(B) Sandhigata vrana
(C) Asthigata vrana

(D) Majja gata vrana
(181) If vrana rogi takes divaswapna then it causes
(A) Shoth

(B) Raga
(C) Ruja
(D) Mrityu

(182) What is the size of suchi for sandhiseevan
(A) 1 angula

(B) 2 angula
(C) 3 angula
(D) 4 angula

(183) Panas asthi sum swarupa of arsha is found in which dosa prakopa
(A) Vataja

(B) Pittaja
(C) Raktaja
(D) Kaphaja

(184) Dhoompana in prameha is
(A) Pathya
(B) Apathya
(C) Nishidha
(D) None

(185) Varatidrasta sansthana shotha is present in
(A) Sheetpitta

(B) Udarda
(C) Koth
(D) Kitibha

(186) Chayavanprash is
(A) Medhavrudhi
(B) Ayuvrudhi
(C) Vatanulomana
(D) All

(187) Wuchereria Bancrofiti is a Causative factor of
(A) Malaria

(B) Filariasis
(C) Kala Azar
(D) Dengue

(188) Morphine is obtained from
(A) Papaver somniferum

(B) Vatera indica
(C) Boswellia serrate
(D) Cannabis sativa
(189) The Useful part of Jivaka is
(A) Gall

(B) Stembark
(C) Stigma
(D) Tuber

(190) Updha is the synonym of
(A) Moksha
(B) Aasan
(C) Bhallataka

(D) Trisna
(191) In which month Specal care of pregnant woman is required
(A) 6
(B) 7
(C) 8
(D) 9

(192) Anupan of Pushyanag churana is
(A) Tandolodak
(B) Madhu
(C) Both
(D) None

(193) First sign of Ulcerative Colitis is
(A) constipation

(B) bloody diarrhea
(C) progressive loosening of the stool
(D) abdominal pain

(194) ASLO blood test is related with
(A) Rheumatoid arthritis
(B) Arthritis
(C) Ulcerative Colitis
(D) T.B.

(195) The treatment of Sadhya Artava dosh is
(A) Sanshodhan
(B) Utter vasti
(C) pitral ahar vihar
(D) both b & c

(196) The shape of pittaja ashmari is
(A) bhallatakasthi nibham
(B) kadambhpushpvat
(C) kukakutanad sam
(D) none

(197) The madhu varna ashmari is
(A) Vataja
(B) Pittaja
(C) kaphaja
(D) Sannipataja

(198) Shukpurna is symptom of which kanda bhagna
(A) Vakra
(B) Sphutita
(C) chinna
(D) Pichchhita

(199) Dhutu satamaya & vikaroshaman is a symptom of
(A) Arogaya
(B) Rogmukti
(C) Vikruti
(D) None

(200) The first bone to ossify and its epiphysis appears last -
(A) Clavicle
(B) Scapula
(C) femur

(D) Carpal bone
Shyam-Vidya Ayurved P.G. Entrance Coaching Center, Bhopal (M.P.)
Hyderabad PG - 2009
By- Dr. Neelima Singh (M.D.) Mob. 09993961427, 09826438399
Answer sheet – Hyderabad PG 2009



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